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While some of us spend our lives looking for blessings in the midst of chaos, others spend their time being the blessing. And by treating others with a willing heart and open mind, the world slowly mends itself from hate and division.… READ MORE

Helping others is a virtue that seems to be disappearing in modern society. Our fast-paced lifestyle often leads us to put ourselves before everyone else so that we can get it all done.
But a rising tide lifts all boats, and helping others makes our entire world better off.… READ MORE

Step into the world of greatness with me, Dr. Rick Rigsby, as I reveal the secrets to success in the most unexpected ways.
In this podcast episode, discover the power of embracing discomfort, disrupting your thinking, and cultivating unwavering determination.… READ MORE

A single decision can change the world for the better. However, indecisiveness leads to procrastination, overthinking, and failure.
Decisions have the power to motivate and inspire. But lack of decision can lead to frustration and resentment.… READ MORE

We’ve all had big dreams. But in a lot of cases, those dreams didn’t pan out the way we envisioned them. Sadly, this causes a lot of people to give up.
Our outcome-oriented society has trained us to expect instant gratification and immediate results.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, I share my journey of significant health improvement and weight loss in our final discussion, “The Essence of Greatness: The Basics.”
Learn how a shift in mindset can lead to better health and more fulfillment.… READ MORE

In this episode, we focus on the theme of determination and its role in achieving personal success.
Today I will share my own experience of losing 130 pounds and improving my health, emphasizing the mindset changes that were essential to this journey.… READ MORE

With the world moving at the click of a button, most of us have forgotten what it’s like to wait for something. But if we’ve learned anything from the great minds of Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill, it’s that waiting shapes your talents into your greatest achievements yet.… READ MORE

Stress probably feels like an inevitable part of your everyday life (especially over the last year). But spending your days worrying about every little thing doesn’t make life better, it only makes you feel less in control.… READ MORE

Welcome to “How Ya Livin’,” where self-improvement meets real-life stories with your host, Dr. Rick Rigsby. In episode 184, join us for an impactful discussion on “The Essence of Greatness.”
Today, I explore how a change in my thinking led me to drastic weight loss and the realization that growth demands answering the tough “why” questions in our lives.… READ MORE

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