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If you’re wanting to improve the effectiveness of your Fundraising or ever wondered what life is like as a full time freelance copywriter, today’s episode will fulfill exactly that.

James is joined by special guest and top freelance copywriter Stephen Godbout who shares his experience when it comes to effective copywriting and the power of segmentation in your marketing.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Writing Well VS Marketing Well: What’s the big difference? (2:30)
  • The power of storytelling in effective copywriting (4:50)
  • What it’s really like to be a freelance copywriter (9:00)
  • How top copywriters market themselves to attract better clients (10:20)
  • Beating writer’s block once and for all (11:20)
  • A powerful tool for the growth and impact of your fundraising (12:45)
  • Stephen’s two ‘must read’ books (21:15)

Download, listen and enjoy today’s episode with Stephen Godbout.

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