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Instagram stories are more than circles on top of your feed!

You might be confused on how to use Instastories for your jewelry brand, but it’s actually quite simple and powerful when done right!

Getting people engaged with your content is a huge part of building brand recognition and turning followers into customers!

So I brought our Instagram Guru, former LTF student, SOS coach, and owner of Compliment Inc, Melissa Camilleri Anicich, on the show to share how she uses stories to sell her jewelry!

This lady is a Flourish & Thrive lifer, seriously, she’s sharing how her business and life changed when she found F&TA and how you can get on your own path to business success.

Let’s dive into this episode, cause whenever Melissa is here it’s a good time!

The Almighty Instagram Algorithm
There are things you can do to make this algorithm work for your business. Don’t let the algorithm get you down! When people like and comment on your photos, the algorithm knows that picture is worthy of being shown to your other followers.

You can use Instagram stories to encourage people to interact with you on your post! This is a totally non-spammy way to get people to genuinely engage with your brand and boost your organic reach! Listen to the episode to find out how!

Spark Up Your Instastories
Adobe Spark is an app you can use to create custom Instagrastories! The goal is to have brand recognition in your story as well as on your feed and to encourage people to engage with your brand in different ways!

Plus, it’s a really fun way to show the personality of your brand to your dream clients! Melissa mentions lots of tools and resources for making your Instastories memorable. Listen to the episode for more!

Highlight Your Brand Story
Using the story highlight feature, you can walk new visitors through the WHY behind your brand. It’s like a welcome email sequence, but on your Instagram account!

You can show them step by step of your design process, give them a glimpse of your behind the scenes life as a designer, and more! This is an opportunity to introduce totally new people to your brand and let them know what you’re all about before they even visit your website!

Melissa is adding to all these incredible tips next week on our Masterclass!

Join us for Algorithms Shmalgorithms: 3 Ways You’re Getting in Your Own Way on Instagram (and how to fix it today)

xo, Tracy


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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