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After a soaring bull market since The Great Recession, the investing world stopped dead in March 2020. It rebounded quickly, but we’re heading towards more market volatility than we had in the past decade. READ MORE

Fear and anxiety around investing can wreck your portfolio and sabotage your golden years before they even begin. 
Either your fear causes you to take uncalculated and unnecessary risks. Or it makes you as conservative as sticking your money in a savings account. READ MORE

Do you know how to figure out when you should retire? 
Retiring too early can deplete your money during your golden years and force you back into a job. And retiring too late can steal the best years of your life from your grasp. READ MORE

Most financial advisors don’t integrate your entire retirement plan. You need to plan more than just your investments. You also need cash flow planning, tax planning, estate planning, and insurance planning. READ MORE

Many Americans worry about what the Ukraine/Russia conflict means for their portfolio. While some think this is selfish, it’s not. The more financially stable you are, the more you can support causes you believe in.… READ MORE

Most people don’t know the fundamentals of money. Schools never taught us it. And not knowing some fundamental questions about money gives you a lottery winner’s chances of becoming wealthy.
But here’s the thing:
Once you understand how money works, becoming wealthy is just a matter of time.… READ MORE

In the past week, Russia invaded Ukraine and sent financial markets in a tizzy. Anxious investors scurried to sell off their portfolios before the market tanked. 
But is that the best strategy? 
Probably not.READ MORE

If you watch the news, you think our economy is crumbling apart. We have record-breaking inflation, high unemployment, and bumps and bruises in the market. 
But is it all bad news? 
According to our analyses, there’s several reasons to believe the economy isn’t in the gutter.READ MORE

Whenever you think of retirement, there’s a nagging question floating around in your head: 
Will I have enough money for retirement? Or will I run out? 
Nobody wants to run out of money and have to either leech off their family members or get a soul-sucking part-time job.READ MORE

Inflation wants to break into your retirement portfolio and devour your returns. Especially when you follow the investing “rules of thumb.” 
Are you going to let it? Or are you going to entrench your portfolio with inflation-protecting defenses? READ MORE

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