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I worked with a trainer to help me get back in shape.

Because this guy knows how to do it.

Cuz at one time he was a grossly obese 260 lbs… and could barely climb 4 or 5 stairs without having to stop and catch his breath.

But he made some changes, got in AWESOME shape and even started competing in bodybuilding contests.

And now he’s one of the premier trainers in England.

These days he’s a man on a mission. He wants to help entrepreneurs get in great shape… so they can work at their top efficiency and enjoy their business and life more.

(WHY he wants to do that is a very moving story… which you can hear in a minute.)

Anyhoo, this week you’ll not only discover why and how you should get into top shape…you’ll hear how Ollie has overcome many of his struggles in his own personal training biz.

It’s all revealed here on this week’s Off The Chain show.

All the best,
Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan – serial entrepreneur, direct response marketer, A-list copywriter, publisher of The Doberman Dan Letter, voice of “Off The Chain”, builder of dreams and consumer of Vesper martinis with the style and grace of 007.


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