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When it comes to increasing your reach and engaging with your audience, live video wins hands-down every time.

Combine live streaming videos with the world’s most powerful social networks, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for maximum engagement and unrivaled reach.

Today, the guys have drafted in Live Stream Strategist Katya Varbanova.

She’s omnipresent on literally every social media network out there – even the dead ones – and knows a thing or two about creating massive engagement on  Live Streams as you’ll find out in today’s episode.

Here Are The HIghlights:

  • How to use Live Streams to sell out your products, programs and services (7:30)
  • How long should a Live Stream be? (12:00)
  • The No1 thing that holds most people back from being successful (19:15)
  • Katya’s business tips for Chris and Taylor (20:45)
  • The exact questions Katya uses to get 1,000 + comments on her Live Streams (25:30)


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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