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On today’s episode, Marquel Russell discusses how to strategically grow your business using social media. Whatever goals you have in mind for your business, these 3 strategies can work for you. Tune in!

Pick Your Profit Path

You may want to get on all social media platforms available. But of all those choices, simply pick one that you can focus on. You can invest the time you have on that platform, and master it.

You can choose Facebook, where there is over 2 billion people. Or, you can choose Instagram stories or Snapchat stories. It’s your pick.

The 90-10 Rule

Everything you post on social media should be related to your business. 10% of which should be focused on your business, while 90% should fall under the 4 E’s.

The first E is educating, where you provide informative content. The next E is entertaining, where you can show off your silly side. Enlightening is the third E, while engaging is the fourth.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

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