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On today’s episode, James Newberry interviews Erica Waasdorp — Author of Monthly Giving the Sleeping Giant. Erica is the President of A Direct Solution, a company that offers direct marketing and fundraising solutions. She is also the author of the book titled Monthly Giving: The Sleeping Giant. Tune in and learn how you too can leverage monthly giving in your campaigns!

The Option to Donate Monthly

Monthly giving has been the primary way to give in Europe. According to Erica, people could just provide their bank account information to others.

Everything goes through the bank, and it’s more comfortable than credit cards. This has been the way they donate money.

Bank Accounts vs Credit Cards

In contrast to bank accounts, credit cards expire. They can cause problems in the process. Fraud is among the major issues that you can encounter.

This is why Erica highly recommends receiving donations through banks in the electronic funds transfer option. The increasing fee that credit cards have is another thing to consider.

A Convenient Solution

A lot of animal charities have succeeded with monthly giving. Now, lots of public TV and radio have also started promoting it. This is primarily due to 2 reasons.

First, they can sell a mission that people can watch for free. People don’t have to be a member to participate. Second, monthly giving allows them to save funds—they don’t have to pay for membership renewals.

Download and listen to Erica Waasdorp — Author of Monthly Giving the Sleeping Giant. Connect with Erica through the links below. She’s open to any of your concerns.

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