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As technology progresses in today’s modern day, it’s of a widespread belief that businesses must take advantage of this technology to stay ‘successful’ and easily accessible to customers.

Modernizing goes much deeper than simply upgrading your computer or downloading the latest update.

It’s all about understanding the current state of ‘social media’ and where your audience's attention is. But sometimes, modernizing may not be the best way for your business, as you’re going to discover in today’s Taps and Tees Show.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

– What does the term modernizing mean and how can it drastically affect your business both positively and negatively (0:30)
– The real truth about going back to basics and why it could be the best way to grow your brand (7:30)
– How word-of-mouth advertising can harm your business (8:10)

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Marty McDonald

Beer and Golf are social activities, then why are you struggling with Social Media Marketing. The Taps and Tees Show brings real marketing advice that is making an impact in Craft Beer and Golf World. Short Weekly conversations for people passionate about marketing, golf and beer!

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