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Welcome to Results Over BS with your host Marquel Russell! Marquel wants to help you build a profitable, online business and create lifestyle freedom. Unlike other business gurus, he makes things easy for everyone to understand. Tune in, learn about his mission and story, and get ready to take your business to the next level!

“If you want to simplify a business, take it to the next level, create more time and freedom, and eliminate confusion overwhelm, you will absolutely love this show.” -Marquel Russell

A Program that Adds Value
Marquel has a straightforward business model. His coaching program specializes in helping people turn their passion, knowledge, and expertise into a 6 or 7-figure business.

Many entrepreneurs have already approached him. But, he knows that there are still a lot of people out there who also want to learn. They may not be ready and willing to make the investment yet.

That is why he started this podcast. He wanted to create a platform that can add value to the marketplace.

Results Over BS Mission
Marquel’s mission is for Results Over BS to be more valuable than what a lot of gurus are charging for a thousand or so dollars. This show aims to add more value than all the costly teaching available.

It is totally FREE of charge. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who are really focused on results.

Exciting Offers for the Audience
Every week, Marquel will bring you actionable steps that you can implement. He believes in simple business models and transparency.

Now, he brings you a gift that’s exclusively for those who are tuning in to the show. Simply visit www.yourpodgift.com, and get access to your FREE “RAPID BUSINESS GROWTH” BUNDLE that contains:

  1. Marquel’s brand new book – Intellectual Profits: How I Turned My Passion, Knowledge and Expertise into a Six-Figure Online Business in Less than Six Months
  2. Behind the scenes training on how to get quality clients using Facebook Ads
  3. And more

Download and listen to the Welcome Episode of Results Over BS.

Thanks for listening to the welcome episode of Results Over BS. Marquel loves to hear from his listeners! If you have questions you'd like him to answer on the show or topics you'd like Marquel to cover, contact him at http://marquelrussell.com/contact-us/

Be sure to check out other episodes, get more free content and learn more about Marquel at  http://marquelrussell.com

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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