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Ever notice that some people just seem to get lucky…overnight?

They appear out of thin air and just like creme, rise right to the top. Their content shoots to the top and get shared and mentioned all over the internet. So why can’t you do the same? Why can’t you be an overnight success?

The truth is, it doesn’t exist – at all.

What you don’t see is all the hard work in the trenches that went into getting to that point. Chris and Taylor might look like they’ve blown up from nowhere, but more than likely, you’ve not seen (or experienced) the work that’s gone on behind the scenes allowing them to become so called ‘overnight successes’.

Here Are Today’s Highlights:

  • It’s Easy: The advantages of building a business today vs a decade ago (6:00)
  • Why 95% of people will never realise the amazing opportunity at their fingertips and go on to live mediocre lives(7:20)
  • How to live in complete gratitude(7:45)
  • Why doing what you love for work is a completely flawed myth (12:45)
  • Nothing is guaranteed. Everything is a risk (19:45)

Today VS 100 Years Ago

Today is one of the greatest times to be alive.  Building a business from absolute scratch has  never been easier to reach millions of people across the globe at the touch of a button and create a healthy and highly profitable business.

Compare that to 100 years ago, building a business was a highly risky process. In fact, most successful entrepreneurs back in the day (Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Carnegie..) put their own family’s future on the line in the hope of growing a successful business.

With the tools and software available today, there’s no excuses other than those you hold on yourself to achieving your goals – whatever they may be.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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