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As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know what works for your business and what doesn't.
All healthy businesses are profitable, but not all profitable businesses are healthy.

The business landscape can be unpredictable, and the only thing you can really guarantee is that everything will continuously change. That’s why it’s essential you measure the performance of your business on a regular basis, so you know whether it’s healthy or not.

In today’s show, Chris and Taylor share some valuable insights on how to test how healthy your business actually is.

Show Highlights:

– The Faucet Effect: How to attract high ticket clients on demand (4:30)
– The safety net your business needs to survive and thrive (6:00)
– A secret of demand creation: How to determine if there’s a market for your product or service (8:30)
– The #1 reason your business isn't growing and how to fix it (9:30)
Focus on THIS if you want to grow your business (11:20)

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