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Even though we're in Utah this month I swore I was gonna get a bunch of writing done.

Last night I set my alarm for my usual 4:00 am wake up and went quickly to sleep.

Usually when my alarm goes off I pop right out of bed and get going.

This morning it rings and I pulled a “snoozy cakes.”

Snoozy Cakes is what I call my wife because every time her alarm goes off she hits the snooze button five or six times.

It drives me crazy, that's why I prefer to get up before her.

Anyways, it's 18 degrees out – I'm warm in bed cuddled up with my lady, and my alarm rings – I say screw it and hit the snooze button.

The next time it rings I just shut it off and decide I'm sleeping in.

The only problem is I'm supposed to be writing my Podcast Mogul newsletter.

I finally roll out of bed around 7:05 am, grab a coffee and sit at the computer.

That's when I decide I don't feel like writing and I start playing with some software I bought a while back that is supposed to turn your blog posts into “stunning pdf's and eBooks” (their words, not mine)

My slacking turns into several hours of messing with this software to get the report finished that should have only taken me a few minutes.

Now that I've done all this work I can't keep it to myself or it would be a total waste of time.

And I can't have that.

That's why I'm gonna hook you up.

I've put together a 7 page report that'll show you

  • How you can get studio quality sound even if you have a puny budget
  • The inside scoop on why most podcasts bore their listeners to death (and how you can avoid the same fate)
  • Why getting sponsors for your show is the absolute worst way to make dough with your podcast

And the good news is you can grab the report today by going to http://thepodcastfactory.com/3-pillars-podcasting/

There's no opt-in and there's no cost.

The only thing I ask, if you like what you read share it on your social medias or forward it to a friend.

Producer Jonathan


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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