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Social Proof.

It looks like this:

You see a commercial for Product A on television, and you think that it looks interesting, so you make a mental note to try to look for it later.

You log onto your Facebook account and you see a friend share their personal testimony about how much they love Product B, and they post a link to the website where you can buy it.

Research has shown that almost every time, you will purchase Product B instead of Product A.

Because Product B is backed by someone that you know and trust.

Social Proof.

You can translate it to your jewelry biz too. Paying big bucks for Facebook ads and magazine coverage can absolutely be beneficial to boost your sales.

But that type of exposure truly doesn’t compare to an endorsement by a social influencer who shares your jewelry – with their followers.


Because social influencers have audiences that wholeheartedly trust their opinions and recommendations.

Who is a social influencer?

It’s anybody – who shares the things they love with their following.

Bloggers. Media Personalities. High profile entrepreneurs. Celebrities. All social influencers.

Even YOU -are a social influencer. -More importantly, your current customers are social influencers.

This is completely what the sharing economy is all about.

The possibilities are endless! On today’s episode you’ll learn how to use connections with social influencers to boost sales for your biz.

On today’s episode I am sitting down with Lauren Zavlunov and Jeanne Verger, the team behind Social Ignited.

Lauren and Jeanne are Flourish & Thrive Academy graduates, jewelry designers, and experts at leveraging social influencers to help grow a jewelry biz.

There is so much good stuff in here…let’s jump in!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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