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Getting organized is a huge factor in your business success. As a creative, it can be hard to know when to focus on what! I hear you, I actually struggle to focus on creative time because I know how important marketing is (especially when you’re selling online!) The key really is about balance, because you want to avoid burnout in both of these areas. Let’s dive into the episode for the details!

Embrace the Season

You won’t be doing the same things all the time. There are seasons of business, a time to work and a time to harvest. Get comfortable with the idea of focusing on different seasons of your business. Sometimes you’ll be in hyper sales mode where things are flying off the shelf! Other times, you’ll be in creation mode where you’re building a collection and doing business development.

Having a Jewelry Business is More Than Making Jewelry

Making and designing jewelry can be a really rewarding hobby. I’m sure that’s even how you got started!When you decide to turn that hobby into a business, there are some fundamental changes you need to make. The biggest is the fact you need to market and sell your product! You’re not just a hobbyist anymore, you’re in this to earn a living and that comes from sales. Maybe it’s not your favorite thing right now, but if you love seeing people wear and RAVE about your jewelry, you’ll eventually really like sales!

Understand Your Objectives

Sometimes you need more product to sell, other times you need more customers for your product! Depending on your goals (or objectives) your time might be split differently for a while. If you’re launching a new collection, you can bet you’ll need to have more creative time. But if you’re trying to get in more stores or increase web traffic, you need to be marketing your brand like crazy! It all depends on what your business needs from you! I have SO many more tips on the podcast, so listen now! Don’t forget to grab your Creative Balance Checklist! We’ll email you the link to download it!

xo, Tracy P.S. I wanna give another shoutout to Shopify! This platform is seriously so epic, if you want to sell your jewelry online, look into Shopify! They give you so many ways to customize your site, but you don’t have to be a design or tech expert to make it happen! Best of both worlds! Head over to Shopify using our link and you’ll get a free trial and 10% off your subscription if you join! Links: Shopify Creative Balance Checklist

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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