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Creative business owners know the struggle… AMIRIGHT?

You wake up early to knock out your “to-do” list and before you know it, it’s 2:30pm and you’re still responding to emails and following up with a order that came in last night.

Where does the time go? When you’re running a jewelry business on your own, it all falls on you.

I’ve been there, it’s frustrating when you start out with good intentions and nothing goes according to plan.

But often times it’s because I didn’t actually have a plan to start with!

In today’s Visionary Series episode, I’m sharing my strategy on time and team management!

Psst! Even if you don’t have a team, listen up because these strategies help clear & clean your calendar as an entrepreneur… And that is something everyone could use a hand with!

Press play now!

Setting Boundaries in Your Jewelry Business

Whether you have a team or you’re doing everything solo, boundaries are important if you want to spend less time in your business and more time living your life! Time flies when you’re unorganized.

Taking control of your schedule is a crucial step in becoming the visionary of your business. Setting boundaries (and communicating them clearly) for when you’re available for questions or meetings is a great way to start getting much needed “focus time” without being rude.

Empowering Your Team to Create Solutions

Trusting your team is the first step towards having more time to yourself. When people feel valued and trusted, they make more decisions on their own rather than asking your opinion every 3 minutes.

Set an expectation with your team that when they have a question, you want them to already have a few solutions ready for you to pick from. This makes them feel like they own the solution and are part of a group effort to improve the business.

Working in Small Sprints

Blocking out time for the most important activities is the only way to move your business in the right direction. But it’s a little unrealistic to think you can focus on the same thing for 2 hours straight! No one can.

Find what time of day you’re most productive, for lots of people it’s the mornings. Then, schedule 20 minute “sprints” for you to laser focus on one thing at a time with no distractions. Focus on revenue generating activities (RGAs) which means sales, PR, and planning your marketing!

I hope you’re loving this visionary series as much as I am! Moving into the role of visionary can feel strange at first.

You’re putting restrictions on yourself and setting expectations with your team, it all feels very new.

Once you put a few of these ideas into place, you’ll wonder how you ever got anything done without them!

That’s what happened to me, anyway…. And I’m so glad I made the change!

xo, Tracy


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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