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The jewelry world is full of clutter and noise.

Because of that, it’s become increasingly more challenging to stand out and grab your DREAM client’s attention, especially online.

That’s why YOUR ability to create an immediate and long term connection with the right customers is the difference between having crap sales and easily finding the perfect customers 24/7.

When you’re able to create this powerful connection, you create a bond and TRUST with those who most want to buy and share your work.

And it filters into EVERYTHING you do to market your brand.

The result? More sales, more exposure, and lots of fans who wanna share your work.

Today, I’m super stoked because I have a VERY special guest on the show, my mentor, Marie Forleo.

If you’re new to Marie, here’s 2 cool facts: she was named one of Oprah’s thought leaders for the next generation and one of INC’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies.

She’s an all around genius when it comes to this connection and trust building stuff and even created a FREE training to expand on what you’ll hear today.

If you only listen to one podcast this month, listen to today and learn How to Create a Connection with Your Perfect Clients via your Marketing.

This episode is super fun so let’s get started!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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