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Today’s episode features 7 Things I Teach My Clients About Building A 6 (Or 7) Figure Online Business. Whether you just want to get enough money to quit your job or want to have a 6 (or 7) figure business, these strategies are perfect for you. If you are not applying them, you are probably leaving a lot of money behind. Tune in and learn how you can grow your income!  

1. Be Crystal Clear on Your Target Audience

Who do you want to serve? Many believe in the one-size-fits-all philosophy where their products can apply to everybody. Unfortunately, a lot of those who believe it are broke.

“You don’t have to convince these people to buy from you; they are already ready to buy. They’re just looking for what you have to offer.” -Marquel Russell

Consider having a fitness product for example. You can say that everybody can stand and lose weight. But, why not sell to those who are already looking for a product that can help them do that?

You just might be pitching to people who aren’t interested if you don’t narrow down your target. The ideal clients are those who already experienced such products.

2. Create a High Ticket Offer

Online sellers can tell you to sell for a minimum amount and upsell it. What Marquel discovered, however, is people just want the result. They want you to offer them your high ticket offer from the beginning.

“People want the real deal.” -Marquel Russell

If you are going to sell a product worth $5,000 or $7,000, you can simply sell that upfront instead of selling a low-end BS product that will lead people to others. That way, people will be more committed. Also, doing so will help increase your income faster.

3. Have a Sales Funnel

It’s your ultimate online marketing machine, where you give something free. That will take people to the process where you can educate them and tell them about your unique offering. In the end, guide them to purchase it.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

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