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Nick Peterson and Jonathan Montgomery help you explore, recognize and understand the higher level consequences to make higher level decisions.

The majority of people living in the world today greatly overweight the first level of consequence when a decision has to be made.

The ‘bright shiny’ distraction of that sweet sugary snack on the kitchen counter, hypnotizing you into submission. Or the warm bed that keeps you wrapped up when a gym workout has to be done.

By being tricked into instant gratification, we forget the forthcoming and long term consequences of our decisions. Today’s show is all about higher level decision making and winning the everyday war that goes on between our animal and higher level human mind.

Show Highlights:
– The crucial flaw in first reaction decision making (2:30)
– Massive upside of being cognitively aware (4:15)
– Grant Cardone’s decision making method for higher level thinking (6:10)
– Achieving success vs wishing for success (8:40)
– How to stay focussed in a world of noise and distraction (22:15)
– Avoiding decision fatigue for maximum energy, productivity and output (22:30)

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