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Almost every month, a client asks me whether they should buy or lease their car. Since your car is your second or third biggest expense, I figured we’d discuss the pros and cons of buying vs leasing. 
Should you buy or lease your car? READ MORE

The average investor is emotionally tied to their financial risks. Losing money is one risk. Upsetting your spouse is another risk. So is taking investment advice from an internet influencer. How do you know if you’re taking the right risks with your investments?… READ MORE

Reading headlines and news articles about the economy can be confusing and downright wrong. For example, despite inflation making headline news, our analysis shows that it’s not too hot right now. READ MORE

Having financial and investment knowledge is good. But it doesn’t help make more money in the market unless you have wisdom.
So what’s the difference? 
Knowledge is what you know. But wisdom is how you apply what you know to your real life. READ MORE

Some economic indicators create more headline news than other indicators. But every indicator is connected to the others in some way. 
That’s why it’s important to understand all the economic indicators so you can have a more accurate understanding of how the economy impacts your portfolio. READ MORE

Biden recently proposed a tax hike. Millions are worried Uncle Sam is coming for their hard-earned money. But will it affect you?
There are actually 3 solid reasons why you shouldn’t stress out about the proposed tax hike.… READ MORE

Retirement planning starts as soon as you get a job. But the act of saving money alone isn’t a plan. Taxes and inflation could end up eating more money than you save. 
Treating your money with purpose is the only way to reach your retirement goals.READ MORE

In sports, defense wins championships. And in retirement investing, diversification wins exotic vacations and a fulfilling retirement.
When you’re young, you have room to play offense and take risks.READ MORE

There’s a popular retirement advertisement that asks “what’s your retirement number?” Most retirees agree that having a higher retirement number through saving is better than having a lower number. READ MORE

If you’ve ever invested or talked about the market, you’ve likely heard about the “Dow Jones.” Yet, few people have an understanding of what that is or how it started.
The Dow watches over some of the biggest and most prominent companies in the country.… READ MORE

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