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This year, Facebook is on course to generating over $4 billion in revenue from advertising. It’s pretty hot stuff and people are clicking.

But how do you get them to click your ads? What’s the most important element of a successful  Facebook Ad? Chris and Taylor reveal all in today’s Traffic and Funnels ™ episode.

The Juicy Highlights:

  • THE most important element of a successful Facebook Ad (3:00)
  • Why your Ad shouldn’t look anything like an Ad (3:45)
  • What’s working well right now for Chris and Taylor (4:00)
  • Getting attention using humour (5:10)
  • A ‘secret’ the pros use to make their Facebook Ads stand out (7:00)
  • How to know exactly what your market will respond to (8:50)

Many marketers who’ve tried using Facebook Ads have decided they don’t work. Don’t listen to them. Instead, listen to the Smartest Guys in Marketing. Today, you’re going to learn what the most important element that will make or break your Facebook Ad campaign – ‘and without it your business will crumble to the ground’ as Taylor elegantly expresses it.

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Traffic And Funnels

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