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After three long years we finally have our little boy.

It was a lot of work, 

The long wait, the psychological exams,home studies,and tests all to make sure we are “fit” to be parents. 

At long last our boy is home.

As my good friend Max said, “Cue the Lion King Music while I lift my little cub above my head in pride.”

Now the hard work of raising a kid begins.

Cupcake and I haven’t ever really changed diapers.

We’ve only fed a handful of babies.

And we don’t know anything about being parents.

All we know is our parents did the best they could and gave us a great life and we’re going to do the same with our boy (he probably needs a nick name like cupcake – but I’m still thinking on that)

It’s a crazy world we live in.

We picked him up in an orphanage about 5 miles from here in a poor little town with run down buildings and people living in the street.

We brought him home to our condo on the 47th floor of our building in downtown South Manila.

We look down and see how far we’ve come up.

And all this little boy does is cry for the life he left behind.

I get it, we’re strangers taking him to a new world he has never seen before. And, I expected it.

But it reminds me of the people out there who kick and scream about not being happy where they are – yet they don’t realize how good they have it.

That’s why I want to remind you to be grateful for where you are and what you have. Even if you’re not completely satisfied – you can always improve. But without gratitude you’ll never know how lucky you truly are.

Producer Jonathan out

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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