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Nothing you will ever do will be more profitable than working for free. It’s downright counterintuitive, but it works like gangbusters.

Not only is working for free easier than working for millions of dollars, but it will create a rabid fanbase that are ready to fight any war on your behalf. That’s why working for free is so powerful.

In this episode, I’m sharing the best way to work for free, how to become a content creation machine, and why perfection actually hurts your content.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How working for free will set you up with massive wealth for the rest of your life (1:43)
  • Why how many listeners you have doesn’t matter (even if it’s only 1 person) (9:13)
  • How to easily pump out 4 books (or more) doing nothing more than having conversations (9:50)
  • How your kids remove all the pressure that comes with creating content (14:23)
  • The counterintuitive way putting yourself first helps you make a deeper impact on others’ lives (15:04)
  • The strange way your rugged appearance makes your content resonate with and inspire more people (18:58)
  • How to easily transform one piece of content into more than 100 pieces of content (21:15)
  • Why Brad Pitt would suck at creating content (23:08)
  • How “winging it” creates more authentic connections than meticulously planning content (37:37)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” The surefire way to produce income for the rest of your life—that's what we're going to be talking about on this show and more, but with that said, let's get started.

Mark: What's up, everybody? It's your boy, Mark Evans DM. Thank you guys for being here. Today's topic will be a little different. I know I’ve been sharing some stuff with you guys and I’m going to get started here in a second as you guys are coming on, but today it goes against everything I have taught you—but, with that said, this is a surefire way to produce income for the rest of your life. I know it sounds crazy, but it's the truth. [01:08.1]

I sat here thinking about something that I’ve done, something that has served me well very long term and is continuing to serve me and actually will serve me for the rest of my life, and this thing is something that you can do. This is something that you can start implementing immediately today to start producing results in the future.

Now, I want to tell you something. You're not going to like it because I’m going to ask you to do something. I’m going to ask you to work for free. You're going to have to work for free. I know it sounds crazy. It sounds wild, right? I want you to work for free to make more money. You might be thinking, What the hell is this guy talking about? Mark, you just told me, don't do $10 an hour jobs to make a million dollars a year. Can't do that. But now you're telling me to work for free? That's right. I’m telling you. I’m begging you actually to work for free. [02:02.2]

See, we live in an amazing time to be alive with what we have access to, the interweb, the social media, the cell phones, things that actually…I mean, you guys are saying this is a computer in your hand. Anything, everything, any time, all the time is accessible via this, via podcast shows, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, posting on your blog, your websites and everything else in between.

I don't know if you guys know this or not, but I’ve done thousands and thousands of videos, audios, and webinars. Let's talk about that because this is something I’ve done for free since 2005, I’ve done many thousands. It was back in the day they used to be called teleseminars. Now you know it as Zoom and podcast shows and all stuff. That didn't exist in ’05 when I got started. [03:02.6]

It was a thing called a teleseminar and what that meant was it was kind of like dialing into a phone line and there'd be people all across the world listening in, and you were simply talking in the phone. Keep in mind, these were the phones that were plugged into the wall and you had a headset and a cordless strapped on your side. You know what I’m talking about if you're over 30 years old, I’m guessing. A real cordless phone in the house or office.

My first time I ever did what I’m sharing with you, I had zero clue. To be honest, I was scared to death. I hate the sound of my voice. Thank God I hate the way I look, but it didn't matter because I was on the phone, so no one ever saw me. I’m sitting in my office on Executive Drive, Columbus, Ohio. It was a nice, beautiful summer day. I was scared. I was so scared I did the most immature thing that one would do. I’m not saying do this, but this is what I did. I’m kind of immature. It's just what I am. [04:00.0]

I bought a bottle of vodka and a big grapefruit juice, big jug of grapefruit juice. That was my drink of choice back then and I started pounding greyhounds. That's what they're called, right? Grapefruit juice and vodka. With a lot of ice. I had probably six or seven of them before I went live on the call. I was almost begging. I was almost praying that the phone would break, the cordless phone lines would go down, the phone lines at the office, so I wouldn't have to do the call.

I had hundreds of people saying they wanted to be on. I sent an email out to my list back then and said, “Hey, I’m going to show up at 8:00 PM. I’m going to share with you how to do a real estate deal,” or something very simple like that. I don't have copywriting skills. I didn't have voice skills. I was scared to death to even speak in front of a room, to be honest with you. But I knew where I was going in my life. If I want to do a lot, I have to impact a lot. [05:02.2]

I can do it one on one. That's easy for me. It was very simple for me to meet someone, shake their hands, look them in the eyes and know what's going on. But when you flip this around and you put myself on a phone with a headset, and I’m just talking about a real estate deal, so it could be one person or a million people. I didn't even know how many.

Back then, you didn't even know how many people were on until after the call. They didn't have any metrics until after the call. Then there were several hundred, 240 or something like that that were on. Thank God, I didn't know that because I probably would've peed my pants. I might have done that anyways because I was half drunk, but I would just honestly share my story.
Hey, guys, have been real estate investing for nine years, this and that, and kind of just told them what was going on. I’m in the higher markets. You're from wherever you're at. It's powerful. We live in an economy where people buy properties from all over the country, all over the world, and I have a property today I want to share with you. It's a real-life property and it's available for sale today, and I want to sell it to see if it works on the phone. [06:07.0]

Sure enough, I had four people in the office and other rooms and I did this call. I don't know what I said other than what I just told you. I gave him a call to action. I said, “Just call the office and talk to whoever if you're interested,” and what happened changed my life and if you do this, I promise you, it will change your life.

The phone blew up. The phone literally blew up. Things just started happening. I had no idea what would happen. I had no idea how many people were on it. I was just like, thank God I didn't pass out on the call. I was just glad I was done with the call.
As soon as I gave the phone number out, I started hearing in the office, ring, ring, ring. I mean, literally, the lines were jammed and I started thinking after the day or two, because I was still psyched out. I was so scared. I felt like everything I said was stupid. It didn't make sense. There's no way anybody's listening to me. Why would they ever buy a property via phone? How is this going to ever work? What was I even thinking? This is just stupid chaos. I’m just dumb, you know? [07:13.1]

That was the kind of self-talk I was giving myself, but I controlled it and actually showed up and implemented it, because I knew the bigger, if it actually worked, I would be better and bigger off in the future. We sold the property. We made some money and it was absolutely amazing that that happened from what I started.

Fast forward to today, you guys are watching a show, either cigars and coffee or listen to my podcast show, Making of a DM, or listening to my old podcast show called Real Estate Power Hour or maybe you’ve bought my courses back in late-2000s called the Reverse Real Estate course and all that. I’ve done thousands and thousands and thousands of these today, and the reason I’m saying that is because a lot of times the reason people don't start this is because they can't quantify the results. [08:06.2]

The beautiful thing is you can kind of quantify a little bit. You might not monetize it out of the gate, but you can definitely quantify it with a little bit of data, like three people listening. It's interesting. One of my great mentors, Mike, he wrote a book called Conversations with Millionaires. He actually used to have a radio show, and I did as well in Atlanta, Ga, in 2006 to 2008 with my buddy Jim. We had a big radio show out there. I mean, we were all over the airwaves, it was insane. It was just a real estate radio show where we would shoot this thing. I mean, it literally played all weekend long. It was amazing.

By the way, what I’m talking about is great positioning, posture, opportunities galore when you're in these positions that all of us can put ourselves in if you're willing to do the work. So, why don't more people do it? Anyway, I’ll explain why in a second. [08:57.6]

Mike was telling me, he was like, Mark, when I first started my radio show, this is an AM real radio show in New York City, I literally had two listeners, my brother and my parents. And he kept going, he kept going and he kept going, and that's how he created the book, Conversations with Millionaires, because he would invite these high ultra-rich millionaires back in the day to his radio show. No one back then ever asked, How big is your listener list? If you said, Yo, I’m on the radio. They're like, I’m in the audience. I want eyeballs. I want ears. Let's get this done, and he would bring them on the show. Then he’d strike up a conversation with them after the interview and said, Hey, do you mind if I actually one day ever wanted to use this audio, transcribe it and turn it into a book or something to that effect, a book?

If you guys have been following me since 2006, my first book was Real Estate Investor Insider Secrets, and what it was was the correlation of multiple conversations I’ve had with Frank McKinney, Kendra Todd that won The Apprentice, Michael Gerber that wrote The E Myth. [10:03.0]

I brought them to my audience. I brought them into my world, shared my audience with them on a show kind of like this but just old school phones and teleseminars, and it was a success, what it was like. I wrote four books like that. Is that really writing, though? I actually just had conversations. We transcribed them, cleaned them up, edited them, made them readable and sold thousands of copies and gave all that money to charity, which is amazing.

By the way, all my book sales go to charity. People know that. Thank you guys for the Magician vs. Mule buying and all. It's just amazing to see the impact that we can make. But as I sit here and tell you the story, I think how often people get started, want to start, but they're like, But I want to…it needs to be looking professional like Mark’s.

This show would exist without Beacon or with Beacon. It might not look as pretty, but it would be here because it's important, and what I’m trying to do is show you guys and lead by example. Showed up now here over 60 days in a row. I’ll continue to do so, as long as I feel like I’m making an impact with you, just like you can. [11:12.9]

You might be thinking Mark, I want to start a show. What the hell to say? But before I tell you that and kind of share with you what to say and how to say it, kind of what the next steps are, my question to you is this. I want you to [inaudible] the world for the moment and, in five years from now, do you think if you have an extra 10,000, 100,000 people that knew what you talked about, that understand how you talk, understand what you think about and believe in all that, if you actually had 100,000 or 10,000 or, shit, even 1,000 more people than you normally would have access to, do you think that would serve you and help you make more money in the future? Do you think that could get you closer to people to talk about more products, more opportunity, more business stuff, whatever you're into? Do you think that would help you get your voice out there to another level? Do you think that could produce more revenue for the rest of your life? [12:08.8]

See, the thing is one thing people always used to say to me and I never really understood, I understood a little bit, but they always said, “Mark, it's not what you know. It's who you know.” Kind of is a little true, a little bit, but what I realized is I started thinking Michael Jordan makes a lot of money off people he doesn't know. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, they don't know a lot of their users and buyers and all that, and these guys are printing money faster than they can print it, if that even makes sense. What I realized is it's not really necessarily [true]. That's partially true, but the real truth is it's who knows you.
See, we're trying to build a business. We're trying to grow and expand, but yet you're doing it on deaf ears. No one knows you exist. It's like going out and buying the best cell phone in the world without giving your phone number to anybody sitting in your house, waiting for the phone to ring. It's not going to ring except from business owners and telemarketers calling you about junk. [13:13.6]

Until you understand what I’m really sharing with you, by the way, this is game changing. This will change your life. The truth is the pathway through this journey, I’ve been doing this for 15 years, audios and videos and all that, for 15 years, 15 years I’ve been showing up. I still say stupid shit. I taught crooked. I wear a Kangol. I’m just sharing real life stuff, authenticity.
Then I realized halfway through this, I know I’m doing it for me ultimately and for you to help you, but really what I’m doing, how cool will it be when my kids get 16, 20, 30, then they have kids and then they can go on this, the interweb and type in “Mark Evans DM”? There would be a catalog of podcast shows, videos on Facebook or whatever the name it will be at that time, taking these videos on Twitter and just really them… [14:22.7]

I’m just documenting. That's truly what I’m doing. It takes a lot of pressure off of you as a content creator, if you will, or a content share. You don't have to create, just share your story. I woke up this morning at 4:00, actually this morning at 4:15. I went downstairs and I had to get started with the day. I grabbed my notebook, pen and paper, and just started writing my thoughts.

Then I wrote my wife a letter telling her how much I love her, true story, and we need to make sure we're communicating at high levels because we're growing so fast now in our life. Communication, guys and gals, is the biggest killer to any relationship or lack of communication, I should say. I told her that in the letter because I do care. I love my family more, almost more than anything. I love myself more, because if I don't love myself, I can't love them. [15:15.6]

That's real talk, by the way. I’m just sharing what I believe. Some people will like it. Some people won't. That's okay. What I’ve realized is I’m not here for everybody. I’m here for somebody just like you. Yesterday, had eight messages from people like, Dude, you did this post 25 days ago, actually 78 days ago. I listened to you and I went and implemented what you shared with me. Thank you, it changed my life. It's amazing.

I’m just sharing. I can't quantify my message. When I do a post, I don't know what the reaction is going to be. I’m just sharing my story. Some of you listen. Some of you don't. Some of you interpret it. Some of you comment. Some of you don't comment. [16:06.0]

But one thing I do know is that for every person that replies to me privately or here, multiply that by 10 of that actually, one or two that just never do. It's like anything else in life. The message is being heard. I’m not trying. I just want people to be better off financially, physically, emotionally, and business-wise, grow a real business that serves them. That's my ultimate goal in life to help you have a better business that provides you a better life, but we have to stop for a minute and think, because I was talking about that and not drama.

There's a lot of drama in our lives. We all have drama, but what we do with it, interpretation, understanding that, at the end of the day, the more people that know us, the more impact we can make. You can't say no to that. You can't say, No, that's not true, Mark. It's 100% true. There are so many of you out there that have billion-dollar companies in your brain that will never see the light of day because you're too scared to share your voice because you're afraid to be judged. [17:12.8]

You're afraid and it's not even failing. You know it will work. You're just too afraid to share it, just in case you might look stupid, you might look dumb. In your brain, maybe you think you might fail. You understand we live in such a rapid pace world. People done forgot who Carol Bassett is. People done forgot who the last president was or the president prior. The world is moving so fast. People are so stupid.

The good news is there are a lot of dumb people out there, a lot of stupidity in the world. But you know what’s cool about this, what we have with the internet is that you can share your voice so easily. I don't need all this lagging in this microphone. Shit, I just started using it. If you follow me, you know that. I’m just trying to produce a better product for you to entice you to keep showing up so you can see my pretty face or listen to my amazing radio voice. [18:11.5]

But, at the end of the day, in all seriousness, do you think you'll be better off if you have more followers that understand you believe in, that understand what you stand for, understand the way you talk, that are authentically connected to you? This is a very ultra-powerful thing. It's so powerful I think most don't understand the power in it. If they did, you'd have a podcast show. You would have a YouTube show, a channel. You would have a website or a blog and an email list.

So many of you are so close to a whole nother world if you just step up and get out of your way. You don't have to be the best. The truth is you just have to step back and realize you looking sharp, you looking real clean and crisp, actually it's not always the best for you. We live in a world where it's okay to have blurry video. It's okay to have weird audio. We adapt. We've accepted that as kind of normal, so you don't have to have the best equipment. Just have video and just start shooting. Just let people know what you're up to. [19:20.8]

I would love for you guys to answer this question, though, seriously. I think at the end of the day for us, guys, we have to really understand what power you have within you. You're watching me. You know audio and video works because you're in it. You're a user of it, just like I am. I watch a lot of videos. I’m a user of audios. I listen to audiobooks on my walks. I’m a user of content. I read blog articles. I read website articles. I read email articles. I read books. I listen to podcast shows. I share podcast shows all the time. I listen to a good podcast show. I share it with the people I think about on that podcast show. By the way, I do that every single time. [20:04.6]

That's a pretty cool trick, by the way. It's not even a trick. It's a cool thing to do. When you're listening to a show, a show like this or a show on podcasts, or read a book or anything, think of five people that you've talked to or come into connection with. I don't care if you're best friends with them or you barely know them. Just say, Hey, Mark, I thought of you when I listened to the show. I thought you might like it. Take a listen to minute 17 to 24, really hit home for me. And when you do that five times a day, which is easy to do, I mean, you only have to listen to 10 minutes a day. Just think. It gets your brain thinking about helping and serving other people.

Now, I’m not a hundred percent on doing that every day, but I try to make it a habit to do daily. Video, content, podcasts, we email daily. I do podcast shows that come out once a week on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM. I have a website set up where we're starting to create more content on that, where we're taking these videos, transcribing these videos. [21:06.0]

Let me just share that with you, by the way. What's even more cool about what I’m sharing with you, because alluding to it about my buddy, Mike, and then also what I did with my books, you understand you could create one piece of content and turn it into 100+ pieces of content. For example, this video I’m shooting, it has audio to it.

What we will do is we'll take this video. It's going to post it everywhere and then Beacon behind the scenes is going to take this video and chunk it out. He's going to take soundbites of 15 seconds or so. He's going to take 2- to 7-minute clips and turn them into Instagram TV, right? IGTV, where they're a little bit longer, a little bit more impactful, a little bit more where I talk a little bit more to really hammer home your point, all in the same exact show. Then I could take this and send it to a transcriber or upload it to Temi.com or whatever, and then they transcribe it and send it back to us, and then we can edit it and clean it up and turn it into a blog article. [22:03.5]

See, success leaves clues. If you're sharing content, if you're sharing great stories that’s where you're at, people start to understand what you're about. Again, what I’m trying to do is put a line in the sand. I only want to work with the light, period, but you all have a show. I would love for all of you to commit to one year of doing a show, at least one year. Don't do it for a month. Don't do it for five months. Don't do it for 10 months. All I’m asking is commit to 12 months. If it's one show a week, that's fine. It's only 52 shows. If it's one show a day like I’m doing, that's fine, too. Just don't get overwhelmed. Just start the process. Remember, you don't have to get it right. You just have to get it going.

If you need help on the podcast. I have a buddy, Jonathan, that does my podcast shows. We simply send them the audio. He cleans it up. He takes the ums and dums and whatever silly should I say out to make it palatable to you as a listener, makes me sound better than I am, which is okay. It's called editing. And that's what it's about. [23:07.8]

See, us as consumers of content, i.e. videos and movies and all that shit, we're used to like cinematographic stuff because that's how we all were raised. We watch a Brad Pitt movie and we're like, Damn, that's amazing graphics and sound effects. I don't have that body, blah, blah, blah. We don't need that anymore. The truth is actually I think it's better if you don't, truthfully.
For you to step into the ring of fire, if you will, just simply start talking on your audio phone. Here's a cool resource as well. I use it often. It's called TapeACall. I pay 10 bucks a month or whatever. I could sit here and push this button. It's going to start. I call it and it starts recording my audio, and as soon as I’m done with it, it pings me, stays for 30 days on the cloud. Then, all of a sudden, I download it, send it to Temi and then it’s done. I have content. If I’m walking, if I get a thought, if I’m having challenges. [24:05.1]

I use it for all types of things. I don't use it just for creating shows, by the way. I use it to learn. I use it to talk my thoughts out. I use it for me. I used it a couple of days ago. I was having some challenges with an individual and I was walking on my walk, and I just turned it on and just said, “What is going on? What am I missing? Am I crazy or are they crazy? Are we both crazy? That's cool, either way.”

Again, I don't just talk about thought auditing. I live it. I truly live it because I know it will change your life. It's changed my life. It's still changing my life and it's something that will never quit. It's the journey of growth. I will never, ever, ever not have some sort of audio, video or text content happening on a consistent basis for the rest of my life. I have multiple books in the works on my mind, on my audio and on video, on the podcast shows, emails every day. It never will stop. [25:07.7]

What's amazing about this is that I don't really see people talk about this a whole lot. I know they say, Create content, create content, cool. But the reason most people don't is because they can't quantify it. Mark, I’m already busy. I’m not making that much money. That's why I just said work for free. Expect nothing.

I don't expect anybody here to message me today about Jon’s service. I don't expect you to do it. I hope you do because it will help you and it will expedite you and, shit, I wish it had existed when I started doing it and he's amazing. Him and his wife, Rachel, they have a small team. They're absolutely crushing it for a lot of people and they're just amazing human beings in general. So, that didn't exist when I first started. What existed was a book. I actually bought a book to learn how to do a podcast show. This was a long time ago. And I had to buy equipment. I had to buy Audacity and all this shit. I don't know how to edit stuff, but the results were more important than the process. [26:05.8]

See, I don't get caught up in the process. I know the process is a piece of the pie that has to happen no matter what, so I edited my own shows in the beginning. They sound horrible. They sound terrible. You don't believe me? Go listen to the Real Estate Power Hour. Listen to my show, number one. Listen to them all, for that matter. Anybody that's been following me for a long time that showed up to my old shows on the radio and all that stuff, go listen.

But you guys have got to remember, this was 2006 when I was shooting that radio show and I was spending 50 grand a month for that radio show, to produce it and to promote it, meaning, I had to buy the spots on the radio to have the show, and what's crazy about it is I would do it again. But you don't have to because you have this beautiful thing called the internet like we have now. Libsyn, the podcasts, all this stuff exists.

Again, what I’d recommend is start finding the who to do the how. You don't need to know about all this other shit, cleaning up like I learned how to do. I had to learn it because no one was doing it, truthfully. I tried to hire people to do it and just wasn't moving fast enough. [27:12.4]

So, I stayed up late, woke up early to create my own show in the beginning. It was terrible. I hated every second of it, but thank God, I did it. Thank God, I didn't quit because I’m here today to tell you that it does work. It's allowed me to sell millions of dollars of properties, millions of dollars of education and coaching and mentorship, millions of dollars in business partnerships that I’ve created over the years through this. It's allowed me to impact people's lives and charity by raising hundreds of thousands of dollars by having a voice and having followers.

I don't care if you're looking to generate revenue for your business, which you should, because that's your duty as a business owner. I don't care if it's what you're trying to do to help raise money for charity, because it’s amazing to do that. I think we all should be doing more of it. But, at the end of the day, I just know the more I give, the more I show up here, the more I make and the more I feel better. [28:06.1]

See, I’m showing up here for me. You guys are an amazing outlet for me to share my thoughts that are going on in this crazy brain every day. I’m trying to get better at articulating my words. I’m trying to sound better, more structured, give you better clarity, give you simpler directions to make your task easier. It's not pretty always. I’ll say stuff today. I’ve said 80 things wrong already today, I’m sure. I don't form proper sentences. Get over it. That's who I am. If you were hanging out back, drinking a beer, smoking a cigar, talking to you like I’m just talking to you right now, how do we grow? How do we push? How do we give more? How do we serve? How do we get more at the next level? Who are we impacting?

But, again, I stress to you, the reason most people don't do this is because it's non-quantifiable in the beginning. You can't quantify it. You never know when the message you share resonates at the next level. Your story is your story. If you just share your story every day, you'd be amazed at what people want to do. [29:11.2]

Let me ask you guys a question. Do you guys like me showing up daily for you? I’m being serious. This is an ego thing like, Yeah, Mark, you're amazing. What I want you to do is see the visual impact. You guys are here. I say some pretty crazy shit some stuff, some very radical stuff because I’m passionate, right? I get some hate stuff sometimes, but overall I really don't, and the truth is I don't even care if I do.

The problem is I should have more because that means more people are listening. Cold traffic would hate this stuff because they don't understand me. They might not like the way I look. They might not like what I believe in. That's cool. They're not hating on me. They clearly don't know me. Right? They hate themselves. That's why they're talking shit about others. You can do the same thing. I’m no better than you. Shit, I might watch your show. We all here might watch your show. You never know who's watching your show. [30:06.0]

At the end of the day, I’ve met some of the most amazing people in the world by having a podcast show, by sharing on Facebook, a story. By the way, they're not all pretty stories. A lot of them aren't pretty stories. They're real stories, though, meaning, when I lost $550,000 on a deal. I shared a very vulnerable story about it. Recently I lost 70-something-thousand I think and I shared that story about how it happened and what I learned.

Then, sometimes I’ll share positive stories about what's working, just giving and sharing a story behind it. Sometimes I’ll extract and say, Hey, guys, I’m buying businesses. I want to buy a business. Do you have one to sell m or do you have one to partner with? I talk about that once or twice a month, probably should do it more. I talk about like, Hey, if you need money for real estate deals, I have money. I understand real estate. I might be the go-to guy for that. I’m ready to fund today. Whenever you're ready, let's go, if it makes sense. [31:05.7]

For all of us, you can do the same thing. I was put in a book. You guys may know Sean, Sean Whalen, How to Make Sh*t Happen. I’ve got a bunch of copies, but he and I met on social media through these same channels, just like I’ve met all of you guys and gals, just through this channel or whatever channel you're listening to.

Then we started creating. I like cigars and he likes cigars. I shot a picture of me smoking a cigar one day at the Cigar Bar. I didn't say, Damn it, I’m going to shoot this picture. I hope he puts me in a book. He wasn’t even thinking about writing a book when that happened. I wasn't even thinking about a book either. I just simply wanted to say, Yo, man, thinking about you. Snap. You know what’s funny? Guess who sent me a picture? This was just sent to me yesterday, last night. It's my boy, Sean. What time was it? At 10:36 PM he shot that to me. I was sleeping because I go to sleep early, but I hearted it up when I got up in the morning to let him know I acknowledged him. Thank you for the pic. And today when I smoke a cigar, guess who's getting a picture from me? Sean. [32:05.8]

That's what it's about, connecting, whatever you're into. I’m not into a lot of stuff some people are into. You know there are a lot of weird people out there, a lot of weird quirks. That's cool. That's what makes the world go round. I don't judge it. I just don't have to participate and I just don't judge it. But whatever you're into, if you like, I don't care if it's like, dude, I can't wait to eat a whole box of Fruit Loops or whatever. Whatever you do, share. We're all in this journey of life and it's needed more now than ever to share just real genuine stuff, because the world is pretty fallen right now.

What's going on is absolutely insane. I don't talk about that side because I’m still confused. It really is weird to me. There's zero logic going on with people. I’m absolutely amazed at how dumb most people are. It's kind of…it's not kind of, it's very sad and my children will never go to a real school, ever. They'll be homeschooled forever and they will be way better human beings than most. I promise you that. It's my life duty to make that a reality and I have my thumb on that one, I promise you. I want to produce amazing children to the world, you know what I mean? [33:19.6]

And that's the [kind]. Again, I just did it there. I’m just sharing my real beliefs. I’m just sharing my truth, my story. You don't have to like it. You don't have to agree with it. Right. But it's the truth for me. And when you talk and just be genuine, it creates a massive authenticity connection because, people, listen, just because they might not like that piece about that, they might like the other pieces and that's cool, because I talk about life. I talk about love. I talk about losses. I talk about family. I talk about business all the time. I talk about all these pieces all the time. That's what I stand for. That's what I think about. That’s what I do all day, just like you. You're doing stuff all day.

If you have a job and you're beating your head against the wall, trying to figure out how to get out, number one, be thankful you’ve got the job. Number two, turn your car into a mobile university to get your way out of the job, if that's what you're looking to do. And, number three, execute the information that you learn in the car when you're driving to and from work. Before you know it, you're going to wake up and go. [34:16.9]

The truth is if I was teaching real estate investing 101 here, I couldn't serve you today. I'm so beyond basic investing, I wouldn't be able to help a beginner investor, and that's not just to act like I’m a dick or an ego thing. It's the truth. When I speak the truth, I get better results. When I speak the truth, you get better results, because I can act like I can help you, I can pay someone to recreate it and regurgitate the information to give it to you for $1,000 because I have authority to do that, but I would never take advantage of my authoritative position for a couple dollars. I’m better than that. I see a lot of people doing that, by the way. Clearly I don't recommend that. But if you have value, which we all do, just be very clear on who you're serving, who you really stand for. [35:03.7]

I know it's kind of scary in the beginning because you're just trying to do money grabs and get some money. And, listen, if you can serve people in the beginning levels, serve them, but I stopped. I just don't like it. My brain is not thinking about spending $300 a month on marketing to do one deal a quarter. I’m trying to do that every minute of the day, not every quarter of the month, every quarter of the year, I should say. What I [did was] I decided and said, hey, I just can't do that. I actually shut down a very big company that did that and I felt like I wasn't giving the value exchange that I felt that I needed to give to make me feel good about it, and this is real talk.

When you share that kind of stuff, and I talked about it on Power Hour, by the way, but when you share that stuff in real life, you will catapult and those around you will catapult into the next level, and you'll really start nurturing and guiding people to just a new journey, a new level. See, I fucked it up. I can't even speak right now. I’ve got all these things in my head. I’m crazy. I’ve got this. It’s the biggest fight with my wife and me. She's like, You don't listen to me. It's like I’m listening, but I’m 14 steps ahead. I promise, I’m listening, and I really sometimes am not, but I mostly am. [36:10.8]

But for you and me, we have to start executing content. Don't get all excited and do it for a month or two months. Commit to 12 months. Do a schedule. That's the data, not the drama piece that I would focus on doing. Mark, I’m going to do 52 audios or videos, or both, this year over the next 12 months. It's one a week. Don't miss it. Every Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, I’m going to shoot my show. You can't miss it. I don't care what's going on. I don't care if you have people stomping in your front yard with guns, ready to blow your brains out. You shoot that show from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. That's how serious it is. I could be all talk, but I’ve been shown up here [inaudible] days or more, every day at 8:30 and I’ve got a lot of shit going on, but I made a commitment to do it. It's my data. It's my scorecard. It's my duty to commit to this. [37:03.5]

I’m telling you when you commit and you truly believe—you're not going to get it right, but you’ve just got to get it going. It's going to mess up. System is going to break—just know that's part of the process. Just know. This is what's pretty cool.
I remember one time I was in Canandaigua, N.Y., at my buddy Doug's house, true story. Gosh, this had to be 2012-ish? I don't even know. ’12 or ’13, and I was coming out with a new book. I was doing a podcast show. No, I was doing a webinar. As I was talking, the internet broke. Something happened and I had a lot of people, hundreds and hundreds, maybe 1,000 people, and I was like, Oh my God. Keep in mind, I had spent a lot of time, energy and money to get those 1,000 people there. I was like, Oh my God. Plus, the preparation to create the PowerPoint and the message I was going to share with them, and I was devastated for a minute. [38:00.5]

But what happened was I went into straight critical-crisis mode, fixed the problem, got on there and showed up. I could easily have just tapped it out, shut the computer and said, Ugh, eff it, it didn't work today, I knew it, and moved on with my day, but I didn't. I actually stuck down, 15 minutes later, I showed up. I still had over 500 people on and they saw the way I handled myself. I actually connected with people better just talking to them, telling them what happened, than my whole entire PowerPoint presentation that I stressed out about for two weeks, because it was genuine and real. It was authentic. They were in it.

For you, I want you to document your journey. Just share your story. Obviously, have a purpose. Don't just show up and say, Hey, guys, hanging out now. All right, I’ve got to go, bye. Have a purpose. Who are you trying to touch? Who are you about? But don't let that overwhelm you. If you don't know all this stuff, that's cool. Don't worry about it. Just know, Hey, I’m a real estate investor. Tell people what you did in your first episode. [39:00.0]

Listen, follow my motto. Go over to the Making of a DM, if you're not already there and listen to show No. 1. Go to the Real Estate Power Hour and listen to show No. 1. The first episode is always who I am and what I stand for. Hey, guys, my name is Mark Evans DM, small town, hillbilly boy from small town Ohio. Here's my story. Boom. And just go.

What's cool is, as you do this more and more, your story will evolve. You’ll get a little bit more cinematic, dramatic, like, Hillbilly, my closest neighbor is 25 acres away. You’ll start painting pictures a little bit better for your audience to engage in the content a little bit deeper. That's your job.

Think of it as a Howard Stern, if you will. Remember back in the day on TV, on E! and all that stuff or on the radio even like? You could envision what they were doing. Some of it was pretty wild, right? You can envision where they're sitting, where Robin's at, where everyone's at, what the guests are going. Oh my gosh, they’ve got their top off. What? They're pulling their pants. What are they doing? You mentally can see it. As you do this more and more, that truly is what's going to happen more and more, for sure. [40:07.6]

But we have video now at such a simple level. Shoot a video and push “Submit,” and it's done. Caution, don't listen to your voice. Don't watch your videos. Shoot them. Edit them. Submit them. If you do, you're going to overwhelm yourself. You're not never going to push the button. You're going to feel like that button “Enter” weighs 500 pounds. Don't do it. Shoot it. Edit. Submit. That's it.

Guys, if you need help on the podcast show stuff, which I recommend, if you're going to do a podcast show, you do, I would simply shoot me a private message at Mark Evans here on Instagram or Facebook or wherever and let me know, and I’ll introduce you privately. I’ll introduce you privately to my boy, Jon. He's amazing, and, yes, it's a massive investment for massive returns. It will pay off. I don't know when, I don't know how or I don't know where, but I promise you, you keep showing up, you keep plugging away, you keep sharing your message and your story, you're going to get massive, unprecedented returns. [41:13.2]

I have a thing called “Wakey-Wakey 4:44.” I used to post all this stuff, 4:44. I get up. I just like that. It's a good cadence for me. I understand it, so that's what I do. Boom. People love that. The quick talk from the walk, I do that on Instagram all the time. Quick talk from the walk. I’ve got something that I feel like could be impactful, like today’s talk from the walk.

I was walking and I was like, Dude, what do people really want? That's how the show came about, by the way. I asked people, What do people really, really want? Not me. Let me talk like I’m talking to myself. What do I want? Not what does my mom and dad want me to have. Not what does my grandma and grandpa think I should have had. Not what society or my culture or whatever thinks I should have. What do I [genuinely want]? I don't think most people know what they really want. I want more money. For what? Well, I want more time. Okay. [42:07.7]

For example, I have a buddy. He's like, Dude, I want to make 10 million a year net. I'm like, Cool, I’ll pay you 10 million a year. I need you to work 100 a week, because he'd make me way more than 10 million a year if I paid him 10 million a year. He said, “I would never do that.” I was like, So, that's not what you really want then. It’s really simple. That's what you think you want because you're saying it out loud and it sounds cool. What do you really fucking want? What do you really, really want?
I’m beyond the surface level bullshit. I want deep. I want real. Life is so powerful and so short, and so meaningful at the same time. I just want to be a great human being for myself, my family and the people I care about. I want to lead in the front. I’m cool with it. I want to get punched in the face. Some people aren't. That's fine.

Again, we talked about that yesterday, right? It's very powerful, very powerful. It's okay to throw in the towel and be a number two or number three person and help guys like me or gals that are crushing the front end, the game. It's okay. [43:05.3]

I believe for all of us, your story—and I’m being for real here, so please pay attention, as I have been for really this whole time, but this is a “listen to me. It's for real”—whatever you're going through, whatever you want to share will change someone's life. I’ve only created this show to change one person's life. I think I’m doing the job. I think it's working. I’ve seen that happen. I get the [messages]. You guys don't even know the messages I get, the stories I hear.

By the way, for every one there's 10 behind it that should be saying something, but they're just not there yet. I'm not doing it for that. I’m doing it for the one, I’m telling you. It's the truth. Every time I do that, that's what I’m here for. I just want to show up and share. I want to be a great leader for you. Use my confidence. Borrow my belief patterns, borrow my belief systems. That's why I keep showing up because you guys should be looking at me saying, If this dipshit can do it, why can't I? [44:02.3]

I’m a poster child for a dummy. I’m a poster child for class clown. I’m a poster child for not a very smart guy, barely graduated high school with 1.8, never went to college. Why would you even listen to me? I don't know. I’m just sharing my story.
If you guys need help on the podcast shows, reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook. Let me know. Just say, Hey, podcast show with Jonathan. I’ll hook you up with him privately one on one. Include your email. I’ll introduce you guys privately via email. And, writers, if you need to write. I mean, there are so many ways to do this. I just urge you to get started.

Just get started. Name a show. You can change the name just like I did here. Just like I did my podcast show. It used to be called the Real Estate Power Hour, but I was like, Dude, I don't do real estate. If you listen to the Real Estate Power Hour, it has very little about real estate. It's about mindset and business building. That's been going on for years in my world, so I felt stuck. I felt like, I can't detach from that. That's my identity. I’m a real estate guy. No, dude, I’m a business owner. Then I came up with the Making of a DM, me and my team, like, Dude, the Making of a DM. It's not all about DM and Mark Evans DM. It's about DM, the real DM, you, the dream maker, the deal maker of your own life. [45:11.4]

You give yourself direction. You can grow this. You can change people's lives if you step up and get out of your comfort zone. You're going to be scared. It's okay. It's okay to be scared. I’m scared all the time, but I’m not going to let fear hold me back from helping other people, more importantly, helping myself. When you start working and exercising this muscle, you are going to expand and grow to such another level, it's going to be amazing.

I’m excited to see you do it. I’d love for you, when you do get the show set up, to let me know about it. I may watch it. I may not. I don't know, but if I can, I will. I promise you that, because you're taking action. Either way, your story will change someone's life.

You guys know Sean’s story. When he started talking the truth, talking about how he went bankrupt with, I think, $12 million, how he got a divorce, how he put a gun in his mouth, how his dad abandoned him and all this stuff, he turned that story into a multimillion-dollar business and brand, because once he realized people are… It’s so authentic. You're just sharing and people relate to that, but then they need to help with that. Who are they going to pay? Hey, will you take my money to help me? [46:22.1]

A lot of people make this all about money. It's not for me. I’m beyond that. I want more. I’ll get more, but I want to make sure I’m serving. I want to show them helping you get what you want. The truth is, guys, it's not all about the money. A lot of people have a lot of money. They want results. They want time. They want freedom. They want to be heard.

I hope I can bring a little bit of light to you guys today, knowing that I’m rooting for you. I’m pissed off that we're all not doing more, including myself. I want to make a bigger impact. I want to keep things going. I’m telling you, I’m here for you. I appreciate you guys being here. Make sure to check out the podcast show at the Making of a DM. [46:59.8]

By the way, before I go here, I’ve had a lot of requests, a lot of requests about doing a small private event here in Cleveland, Ohio, with the Magician vs. Mule, where we're going to take business owners and people that are on the journey of becoming a big business owner or business owner in general about helping you expedite results and create or get a better thought process, thought auditing, how to do better marketing, how to, all that.

If that's something that interests you, if you guys would please let me know privately, just shoot me a private message, say, Mark, I would love to attend an event, I’m looking to do something towards the end of August here in Cleveland, as long as everything's cool with the COVID stuff going on and all that. But I can tell you whatever we do will be fire and we are going to change lives, not just me.

I just want you to take what I share. I hope you can implement some of it, get some results and enjoy the fruits of your labors, and to me, it's very impactful. It's part of my mission in life to help you because you're going to help people. Think about the… Again, I can't quantify it. The truth is I’m probably under-quantifying it instead of over-quantifying it. I just want to make one impact today. One, no more, no less. If we can do that, you let me know. It always makes me smile. Shit, I might even start crying, you know what I mean? [48:16.5]

Get us started. Get over, shoot me a message. Let me know what you're up to. Let me know if you need help with Jonathan. Let me know if you're interested in the event in late-August. There will be a cost. Of course, there’s going to be an investment to do that. There's going to be a lot of cool stuff, a lot of amazing people.

Appreciate your being here. Have an amazing, amazing day. I’m thinking about you guys. Make today count. Peace.

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