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The real secret to reaching your goals and optimum productivity is through doing less while achieving more. The famous saying goes; ‘work smarter not harder’ but very few people understand how to put this principle into real-world practice to produce quantifiable results.

Today, Chris and Taylor share their experience and expertise in focussing your energy on the RIGHT tasks that will move the biggest ‘rocks’ in your business without working yourself to the bone.

The Show Highlights:

– Are you part of this 8% group of rare individuals? (2:50)
– Training yourself to be great at the RIGHT things (4:10)
– The 90 day ‘big rock’ strategy to achieve any goal with crystal clear clarity (4:40)
– Working harder vs. working smarter (8:55)
– The real beauty of having systems in your business (10:20)
– Why celebrating your accomplishments is critical to your success (11:45)

The small percentage of successful people don’t necessarily work harder than everyone else; instead, they work smarter.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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