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There are two ways to grow a business. There’s the easy way, and the hard way. Most business owners try to do it the hard way because they don’t know any different.

Today’s Traffic and Funnels ™ show is all about growing a successful business the lazy way.

Here’s Some Of The Topics Chris & Taylor Cover:

  • The four different types of people and the one you should trust the most (1:50)
  • Why most businesses fall flat on their face (7:45)
  • Sad but true – What holds most people back from getting started (8:10)
  • How to get more quality traffic without paying for it (10:05)
  • The truth about ‘thinking and growing rich’ (10:45)

Being Lazy

Although you’d never usually associate the word ‘lazy’ with business, it’s actually quite the opposite in today’s show. Chris and Taylor have be able to reach high levels of success not by hard work and hustle but by being lazy and smart.

‘The lazy way to grow a successful business is through innovation and great work ethic. We’re always looking for the fastest and easiest ways to get something done’  Taylor.


The word holding most business owners back from getting started in the first place. Overthinking leads to future anxiety causing you to take zero action. Innovators look for easy ways around obstacles and tasks by simply putting one foot in front of the other, adjusting course as they progress forward.

Perhaps the most important aspect of building an incredibly successful business is consciously deciding what you will say on to? Tune in today’s show for all this and much more.

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