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Selling MORE jewelry doesn’t always mean making more profits.

In fact, when I had a wholesale jewelry business years ago…I was selling about 1000 units a month, generating great revenue, but working my butt off (without the profits to show for it)!

Now, I have a multiple six figure jewelry business and only spend about 10% of my working time on it!


Custom design.

(and working smarter not harder!)

Today, on the show I’m talking about my OOAK (one of a kind) jewelry business, Tracy Matthews Designs.

It is very possible to make a living designing within a niche market, listen to learn how!

Set Your Sights

Attracting the right clients begins with you. Setting your sight on specific people who you truly desire to work with.

You won’t be missing out on sales if you hone in on your Dream Client. In fact, you will attract more clients who are happy to pay what you charge and refer you to others!

Hear more about this by listening to the show now!

Serve Your Clients

If you love your clients more than you love your business, you will always have enough sales to keep going. Listening to what your best clients want to see from you is the first step.

Responding to what you hear and offering what your clients need is the cornerstone to serving them. They will feel taken care of, heard, and most of all…special! Because let’s face it, they are.

Communication is Key

Whenever something important comes up, good or bad, handle it ASAP. Showing your clients they are a priority in your day can be something as simple as getting on the phone with them to sort it out.

Always remember, communication doesn’t stop after the sale! Keep in touch with your clients regularly so you never miss an opportunity to be there for their special moments.

Speaking of special moments, I LOVE birthdays (even mine). Honestly, I don’t mind getting older for lots of reason…but I digress.

Since my birthday is coming up, I have a special surprise just for you!

But I don’t want to spill the beans just yet. My official birthday celebration and special gift for you will be released on May 21st (on Sunday) and you’ll have special access to grab my gift for about 24 hours.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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