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We just uploaded episode 8 of my “Off The Chain” podcast on that iTunes doohickey.
Here are a few things I’m babbling about…

How I became a “direct marketing legend.” (It’s probably not what you’re thinking.)
Details about my 9 years as a part-time entrepreneur and full time cop.… READ MORE

There are a few people whose message resonates so strongly with me that I buy EVERY single product they produce.
There’s this one guy who resonates sooooo strongly with methat I’ve accidentally bought several of his products twice (one three times) simply because I didn’t read the copy and didn’t realize I’d already bought it.… READ MORE

Episode 7 of my politically correct podcast is all polished up and ready for your virgin ears.
In this episode you’ll discover…

The “chicken secret” for getting a big flood of new customers FAST.READ MORE

There’s a new special episode of my “Off The Chain” podcast awaiting your virgin ears on iTunes.
It’s my interview with Brian Kurtz, the former Executive V.P. and all-around badass rainmaker for that 800 lb.… READ MORE

Episode 6 of my politically correct podcast is all polished up and ready for your virgin ears.
In this episode you’ll discover…

My response to “I need to make money ASAP.” (You’ll probably be surprised at my answer.)
The WORST way to start a business.… READ MORE

A new episode of my podcast is ready.
In Episode 5 of the Off The Chain show you’ll discover…

How any freelancer, service provider or consultant can get the best gigs… and the best PAYING gigs with this secret I discovered from the 80’s movie “48 Hours”
The REAL cop secret I learned on the street that has helped me make a LOT of money writing copy.… READ MORE

My producer just uploaded a special episode of my podcast.
My guest is one of the best online marketers I know, Allen Baler.
In this special episode you’ll discover…

How working in direct mail for 10 years helped establish the foundation for Allen’s rapid rise to success online.READ MORE

Episode 4 of the Doberman Dan “Off The Chain” show has been mixed, mastered, pressed on vinyl, put into an LP sleeve and distributed to record stores throughout the world.
Or… maybe not.… READ MORE

Ya know I had a previous podcast, right?
It was “The Doberman Dan Show For Renegade Entrepreneurs.”
It was fun. Had some GREAT guests.
But I view it kinda like my first wife. It SEEMED like a goodidea at the time.… READ MORE

Hey, a quick FYI…
Episode #3 of Doberman Dan Off The Chain has just been released.
Some crazy stuff this time…

The strange and almost unbelievable way I became a regional celebrity back when I was a cop.… READ MORE

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