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In this episode, we’ll expose three commonly believed lies about marketing your business online. Lies often propagated by “experts” who profit off of other marketers believing them. These lies can set back businesses by months or even years. They’re harmful, but many believe them.

Discover the truth and learn three strategies for digital marketing which get you the only important thing in marketing—results.

Show highlights:

– Why a “launch” is not the best way to generate interest, leads and sales for 90% of businesses (3:20)
– How to make Facebook ads work faster by choosing Tesla over Fiat (7:40)
– Don’t join any new social network as long as you believe this lie (8:20)
– Why lowering your cost could harm your business (10:00)
– The first marketing system a business should build (17:50)
– Symptoms of a broken business—avoid these at all cost. (22:20)
– Why it’s never been easier to start a business—but never been harder to run a business (27:05)

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Think different about digital. Why? Because you can’t afford not to. But thinking different doesn’t mean trying out the latest tactics and trends, or blindly following to the guru du jour. No. That’s NOT what this show is about. We’ll give you the rock-solid digital systems you need to get more leads, grow your business, and increase your productivity.

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