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“Your maximum attainability is not your maximum maintainability.”

When are you going to stop purposefully progressing, and start doing something that you can maintain? As you go through life, your goals are going to change as well as your levels of satisfaction versus what your version of ‘ideal’ is.

That’s the statement being dissected in today’s show. In other words, where should you draw the line between attainability and achievability to live life to its full potential.

The Show Highlights:
You need to hear THIS massive knowledge bomb (1:10)
Why the path to success is never a straight line! (4:20)
How to maintain maximum quality in multiple areas of your life (5:00)
Habit-Based Coaching: Programmed behaviors to help you use less mental energy to achieve your goals faster (8:10)
The Million Dollar Question: How to ‘see into the future’ and define your maximum maintainability level (11:25)
What high achievers do differently to supercharge their performance and maintain their success (16:00)
How to handle unrealistic expectations effectively (18:20)

While you can’t always raise the roof, you can still raise the floor – bring those two closer together through periods and phases ,and you’ll end up in a great space.

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