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Most people don’t get what they want in their businesses, their relationships, and their lives.


The unfiltered truth is they don’t deserve to have the life they want.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the one little word that’s stopping most people from reaching their goals so you don’t follow in their footsteps.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The one little word that causes more than 95% of people to never reach their full potential in their businesses, relationships, and lives (3:02)
  • How to channel your inner rage in a productive manner (4:47)
  • Half the trick to becoming happier that nobody ever talks about (5:15)
  • The brutal truth you need to hear if you’re always showing up late (6:38)
  • How you’re single-handedly sabotaging your confidence and self-esteem (8:27)
  • Not getting the respect you think you deserve? Here’s why… (8:40)
  • The #1 most powerful decision you could ever make (9:41)
  • The admittedly hard way to live life on “easy mode” (9:57)
  • The braindead simple thing you need to do to get everything you want and more (27:05)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Commitment. Are you really committed? Well, you're acting like you're committed. We're about to find out. With that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there. It's your host, Mark Evans DM, standing up on my second floor of my house in Parkland, Florida, overlooking Hole No. 2 at the club. These guys are out here golfing. It’s pretty cool. Anyways, beautiful day. Saturday I'm actually recording this for you. Why? Because I'm committed. More on that in a few. [01:00.3]

Hey, first of all, I want to say thank you very much for being here. It means so much to me that you guys are showing up to the Making of a DM podcast show, listening to it whenever you're listening to it, but more importantly, sharing it. Got a lot of shares going on social media, via email, via tech, all this stuff, a lot of great responses. And, again, I thank you very much for that. Without you, the show is not possible, because I don't want to just talk into a Black Hole microphone and nothing happens, so I really do appreciate you guys giving me props, giving me thumbs up, sharing it to your friends, your colleagues and people you truly care about.

Plus, the five-star reviews are cranking. Thank you for doing that. That is kind of like the investment into the show. You spend three minutes to give us a five-star review. It means a lot to me. Share with over on Instagram @MarkEvansDM and I’ll usually hook you up with something pretty cool for the five-star review. So, thank you for that, guys.

Again, it's an honor to be here. I'm very excited to be here. This is a Show No. 21, I believe. I don't come here just to do a show every week. I'm committed to bringing you great content that can truly help you guys, not just bring a show once a week just to talk to talk. [02:13.6]

I respect your time way more than that. More importantly, I respect my time to be honest with you as well. I only want shit that's going to help you. I want to share stuff that truly, genuinely can give you a hand up and an opportunity in an environment that we live in today to develop your skills financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, and everything in between. And for that, to do that, we all need to come together and step it up to the next level.

So, today’s show, again, I want to talk to you about something that's so important. It literally is something that's actually dying and it's kind of sad. Actually, it's not “kind of.” It's really fucking sad that so many people don't understand how important this word is, and it might seem petty. It might seem simple, because it is. It might seem like, Oh no, that's not me, and I promise you it's probably you—95% of people, if not more, have issues with this word. [03:06.9]

It's not me picking on you. I'm just pointing out the obvious when that's what rural, smart professionals do. They pick out the obvious. They talk about it professionally, and they go and do something about it to get better results. The only reason I hope you're here is to get better results in your life at all levels, because if not, I'm not your guy. You're wasting your time, energy and efforts.

Guys, as you know, I have a bunch of different companies. I have different books I'm working on. I have a new book coming out, Magician vs. Mule, which I'm really excited about. I do a couple events here and there. Next week, actually, I'm speaking at a big event. I'm in front of a bunch of people for an hour. I don't really do a whole lot of that, but it's a buddy of mine. I've committed to him to do that as he's growing. I really like to support guys doing what they say they're doing, so that's pretty cool.

But a lot of people are always asking me about our event schedules and all that. I only do a couple events a year. It's not my thing. I'm busy actually building businesses and companies, and all that stuff. [04:08.8]

But you guys should be following me on Instagram, and when I talk about an event, come out here. It's either in Palm beach, Florida, at the office or up in Cleveland usually, because I live in Cleveland part-time and in Florida part-time, so I do it where I'm at and it's really powerful. We do some really neat stuff. So, if you would get your butt up there or down here, it'd be awesome to meet you. More importantly, I'd love to help you.

Anyways, today's show is big. It really is. I'm going to shine the light in a bunch of different angles here. One of them is going to connect with you, if not all, and I hope that you, like I said, are a professional about this, and you take this and do something about it. The truth is, the way I function, I get pissed, and when I get pissed I actually start paying attention and I want to fix it, and I want to do something about it. I hope you do the same thing.

Today's show, again, the one word is called “commitment.” Commitment. It's a very powerful word to me. [05:08.0]
Very few people are committed at much, if anything, and it pisses me off, because there are some amazing people out there that if they would just stick through their commitments, they would be 10,000 times bigger, better, and they would just be so much happier.

Guys, when I'm the least committed, I'm not happy. I know I'm half-assing. I know I'm not in it to win it and I'm not showing up intentionally. I'm just showing up to show up. I'm not committed to the process. I'm not committed to anything. And then, if I'm feeling that way, I bail out. I literally cut the tie, undo the commitment and focus on things I'm committed to, because our brain only has so much space in it.

I'm very anal on commitments. I believe that most people don't care about them. I believe most people do them without putting much thought to them and then they bail all the time. You know who I'm talking about. [06:10.8]

There are people that buy stuff or commit to something at the last minute. They're always out. Someone says, I'm going to meet you at 12 o'clock, they’re committed to meet me at 12 o'clock, and then they show up at one o'clock, because there's always something going on. That's a commitment problem to me.

If you say 12 o'clock, motherfucker, you’d better be here at 11:55, period. That's it. Because that's a commitment, to yourself, first and foremost, and, secondly, to me. But if you can't commit and show up and you always have these bullshit excuses as to why you're late. Because of traffic, because of this, because of that.

Listen, I get it, once in a while what happens, but why does it continuously happen to the same fucking people? Why? It's very simple. Because they're full of shit. It is what it is. [07:02.2]

It's the same person that's going to start working out Monday morning. It's the same person that says they miss Monday morning, so they'll start next week because it's their birthday this week. It's the same person that's going to start after New Year’s because it's the New Year resolution. It's the same person that starts January 5th because they fucked up January 2nd. It doesn't stop and it's a problem and it's hurting people, not just yourself but other people around you.

And the truth is, if we know this is a problem and we allow it to happen, now it's our problem and we have to talk about it. We have to kick these guys out of our network, our group. It's one of those things that if we allow this kind of problem to persist, and we know and we're aware of it, how silly is this?

One time, I made a commitment to pay a truck payment. I bought a truck. It was committed to the bank to pay whatever it was back then. I was in my early-twenties. This was when I made a decent amount of money. I lost, almost went bankrupt, then made it again. Almost went BK again twice in my early-twenties. [08:14.1]

No one knew I got my truck repo’d. Yep, repo’d. I made a commitment and then I didn't pay my bill. The repercussion is repo. Go figure. I'm glad it happened. I'm glad I got my truck repo’d. Why? Because I was a piece of shit. I was a fucking liar to myself and everyone else around me at that moment.

See, if you can't commit and execute your commitment, why would anybody else expect you to do anything great in life? It's funny to me, people are like, Mark, you don't understand. People don't believe me. Dude, you don’t believe yourself. Why the fuck would someone else believe you? You don't show up on time. You don't pay your bills like you committed to do. You don't do anything right. Why the fuck should they believe you? [09:06.0]

And not only that, why don't you prove it to yourself first. Then, once you do that, you realize you don't need validation from anybody. I'm not sitting around looking for someone to go, Great job, Mark. Good job, buddy. No, actually it doesn't happen because I don't care about it, and if it does, I wouldn't even know because I'm too focused on growing. I don't need someone to tell me a good job that I feel like I'm not doing good enough. I feel like I need to be pushing harder. I feel like if I did it this way, why didn't I go bigger or why didn't I understand how to do this better? Constantly driving.

But this commitment stuff is so powerful, folks. So many people, if you would commit to your future self like you commit to getting that new fucking cell phone, you'd be a billionaire. Life would be so much easier.

Have you ever noticed that people that suck at commitments have a hard life? It's hard. It's challenging. There's always something going on. And then, I look at my life, I'm like, Fuck, dude, it's kind of an easy life. Yes, it's hard, but it’s hard and easy. What does it mean? [10:20.0]

If you commit and execute, and do the work, the results will always speak louder than words, first and foremost, and I love when people are like, Mark, I'm committed. Why do you have nothing? You're so committed. Nothing's showing up in your life. And I'm not talking just money. I'm talking health, wealth, happiness, all this shit. If you're so committed, why don't you have anything you want? Why aren't things working out for you? Why does it always seem like the forces are against you?
Listen, I get it. I have shit against me all the time, but it's not because I'm not committed. It's because I'm pushing new boundaries. What's that saying, more money, more problems, right? You're pushing different things, and I'm talking real problems. I don't have $10, $10,000 problems. I have million-dollar problems. [11:16.5]

They're different with commitment. I'm committed to myself. I'm committed to my family. I'm committed to my employees and their family. I'm committed to our customers and clients. We have a responsibility to do the right fucking thing because we're committed to it.

And don't get me wrong and don't twist this either. When there is commitment and you truly believe in commitment, it is hard as a fuck to do some of the days, because you're so committed that you don't want to let people down, and you're going above and beyond every day. But, damn, when you do that, it feels amazing. [12:00.0]

I'm not looking over my shoulder like, Oh dude, I told this guy I’m going to do that and I'll bail out, ha-ha-ha. No. I can walk in anywhere, standing super tall and strong—well, as tall as I can be—and, literally, know that everything I said I was going to do, I did, and if I didn’t, I’d own that bullshit. Commitment is a big deal.

I was talking with the guys in my mastermind in the DM family. It costs 35 grand a year. First year, you’ve got to pay in full. That's how it always is. That’s how it always will be. Why? I need you to commit, because what's funny about commitment is people bail on commitment when there's a challenge or when it gets hard.

So, let's talk about financial challenge, financial commitment. Let's say if you're paying 30 grand a year, what is that? 2,500 a month. The first six months are easy because money is flowing. Everything is easy. Your wife loves you or your husband loves you. Whatever is going on, it's easy. And then the hiccup happens called “life.” [13:10.5]

You bail on your commitments because it's easy for you. You don't buckle down and fucking get real with yourself and start working out of the problem, and focus on your commitments. You focus on how to get out, not focused on how to stay in.
Let me say that again. Most people are focused on how to get out of their commitments. And what do I mean by that? You pull out that fucking contract and you're looking for loopholes, motherfucker. You know exactly who I'm talking about. They're looking for loopholes to get out of their commitments, not stay in them. I don't need a contract. If I told you I'm paying you 2,500 a month for 12 months, I'm fucking paying you 2,500 a month for 12 months, period, no questions about it. Of course, you did your job. I did my job. The commitments on both sides have been held up, but me having a challenging time does not deter me from my commitment. [14:05.5]

What's funny about this commitment process with what I'm sharing with you on the side of the DM family, specifically, is when shit hits the fan, it’s typically when you need the most support, but instead you bail from your commitment. Therefore, the people that want and can help you don't help you because you're running from the problem. You’ve got to be committed. Got to be committed.

I’m telling you, there's so much here to this. Guys, if you commit to $97 a month, pick a timeline on that, 12 months. Don't stop paying in the first 12 months. You can't. But, Mark, you don't understand. I don't give a fuck to understand. I don't need to understand. Pay the commitment off and move on. You are better than that. You are worth more than that. You open up that Pandora’s box of lack of commitment, you're attracting that shit in your life like it's water, caution to the wind. [15:08.1]

Well, man, my buyers always fall through. No shit. Why wouldn't they? You don't even commit. Why do you expect people to commit to you?

Man, my money is always tied up. You don't understand, man. These guys say they're going to give me money and they don't. Well, no shit. They're non-committers, just like you are. Listen, if you're a non-commitment person, it is what it is. Be it. I'm the total opposite. Dude, if I'm in, I'm fucking in, period. We are ride or die. It's not always easy. It's very rarely as easy actually, because I want to win.

I had a call today with one of my guys in a company I have. It's not growing like we anticipated. Duh. Never does. But we're talking like, Dude, we're going to ride this bitch out. We're going to be bigger than we ever thought we could be, because we're learning and we're digging deep, and we're putting down and we're buckling down. We're getting serious again. It's a different type of serious. We're already serious, but it's a different type. Very committed, very focused seriousness about making this thing work. [16:15.5]

And the truth is I'm fucking embarrassed. I'm more embarrassed to let the people around me down than I am about the hard work that I have to do to make it happen. I'll do the work. I'm good with it. I'll hire people. We’ll put the pieces together. We hunker down. We work together.

Commitment is such a powerful, powerful force, and I'm not talking some bullshit talk about commitment. I'm talking about commitment to the fucking end.

I see people dipping in and out of relationships. Pay attention, by the way. Pay attention. Pay attention to the people you follow. Pay attention to people you watch. Maybe it's you. Are you always rotating out of relationships, personal and business? If so, it's because you are not committed. [17:03.5]

First of all, don't get into a relationship unless you're committed, business and personal. And, secondly, when you're committed, don’t bail when shit gets hard. Have a real conversation. Learn from it. Grow from it. Don't run like a pussy. Stick in it and talk about it. Commit to getting better. Commit to learning about the problem. Commit to helping solve the problem. Maybe it's you. Maybe it's them. But commit to talking about it and create a resolution for it.

It's amazing to me that people don't realize the value in commitments. A lot of people act like they're committed. You don't have to believe me. Look around. Look around. It's everywhere. That's a problem. It's almost like it's normal for someone to make a commitment and not do the commitment, and fulfill their commitment, obligation, if you will. It's bullshit. We accept even in business.

Because I own businesses. When I have a team member and they're like, Yeah, man, I'm committed to making 50 calls a day, and I'm committed to paying them, say, five grand a month, whatever. I'm making this up, but I'm committed to paying you five grand a month and they're coming to make 50 calls a day. [18:11.2]

Commitment is equal. I'm committing to you like I'm expecting you to commit to me. If you don't fucking stick to your commitments, number one, you’re letting yourself down, your family down, your future self down, piece of shit. Secondly, I'm committed to you. If you do what you say you're going to do, I will do whatever I have to do to make sure I say I'm going to do what I said I would do. I'm so serious about this commitment. I'd go get a fucking third-shift job to pay my team members if I had no money, because I made the commitment to pay him. That's what committed people do.

Commit. Execute. Do it. Do the work. It's easy to say, Yeah, man, I'm committed to making a million dollars a year, man. No, you're not. You're a fucking liar. Commitment requires perspective. You have to step back and realize how could one make $1 million a year, being small minded, being a shit-talker, being a non-action-doer? You're all talk, no action. [19:15.1]

See, listen, I don't need anybody to say, Mark, you're full of shit. I know when I'm full of shit. I tell myself this all the time, Dude, don't be full of shit today. You’ve got this. Stop being a pussy. Okay, step your game up. Where did you mess up? What could you do better? What could you do stronger? I don't need someone to check me, if you will. I check myself every second of the day. It drives me nuts, but it drives. It drives me.

This isn't talk, guys. For 23 years, my entire adult life, since I’ve been 18 years old, I've never had a job. If I don't do it, it doesn't get done. If I don't do it, I don't eat. If I don't do it, I don't pay my bills. If I don't do it. I have to do it. Commitments. I've always seen commitment as a real thing. [20:04.6]

My wife and I get into this sometimes because I, what I talked about earlier, if you say you're meeting at 12:00, you’ll show up five minutes early. That's on time. I'm like that with everything I commit to. If it's a family reunion or if it's the biggest business meeting of my life, I'm prepared. I'm committed, I'm ready. It's what we have to do.
If most people took this commitment like they do the next best cell phone, everyone's committed to getting the next best cell phone. That's all they're fucking talking about. Or the next best shoe or the next best outfit, or whatever.

Commit to yourself that you'll commit to the process. It's hard, but it gets easier. I do shit today that I can't even believe. This morning I was up at almost at what, 04:30-ish, 04:15? And the café at my club doesn't open until 06:00 a.m. I'm in my fucking garage because it's cold and rainy out. I'm sitting in there smoking a cigar. Yes, it's an early morning cigar. Stop judging me. I'm working on a book that I committed to. I don't want to fucking do it. I absolutely hate reading. I don't want to do it, but I committed to do it. [21:18.9]

My wife's sleeping in the bed. My son and daughter are sleeping, hanging out, enjoying life, relaxing and they're getting up at seven o'clock. I've already worked two and a half hours and I can't wait until they get up, because I want to see them because I'm committed to them. But this book drives you. This is a commitment I have. I've done this 12 times now. This is my 13th book coming out and I’ve got two more in the pipeline. I don't want to do it. I don't make a fucking dime. I give it all away to charity—which is amazing, by the way, and appreciate you guys if you get these books cause a hundred percent of the profits go to charity—but, at the end of the day, what I'm sharing with you is this shit is not always easy. Who said it was going to be, by the way? Who said it was going to be? The person selling you the book or the seminar? [22:03.0]

Easy is relative. It's easy for me to get up because I've committed to making it a piece of my life for the last 26–27 years since I was a teenager. It's kind of a thing I would do. I’d hear my dad getting out of bed and I'd run in. I'd wake up real quick and I'd run in the shower, and act like I was up before him. I'm competitive like that. I want to commit to beating him up in the morning, get in the shower before he does. That's my weird brain.

Still today, man, I want to get up. I want to lay there, too, just like you, though. It's a choice, though. Do I want to spend another hour in bed? The answer is yes. But then you asked the next question. Will you commit to getting this done by this date? If you stay this extra hour, it can make sure that you’re not on track to your commitment. If you're willing to give up your commitment, keep your fat ass in bed, Mark, or get your lazy ass up and let's get to work. You have commitments you've got to stick to. [23:08.5]

I'm getting up. I'm getting up. I don't even need an alarm clock these days. Four o'clock-ish, my brain just [works]. I wake up. I have a rule. If I wake up at anything over 04:00 a.m., and I look at that clock and it's over 04:00 a.m., I get up. Why? I don't feel any different if I get up at 04:00 or 04:44 at that point. It's all the same. I'm up.

The truth is I typically feel worse if I lay there and go back to sleep, because now I have anxiety. Now I felt like I should've gotten up. Now I feel like all that weird guilt stuff. Set rules and boundaries, and execute. Commitment plan. Let's go. And when you start doing this, you'll gain confidence. You gain courage.

See, everyone talks about “if you want big rewards, you’ve got to take big risk.” Well, maybe. I don't necessarily even believe that a hundred percent, because risk is relative. What's really important, though, if you want big results, you’ve got to make big commitments. [24:14.8]

Big commitments. Actually, little commitments equal big commitments. Big commitments equal big results. All these commitments, adding up, multiplying, compounding over time, you'll wake up five years, 10 years from now, a different person. The problem is we live in a world where people want instant gratification and instant results, and if they don't show up, they bail from the commitments.

You don't have to believe me. Go to the gym on January 1st—it's packed to the gills for three or five days. Go on day six, seven, eight, it's literally half the people are in there. It's silly. It's disgusting, and that's just the visual representation of what's happening. What else is going on in this fucker’s brain? [25:00.0]

What else? Financially, emotionally, spiritually, relationship? What else are they bailing on? Make a commitment plan and stick to it. Commit. Execute. Dig down when it hurts. Execute. Commit. Execute. Get the results. At the end of the day, if you say you're going to do it, what it really comes down to, fucking do it. No more, no less.

If you say you're going to pay someone 35,000 a year, pay your fucking bill. If you say you’re going to pay someone $35 a year, pay your bill. If you're trying to figure out how to get out of contracts because you're a fucking piece of shit, looking for reasons to get out of stuff instead of sticking to stuff that you committed to, stop listening to my show and delete yourself from my world. I don't want it around me. I don't need it around me. Yeah, it does not exist around me.

Commit. Do. Commit. Do. Guess what? The more I commit, the more I do, the more I stick with my commitments, the more I get. Go figure. [26:13.0]

Seriously, think about this. If you're committed in business or your job or your spouse or whatever, and yet you don't stick to your commitments, how could you even show up and feel good about yourself and good about what's happening? You might be able to smile and fake it, but that will only last so long. And not only that, you know it's wrong. You know you're messing it up.

When you commit and you actually execute, and you do what you say you're going to, it creates an aura around you. No one can fuck with you. Everyone's like, Dude, haters. I don't care about haters. I don't even hear haters because they're not creators. I'm too busy doing and staying in my commitments. I don't have time to dick around what naysayers and talkers. We're too busy doing. [27:03.0]

Make a commitment plan, and commit and do. It's real simple. It really is that simple. Yet, so few people do it. Man, you don't understand, I got sick. I don't care. You don't understand, man, the leads are bad. I don't care. You don't understand this is going on. I don't care. No one cares except you anyways.

Stop talking. Start doing. Less talk, more action, more results. It really does build your confidence to a whole other level. It gives you so much more opportunities, and the more you do it, the longer you do it, the easier it becomes. And not only that, oh my gosh, the opportunities are endless. You have so much money, so much opportunity, so many things that just open wide-open for you, but it starts with you. It starts with you being real with yourself saying, You know what, Mark? You're right. I am being a piece of shit. I'm not sticking to my commitments. I am moving forward. [28:13.4]

That's Step 1. Step 2 is actually performing and staying on track with your commitments. It builds up that confidence. It builds up that momentum. It builds up that effect. The compound effect that allows you to be great, allows you to get what you really want. And what you really want is that piece for a moment of fulfillment, knowing that you're in the right place at the right time, doing exactly what you're meant to do. And you're going to keep pushing and you're going to keep prodding, and you can keep growing, because you're committed to yourself and everything else that you're stepping foot into.

Commitment will change your game, change your life, change your results. It literally is the biggest word I believe most people don't understand the power of. They're talking about risk and reward, and do this and do it. No, commit and do. Everything else is just details. [29:09.3]

Details. It is a secret to the madness. If you do this, folks, this will change your life. I promise you. I guarantee it at all levels, all fronts. Start with one piece of your life. It will carry over into all pieces of your life. Stay focused. Have fun. Be committed and enjoy the results.

So, with that said, get over to Instagram and type in “Mark Evans DM.” Let me know if the show was a big deal for you. It is a big deal for me. I have show notes galore here. I'm thinking about this still. I want to make an impact. I want you to make an impact. I want you to stay on track with your commitments. And if you need anything else in the meantime, let me know. I'm here for ya. I'm committed to you.

That's why I'm showing up every time I have something to share with you that is real, that is raw. It's not always pretty, but it definitely is coming from the heart and soul, and I promise you I have your best interest. I want you to succeed. There's nothing in my willpower that wants you to fail in any way, shape or form. [30:09.7]

Success breeds success. You getting successful doesn't take away from it any success. It actually will enhance it. The more we do, the more we help each other, let's pick it up. Let's step it up. Let's run this bitch up the flagpole. I'm with you. Are you with me? I hope so.

What that said, it’s your boy, Mark Evans DM, signing off. You have an amazing day. Keep me posted with your commitments and how you progress. Talk to you soon.

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