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I got a funny message yesterday I wanted to share with you.

She filled out the contact form on my website and here's what she wrote:

“Hi I'm definitely interested but giving you a deposit without knowing the cost of the whole program and also seemingly needing to start immediately is a bit much. I need to know a bit more before I plunk down my $100. I already have bits and pieces put together and would also need to know who owns the shows and if your podcast factory intro has to be part of the contract. So, I hope we can talk. I'm serious about making this podcast happen….”

While she has some valid questions like:

Who owns the show? <— You do
Does The Podcast Factory intro have to be a part of it? <— No it doesn't

There were some things in this email that raised a bright red flag.

First, it takes more than $100 to make a “plunking” sound. That's more of a drop in the bucket that lets me know if you're serious about working with me.

Second, not wanting to get started immediately lets me know that you're not serious. After all, why would you want to talk to me if you weren't ready to get your show on the road?

Third, needing to know the cost before we talk is a sign that you might not be able to afford me. The reason I know this is because the people I work best with value their time above all else. They're willing to invest money if they can buy back time to use on more important stuff.

Nothing against this lady, but I already knew before I finished reading her first sentence that she was all wrong for me.

I work with a particular kind of person who knows what they want, will do what it takes to get it, and isn't afraid to take a risk once in a while if the pay off is big enough.

And I'm not saying your $100 app fee is at risk – in fact if you apply to work with me and I don't think you're a fit you'll get every single penny back.

These “barriers” are in place to make sure I'm not wasting time talking to the wrong people.

If we get on the phone it's because I think I can help you.

So here's the deal.

Friday I'm shutting down my ‘Done for You' service so I can focus on the folks I'm already working with.

I've got new people on my team and I'm working on new ways to get my hosts more listeners, more leads, and more sales.

In order to do that I'm revamping the entire Podcast Factory system.

And when I re-open the doors later this year my prices (which have remained the same for the last two years) are going UP, way UP.

If you want to take all the headaches out of podcasting.

If all you want to do is show up – record – and be done…

This is your last chance to have me and my team do it for you before we close the doors and raise the prices.

There are two steps to get started:

1. Listen to what my clients have said about working with me by CLICKING HERE

2. If you want The Factory to make podcasting easy for you then APPLY HERE

Talk to yo tomorrow,
Producer Jonathan


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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