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There’s one common characteristic shared between football coaching legend Nick Saban, legendary golfer Tiger Woods, and Jesus himself.

This characteristic isn’t easy to gain. It costs everything to develop it. But it’s the one thing which enables you to change the world one person at a time.


While it costs you everything to gain, it unlocks a relentless sense of happiness you can carry throughout your life.

What’s this characteristic?


In this episode, you’ll discover why humility is the key ingredient for impact. And how you can become more humble starting today.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The counterintuitive way achieving greatness in your life can make you miserable (2:16)
  • Why humility is a cheat code for unbelievable success in your career (2:38)
  • How humility unlocks an unparalleled sense of joy in your body (no matter how many obstacles pop up in your life) (4:19)
  • 4 questions which instantly reveal how humble you are (4:36)
  • Why humility magnetizes opportunities to you like honey does bees (8:17)
  • Jesus’s secret for impacting millions of lives thousands of years after his death (and how to create a similar level of impact inn those around you) (10:47)

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Welcome to “How You Living?” a transformative podcast featuring best-selling author, inspirational speaker and minister, Dr. Rick Rigsby—and, now, Dr. Rick.

(00:23): Hello friends. Thank you so much for joining us today. I want to talk to you about what I consider to be the greatest virtue a human being can possess humility. Specifically. I want to talk to you about the power of, I find Miriam Webster's definition of humility, rather intriguing. It's the quality of being made humble, the freedom from pride or arrogance. I like that line. The freedom from pride or arrogance humility is the absence of it's the ability to be down to earth. In all situations, I'm not talking about false modesty, but being modest under all circumstances, regardless of the situation, regardless of who's present. I think that humility is the goal standard of respectable behavior went when you are humble, other people will be treated with dignity and respect. Absent will be the feeling of superiority gone is that self righteous tone self praise is in short supply.

(01:38): Humility is a trait that challenges are no ground can in seated kind of culture, but in today's strife torn world, don't you think we could use a bit more humility? I believe humility is transformative changes. The environment transforms relationships. It impacts other people. We become more teachable, more willing to refer others. You see, we live in a society and in an age where we place such a great value on accomplishment and appearance, we place such an influence. We place such an emphasis on these components, accomplishment and a appearance that we diminish the power of humility. And, and as such, we diminish the simple yet profound principle. That life is not so much about achieving as it is about becoming a September, 2021 article by professor Christopher heckler was posted by the war world economic forum website. The article is titled why being humble is important in the world of work.

(02:52): Research shows that people who effectively learn from their mistakes have one common characteristic humility. According to the professor, learning from mistakes seems to be the mantra of our time. Popular approaches like agile or scrum or lean startup have all turned to this ability to experiment and quickly learned from mistakes. They turn that into a core competency. Studies show that people who learn from mistakes are more creative. They're more resilient. They show higher performance in volatile work environments, but why, why are humble people more effective at learning from their mistakes? And the answer is quite obvious. Humble people are willing to see themselves more accurately. They appreciate feedback. They're they're teachable. They don't get easily offended when critiqued humility reveals strength of character humility. In my opinion is the greatest virtue a human can possess. Even bosses are growing more and more convinced about power of humility.

(04:01): Leadership scholars have provided compelling evidence that humility is related to CEO performance. CEO humility translates into organizational performance by creating an empowering work environment. This is why some suggest that humble leaders make the best leaders in his book. Simple be titled humility, theologian and pastor Andrew Murray wrote quote that deepest humility is the secret of the truest, happiness, a joy that nothing can destroy. Here's some questions that may reveal our commitment to humility. Number one, are you jealous when others are promoted two, do you envy people when they accomplish something three, do you listen to others being praised without injecting your own praise and forth? Do you honor others above yourself? Now this is a tall order, especially in our society where, where the same is let's win at all costs. Let's get to the top no matter who we have to destroy. In addition friends, we live in an outcome oriented society.

(05:10): So if we're gonna have humility, we better get it right now. Give me humility and give it to me right now. We have to abandon that notion. Humility is not a destination journey. It's a process. It, it is something that we become day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, here are a few examples of humility putting other people first. How about this one listening more than we talk. How about this one? Living a life where there's no need to prove the worth of who we are and the rightness of what we do. Wow. Years ago, pastor Chuck Swindall wrote a bestselling book titled improving your serve. He offered these two tests of humility. Number one, a non defensive spirit when confronted his belief, genuine humility operates on a rather simple philosophy. There's nothing to prove and there's nothing to lose the second test in authentic desire to help other people, a humility of mind that looks for ways to serve and to give I recently watched a television news story.

(06:25): The teaser went something like this up next, a remarkable display of humility by Dolly Parton here was the story. The queen of country announced recently that she's taking her name out of the nominations for the rock and roll hall of fame, which recently announced it's a move that both surprised and touched her fans. She's already in the country. Music hall of fame. She's a Kennedy center honoree and a recipient of two lifetime achievement awards. The 11 time Grammy winner announced ons that she's declining her nomination for the rock and roll hall of fame citing that quote, even though I'm extremely flattered and grateful to be nominated, I don't feel that I've earned that right. So I must respectively bow out in the response was swift gracious. The news commentators couldn't compliment her humility enough. Now our mission is not to be on the news. And I don't believe that was Dolly's mission.

(07:26): Our mission and motivation is not to make the headlines and that wasn't Dolly's motivation, but there is no denying friends that when we live a life of humility, we stand out. We get attention, whether we want it or not. And how about getting attention and then using that attention for good to bless others, to encourage others. It's so powerful that a display of humility can literally stop people right in their tracks. It's funny. Our world says just win. It all costs, just climb over folks. Just do whatever it takes to be. Number one, humility says, put others first and your life will be rich. Ho ho, baby, nothing attracts like humility. We love being around people who don't boast. We admire folks who don't constantly talk about themselves. And although humility is a difficult virtue to develop. It's power is inviting it's intoxicating, humility breaks down barriers.

(08:39): It's appealing. It's so attractive. Humility is so transformative. I recently spoke at a conference that included three national football league quarterbacks. They were all speaking as well. One's a hall of Famer. The other is a future hall of Famer. The other is just beginning his career. The hall of Famer had a hall of fame resume. The likely first ballot future hall of Famer has similar stats. The gentleman just beginning his pro career is amazing. His stats fill up a pro and it was so exciting to watch the video clips. And it was so cool to listen to all their accomplishments, the video clips, amazing the stats impressive, but you know what? I was most impacted by that genuine humility reflected in each of their lives stats I impress, but humility impacts. It's been said that legacy is how we want to be remembered, but impact is why people won't forget us while humility may sometimes feel like a losing proposition.

(09:52): Remember this, you're never more attract. Then when you reveal the spirit of humility, you're never more significant. And when you show a heart of humility and you're never more impactful than when your life reflects genuine, authentic humility, there's a passage in the Bible that I like to remind myself of. Often after king Solomon built a temple for God, God responded back to the king. With this promise. If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways. I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal the or land, you know, friends all throughout holy scripture. One thing is very clear. God loves a humble heart. In fact, the only time Jesus ever self-disclosed about himself is in the gospel of Matthew. When he described himself is being gentle and humble in heart humility changes the environment.

(11:05): Humility, transforms relationships, humility impacts. It impacts humility impacts. I close with this thought, are you influencing culture or is culture influencing you in this day and age where so many negative things compete to influence us in this day and age, where folks try to influence us to do the wrong things. Why not pay the price to influence people in a positive way? Why, why not develop the virtue of humility in your life? A virtue that demands that we place others before ourself, Alabama football coach, Nick Saban. I believe you've probably heard of him. He's the king of football coaches in college football. Nick Saban said on one occasion, it's not about what you want. It's about what you are willing to do to get it golfing. Great tiger woods said that his dad taught him. If you don't earn it, you don't deserve it for ends. Humility is not cheap. It will cost you everything to earn it, to develop it, to live it. But the influence that you will have, the influence that you will carry will have the potential to change the world. One person at a time. And that my friend is a perfect definition of impact. Well, that's gonna do it for this episode until we meet again. This is Dr. Rick asking the most important question I can ask. How you living.

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