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Here’s a fact.

The only way for you to always be the candidate that gets interview calls is this: Stop writing boring resumes!

The way to do that?

Simple. Use achievement based bullets!

It’s a skill that hardly anyone possesses but it’s simple to master. You’ll hear exactly how in today’s episode. No fluff, just actionable advice you can use right away.

Show highlights:
– The biggest mistake almost everyone makes when writing their resumes. (2:25)
– How to write about your results without bragging. (5:08)
– Hear the one thing every recruiter secretly wants to read in a resume. (5:15)
– This little tweak in the way you write your achievements will make you instantly unforgettable. (3:01)
– How to show you’re a self-starter and “leadership material” in your bullets. (8:27)
– What words stand out in a resume. (4:01)
– A psychological reason to use numbers when describing your results. (7:32)

Here’s what to do next:
Go to resumecheatsheet.com and download your free copy of the Resume Cheat Sheet.

Then, jump right into the episode and follow along as we go through each step!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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