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In today’s episode, I’m sharing the best possible investment you could make…

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The #1 best investment you can make with your own money (2:02)
  • How being laser-focused on your ROI is slowly bankrupting you (12:09)
  • The cold, hard truth about why the rich keep getting richer — and why you’re not one of them (12:52)
  • The stupid-obvious way to make more money than you ever thought was possible (5:28)
  • The millionaire’s dirty little secret for making lucrative money-making opportunities appear out of thin air (13:36)
  • How to retrain your brain to instantly turn your biggest struggles into your biggest opportunities (32:26)
  • The single most important thing missing from your business that’s robbing you of more opportunities than you could fathom (6:16)
  • The “3-minute trick” to solving nearly all of your problems (32:00)
  • Do this quirky little thing in your relationships and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds (32:26)
  • How going to the Super Bowl can grow your business more than anything else you do (19:05)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” I'm about to share the best investment I've ever made to date. With that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there. It's your host, Mark Evans DM. Thank you very much for coming here, and happy 2020. It's been a minute since I've been over here. We have a lot of crazy stuff going on, in a good way. It's life in business. It's what happens. My goal with this show, the Making of a DM is to come to you when I have something to share with you, not something just to talk to talk, because I know time is so precious. [01:06.0]
As I'm talking to you today, we have a lot of things that have happened in life and business, and just things in general. But it's 2020, almost the end of January. I'm getting ready to go to the Super Bowl.

Why I mentioned that is because we actually gave away two Super Bowl tickets to an amazing kid. His name is Nicholas, and his mother Jerry. I'll share their story later once I get confirmation from them that I can share their full story, but let's just say this little 13-year-old kid has some special stuff going on in his life, and to say it was amazing to be able to do this … Again, I don't want to talk about that now today because it's something big and I'll share a little bit later in this, but today's show is going to touch on a lot of this. I, again, thank you guys so much for being here and why I'm here is exactly why the show's important to me. [02:00.8]

You see, as I'm sitting here talking to you, I'm sitting here asking myself, What's the biggest and best investment I've ever done? We always talk about the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. I kept thinking about it and the thing is I kept thinking about the deals I've done, the businesses I've bought and sold, and this and that, and all of this stuff is great. But what's a direct ROI, the biggest ROI that I've ever gotten? Return on investment, by the way, if you don't know. ROI is return on investment. And I kept thinking about it. Actually, I spent a lot of time with it. I was talking with some buddies.

The truth is, and I want you to think about this—this is very important—and, again, don't slide by the show thinking this is no big deal, because one of our biggest shows here is what we do matters, who we talk to, what we talk about when we do it, when we say we're going to do it, what we do, etc., but what it really comes down to is relationship capital. [03:00.0]
See, guys, I've been at this game for almost 24 years, have been since 1996, 18 years old. I was going to networking events, business meetings, mastermind groups, investing in myself and doing all these things, and one thing holds true. I'm still friends with people that I've met 15, 16, 18, 20+ years ago that I'm doing business with today, still, people that are making investments in my businesses. I'm making investments in their businesses. I'm utilizing my unique abilities, strategies and conversations to help them grow what they're doing and vice versa.

I want you today to be thinking about relationship capital like you've never thought about it before, because when you understand the power of relationship capital, you think differently with relationships. You stop thinking about how do you make a quick buck and start figuring out how to create value and build a relationship. It's a big difference. And as I'm talking to you, your relationship matters to me. That's why I'm here doing this show. [04:05.2]

You see, I may never meet you in person. I probably don't even know you yet. I want to meet you in person and I want to get to know you, because I know through relationships, you have access to things I don't have access to and I have access to things you might not have access to. That's what makes the world go round. I truly believe, especially with the internet that exists today, is that we're only one degree of separation from anything we want. One degree.

You may know someone that I need to know that knows XYZ that needs to get to me where I'm trying to go and/or it's me doing the same thing for you. And the more I do these shows, the more value I provide, I'm literally investing in my relationship with you and I don't even know you yet, so to speak, but I kind of know you, because if you're still here listening to this show, you realize that this is a value add relationship-driven conversation. [05:07.7]

See, once I started understanding this, and again, I don't know how I learned it. I just [did] at a young age. I've always understood the value of investing in myself. If I don't invest in me, why would I expect anybody else to give me a shot? If I don't invest in me, why would I expect anybody to give me an opportunity to generate more money than I ever thought was possible?
See, people are okay going out and investing—and I'm throwing that in parentheses—into college. If I spend $200,000, I can get a job and I could make $50,000 a year. Guys, this is an investment. That's how people see ROI. $200,000 make $50,000 XYZ, right? If I buy this house for $100,000 and I get $1,000 a month, I make 12% on my money. If I buy this business, I can get a 30% ROI on my capital. [06:12.9]

All that stuff is great, but everything I just said that we would have to do requires relationships or connections or conversations with humans. Property has to have a property manager; and property managers, tenants. Those are people. If you don't have a good relationship with your property manager, you're probably going to get screwed. Therefore, your relationship will make you money or cost you money.
Same thing with business owners. If I buy a business today, I'm not buying it to run it. I don't run my businesses anymore. I'm thinking more of an owner, not necessarily a CEO even. I don't even want to be a CEO. I want to be a principal. But we’ve got to hire and find the right guys and gals to run these divisions. That's relationships. It's getting to know who they are, what they stand for, what they like, what they love, what they hate, what makes them tick. [07:10.4]

See, I see so much stuff online. Everything is so passive and transactional. What's in it for me, man? What's the tactic to get me a ROI? See, the problem is, if you're looking for a direct ROI, you go to a meeting. You spend $1,000 for the meeting. You leave 24 hours later and you make $15,000. That's a very simple 15,000 extra money.

But. But what if you met one individual or more individuals than one that would allow you to create relationships that, ultimately, you guys are all providing value to each other, and before you know it, you guys are buying businesses together. You're partnering on transactions. You're doing something bigger than just a tactical direct ROI. [08:05.1]

Now, listen, it's okay to go for an ROI, but I think and I believe a hundred percent hat most people are simply focused on the tactics and forgetting about the humanization in life.

Some of my best friends today are from mastermind events that I've spent hundreds and millions, actually at this point, many millions of dollars, going to masterminds, traveling, leaving my wife, leaving my kids, going to these events, grinding it out, not wanting to go, taking the red eyes. I don't want to do that shit, but I’ve got to, because my vision is bigger than the process.

The process is just a piece of a moment in time, but today I can wake up anywhere in the world and connect to almost any single person I need to connect with to make something happen, because I've invested in human capital. Relationships. [09:11.3]

I've given, given, given, given. The truth is if you want to hear some real truth, I suck at asking for help. I don't even tap into my relationship capital like I could, note to self. I just want to be valuable. I want to be there to support them. If I see them come out with a new book, I buy it. I don't ask for a discount. If I see them doing an event, I go to it. I invest in it. I don't ask them for a discount. They're your boys. They're your people. Why would your boys and people want to discount? Support them. There are watching. Why wouldn't you want to pay retail value for them to …?
First of all, you're validating their vision by you investing your money. It's easy to talk shit—yo, man, I got your back. Yo, man, yo, I’ll help you out—and then, when they come out with us for a discount? Trust me, they do it all the time. I pay attention to those people. [10:15.4]

See, this is why I join masterminds. This is why I host events. It's to meet the people. I'm not there to learn tactics. I can go online and learn a tactic. I'm looking for the connection. The truth is this is becoming more valuable today than it ever has because things are so transactional. Things are so tactical driven. People are so busy and overwhelmed, but yet why are so few people accomplishing big things?
See, you're going to learn the tactics no matter what, so you need to not stress about that. Put yourself around the right people and invest in relationships. Create your own reality with connections. [11:07.5]

I do it with my thing called the Deal-A-Thon once a year. I connect with people. I connect with people that are doing charity stuff through the artists, because we auction off a bunch of art. By the way, I buy the art. I don't even ask for a discount on that. I buy the art myself to make the investment to support the artist. Support people. Let them know you're paying attention and you appreciate their hard work.

These events, these meetings, these are opportunities to connect to people, and if you share your struggle, Hey, I'm really struggling with this, blah, blah, blah, merchant processor. Dude, my best friend runs XYZ. They process $500 million a year. I got you. Boom. Put an ROI on that.
Hey man, I'm having troubles down at the local-community level with my property. I need to get this in. Oh man, my cousin actually runs XYZ. Boom. Done. Put an ROI on that. [12:08.0]

See, the problem is if you're only looking for an ROI, you're missing out on the biggest opportunity in front of you—relationship capital. And this goes to anybody.

This is why it's so important to protect your environment. Because we've all heard the saying, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” We've heard it, right? You probably finished the statement before I barely started it. Why? Because that's how we've been programmed and we know it's true. Why do you think the rich get richer? And I'm using this. Listen, not every rich person is getting richer. Mostly, but the reason is where they're going to hang out, who they're talking to and what they're talking about. [13:03.2]

I'm not hanging out with guys talking about what they did in high school on their touchdown 30 years ago. It doesn't serve me or them. It means nothing to all. All it is is another drink in their hand to talk about something. People talking about the past are people stuck in the past. If you're like me and people I'm hanging out with, we're so focused on the now and the future, we forget the past even existed.
You see, you don't go hang out at the cheap restaurant, sit at the bar, because they're talking about sports. They're talking about their boss they hate. I'm hanging out at nice high-end environments where opportunities exist.

Now, I've got something extra special to share with you. People always ask me—and this is the thought process, so be paying attention, please—a lot of times they're asking, Mark, the investment in the mastermind group is $35,000. Is it? [14:08.5]

You have to understand the power of investing in yourself. My question would be to you” are you worth $35,000? The mastermind is just the piece, the avenue you're taking, but until you understand your investment value, you're never going to understand the value of human or, I should say, relationship capital.

You have a lot of opportunity. You have a lot. You've probably forgotten. Whatever your unique ability is, you've probably forgotten more than most people will ever know, and it's so close to you, you don't even know how valuable it is. It's priceless. You could solve someone's problem in a second in your unique ability position. Maybe not even you doing the work, but maybe you making a phone call to someone that you know that could get the work done. [15:08.9]

See, you're focused on tactics. Successful people focus on solutions. When you focus on solutions, we all know that tactics have to exist to get to solution anyway, but we don't care about the tactics. If I go get my car fixed, I could give two shits how they fix the car. I just want the car to run at the best peak performance it can run. So, I'm not going to invest and to learn the tactical strategies to get my car running at a hundred percent for this example, right? It makes zero sense. Some people are out there trying to learn every tactical thing, become a tactical expert at everything, but ultimately do nothing. [16:00.0]

Relationship capital. You understand your high-level value to the relationship and you maximize it by being a connector, by being an implementer, by being a person that gets shit done. These are unique values, by the way.
My group that I run is called the DM Family. Recently, we gave away two tickets to the Super Bowl to this young kid, Nicholas, and his mother, Jerry. It was the most amazing thing that I've done in a long time. It's very powerful. It was emotional. It was three days of massive emotions because I'm looking at hundreds of stories, hundreds of stories of why they're the ones that are going to win the Super Bowl tickets. This is a $12,000-value piece. Super Bowl, Miami, Florida. I shared it with the DM Family, 33 people, 33. Not 3,300. Not 30. Thirty-three amazing people that I have a relationship with, and they all pay $35,000 to be in there. [17:17.0]

I share with them, Here's what we're up to. Guys, I'm giving away two Super Bowl tickets. Here's some stories. Here's what's going on. One guy raises his hand. “Mark, I’m in. I want to help.” It was so overwhelming, I couldn't even hold it in. I was bawling my eyes out. I wasn't asking for help. I was just sharing a story about how we can help change someone's life, and tens of thousands of dollars of commitments got committed.
One of my buddies said, “Hey, let's send them Orlando for three days, full-expense paid trip, first-class, everything.” One of my buddies said, “Dude, get them a first-class flight, round trip, on my dime.” That's $3,000. Another person said, “Dude, put them up in a five-star hotel on my dime.” Multiple thousands of dollars. “Let's get them a chauffeur car service.” $2,000. “Let's take it over the top.” [18:12.8]

When you roll with the right people, things that you don't even think about exist, bigger than you even thought about, just by simply sharing.
See, any other time, back in the day, if I even thought about sharing that with the wrong people, they would all say, Oh, dude, you're f-ing stupid man. Sell that shit. That's 12 grand cash in your pocket. Oh man, give them to me, man, I'll take them. Right? That's how they think. But my thought process was like, How do we make an impact on someone else's life, someone that possibly could never even think about going to this, that's a massive football fan?
I'm not really a football fan of any sort. I go once a year, and take my dad and uncles. I am going this year with my wife and buddies, but we're going as an experience. [19:08.6]

What's interesting is that, when I'm going, I'm going with two guys I do a lot of business with, them and their spouses. So, not only is it an experience, but we're going to be talking about what we talk about every day, how to grow, how to push. What can we do more of? How can we help more people? I'm forging relationships with an experience, i.e. the Super Bowl.
But I want you to think about that. Again, I'm not here to brag about how much we raised or didn't raise. I'm just sharing that I didn't have to ask to raise money. People took it on their own and said, Yo, how do we help to make it bigger? How do we help to make it better? Because the relationships I've forged, my ROI is infinite. Theirs is infinite. Because I would do the same shit and I have done the same shit. [20:00.6]

See, when you're on the path of progress with the right people, your relationships become so tight. We're so valuable. Not all relationships work out. That's called life. But that’s why, like at the country club I have, when I'm at a country club, why do people belong to a country club? It's not to play golf. It's not the play tennis, mostly. The truth is it's to connect with people that invest in themselves and value going to an environment where, guess what, there are a lot of connected people.

In my country club where I'm at right now as I speak to you, we have professional NFL athletes, professional MLB athletes, professional hockey players, very successful business owners that have exited for nine figures, 10 figures. That's billions of dollars. These guys belong in the club. Guess what? When you're hanging out, having lunch, having dinner, playing with the kids at the golf course or hanging out at the events they do all the time here, you constantly run into people. Hey, how's it going? Hey, how's it going? Hey. Boom. Before you know it, one week, one month, one year, however long it takes, you start forging relationships. [21:16.3]

And guess what? I get to have a little fun doing it. See, investing in yourself is a very weird thing that most people will never understand. I host events that cost $3,000 to $10,000 to get someone to invest. What am I going to learn? What is it? How much am I going to make if I come? Dude, fuck you. Nothing. That's how much. That's what I think. If that's what you're worried about, no fucking wonder you're not making it, because it's all about you.

Now, don't get me wrong. You've got to have context to that. But what we would show people the path, what they're going to learn, what they're going to extract tactical-wise, you're going to teach tactics, but the real connection, the real opportunity and the ROI comes in the relationships in the room. [22:08.8]

I, my team has vetted the people and put quality people in the room, and if you come in with a relationship mindset, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Connecting, gaining access to money, gaining access to opportunity, gaining access to solutions of any problem you have in your businesses, typically, almost any problem.

But most people don't value themselves like that. That's why they buy the $14 books thinking they're going to learn everything. And don't get me wrong, you can learn for free on YouTube. But, if you have the means, why aren't you going and meeting great people? That's why I still love going to meetings and masterminds, because I'm in the room paying attention to who's still there. [23:01.5]

And the higher up the masterminds go, price-wise I'm talking about—I'm in $100,000 group and we meet three times a year—every single person in that room I've known for over 10 years, go figure. Go figure. They're leaders in our industry. They’ve changed the game all around. Why? Because they invest in themselves. They connect with people in mastermind groups. It doesn't cost you $35,000 to be a part of my master group. The connections are worth millions. Are you focused on what it costs or what it generates? Connect with people and you'll never be broke effort.
And I'm not saying, What’s up man? What are you up to, man? How's the weather? I'm talking connect, deep relationships. Real shit. What do they need help with? What's their big struggle? [24:07.2]

Vulnerability is an opportunity for us all to grow. It's not a sign of weakness. It's a sign of strength. When you hang out with the right people, vulnerability is the most powerful thing you could do, because people around you aren't judging you. They want to fucking help you.
The reason most people can't get vulnerable is because they typically hang out with people that want to judge them and want to talk shit about them. Dude, you have money. Are you complaining now?

No, dude, I want to grow. I haven't even started. I haven’t even scratched the surface of where I'm going. We're going to crush it, but I'm facing this challenge and I don't know how to figure it out. I'm too close to it. You say that in the right room with the right people, opportunities unlock. Infinite. Infinite. People bring you deals. People bring you opportunity. They bring you money and the ROI is so much bigger than the tactical approach. [25:09.4]

I hope you get what I'm laying down here, because if you do, this will change your life forever. So, when I gave these Super Bowl tickets, the real reason was I wanted to show to my son how fortunate we are. He's four years old. We're sitting at the dinner table and I'm like, Dude, we have it made. We haven't made. Let's make someone's life. Let's give.

See, I don't want to talk about it. I want to do it. A lot of people tell their kids, Don't do this. Don't do that. In everything they do, do as I say and not as I do. Right? Ha-ha-ha. That's not fucking funny to me, especially on this note. We have a duty and obligation to teach these kids how to be amazing human beings in the world, and the higher I get up the ladder, the more I realize I don't know shit.

So, as I talked to mentors to help me become a better father and a better leader, it's not just talk it. It's think it and grow it, and push it. Get to the next level. Share through implementation. Share through leadership. [26:08.5]
See, my son is watching. He listens, but children watch. Don't believe me? Go to your spouse and smack them on the butt, and if your kids are young enough, they're going to come right behind you and do the same thing. That's what they do. So, when they see Daddy, me, getting online, sharing the story, amazing things happen.

Back to the relationship and these tickets to the Super Bowl. I talked to the fam, my wife and kids, and I said, “I'm going to try. I'm going to put this out there and see what happens.” I did a Facebook live. I said, “Hey, here's what I'm going to do.” I didn't know what I was going to say. I didn't know how I was going to say it. I didn't know how I was going to pick. I just shared the conversation I was having.

A guy on the live Facebook—his name is Serge, in Florida, in my complex, in my community, at our country club—tagged another guy named Nick. Nick is out in Kansas City, so Nick watches this or something to that effect. [27:12.4]
Nick watches it. Nick follows the steps that I shared with on the Facebook post, and before you know it, I'm talking to Nick. I've never met Nick in my life, never talked to him, but the power of the relationship connected us to now talking to Nick. Nick introduced me to Jerry and Nicholas, and before you know it, six days later, they're going to the Super Bowl.

Relationships literally have changed my life. But before they can, you’ve got to have a relationship with yourself. See, most people are trying to get it right before they get it going. If I would've done that, I'd still be holding onto these tickets. I would have never met Nick. I would’ve never met Jerry. I would’ve never met Nicholas. I would've never been able to do what I was thinking about in my head because I was too worried about getting it right. But I put it out there and my relationships propped me up and gave me. They empowered me. [28:06.0]

My boy, Mike, always says, you don't have to get it right; just get it going. And when you do that around the right relationships, they put their arms around it and they help you. They introduce you. They guide you. They support you. And I believe the reason most people don't do this is because they're not getting guided. They're not getting support. The truth is they don't even believe in their own shit they're telling themselves—and I'm talking to you, because if you did, you'd be all in on relationship capital. You'd go to every fucking mastermind group locally and surrounding that serves you. You'd go to every meetup and start forging relationships today.

I'm still doing it. I’ll never stopped doing it. I'm forging relationships with the valet kid. I'm forging relationships with the servers at the restaurants. I'm forging relationships with people at our country club. I'm forging relationships with people that's taken 10 years and I've still not done anything with them, but, goddammit, I know sooner than later, something is going to come. And if it doesn't, they're great people to hang out with. [29:13.7]

When you flip the script on relationship capital and understand the power of it, you stop getting caught up in the trenches. You stop fucking tripping over all the small shit that we’ve all got to deal with—or do we? Because when you have relationships, you hire people to deal with it for you. I have relationships with my team members. I care about them greatly. I think about them all the time and I want to help them get better. I want to help them be bigger. I want to help them have better financial structure in their life. You should be thinking about the same stuff.
What are you focused on? Tactical ROI or building relationships that forge forever? Relationships that could change—I'm telling you—will change your life. [30:03.7]

Listen, all of you can fucking talk shit and act like you are doing this or aren't. When the rubber meets the road, the majority of you will not do this, because you don't believe in your value. You don't believe in you being a good relationship person. That's the truth. You can say what you want, but when there's an event and it costs $3,000, you don't pony up $3,000 because “I don't see the return on investment for me.” Dude, there's 150 qualified people in a fucking room that paid $3,000. How couldn't you see value in that alone? It's you. It's not the person selling. It’s you, my friend.
Now, I'm not saying all of them are for you, but what I'm saying is if you're struggling or you're trying to develop, let's say, if you're trying to become the biggest real estate investor in the world, you should probably hang out in business masterminds. [31:01.4]

Why didn't I say real estate masterminds? Because real estate masterminds are very tactical driven, typically. Business masterminds have multiple genres. They could be in the supplement space. They could be in the real estate space. They could be in the media space. They could be in the political space. They could be in all kinds of spaces. I want to learn about business. I want to connect with business owners and create relationships, and understand how to forge business-owner relationships.

I truly believe business owners can solve almost any problem. Guys, we're connected. We have to ask. People want to help us. They want to help you. I want to help people every day. It's one of my greatest joys. If someone calls me that I care about, that I have a relationship with, why wouldn't I want to help them? Think about it. And it doesn't even include me, like, Hey, Mark, I need to borrow your truck to move. Fuck you. I'll order someone and pay for it for you, good luck. [32:00.0]

I'm talking about real relationships for business owners. Hey, man, I'm stuck in my CRM. I don't know how to fix it. I'm technically declined, technology-declined. I'm having struggles here. My team has blown up. It's affecting the bottom line. Do you know anybody who can help me? Dude, absolutely. Boom, boom, boom, boom. Three minutes later, I'm on the phone with solutions.
Yet we like to stay in the brain of being in struggle. The struggle is not real. I always say, the struggle is not real. First of all, we've got to identify the struggle. Secondly, we got to address the struggle to the right people. And before you know it, it's not a struggle. It's an opportunity to solve a problem, to move forward and grow.

By the way, relationships are contagious, positive ones and negative ones. Pick wisely. If you're constantly in negative relationships, look at the common thread. If you're not happy with the results of your partnerships and relationships, it's probably you. I know it's a tough pill to swallow, but get over it because it's not going to get any better. It's actually getting worse, because in your brain you're like, Dude, what is wrong with me? Why does this keep happening to me? [33:16.4]

You’ve got to reposition your thought process. You’ve got to get in front of this. Stop thinking about ROI on making money just to a tactical approach. Start thinking about how to be valuable to the relationship. Start asking yourself, How can I help this person? Start asking different questions. When you do this, guys and gals, I'm telling you, your life changes. Life changes. But you’ve got to invest in yourself. Start asking yourself how you can set aside $100,000 a year to invest in yourself. And I'm talking help.

By the way, I'm talking about going to the chiropractor, I'm going to the gym, getting a personal trainer, hiring a private coach to help you become a better dad or a better wife, or whatever it is. Hire people to make you better. Invest in yourself. [34:06.8]
Get your blood work done every quarter, every six months. Know where you stand. Get a baseline for you, not for the general population. Take out all the thoughts and guessing. Stop guessing and start doing. See, it's okay, you're fucking spending $12,000 a year … I don't even know what a cell phone bill costs, but, say, $1,500 a year on cell phones. [Unclear 34:29.7] you're spending that on your cell phone monthly book subscriptions to read, to learn. I've read over 6,000 goddamn books in business and real estate, and understanding mindsets, and all that and I still continue to do so and I'll never stop, because we have to invest in ourselves.

If we're not willing to invest in ourselves, then why are we expecting other people to? My spouse doesn't believe me. Yeah, you probably don't believe yourself either. You failed 18 times, what the fuck do you expect? Build relationships with great people. Great things happen. [35:05.6]
Start looking at this differently. Start thinking about this through a strategic approach of being a great fucking human being, delivering value. Stop having an ego, acting like you know everything. You don't know dick. You know very little on the grand scheme of things, and I don't care what level you're at.

The truth is that, guys, myself, the higher I get up, the more I realize I don't know anything, and I have an urge to learn more and with good people. I want to grow. It's like I'm being tapped on the shoulder like, Come on, Mark, it's your time now. Let's go. It's not always easy. It's not always fun.
But, damn, it's very rewarding.
When we did what we did a couple of days ago for this young man, I can't even put a price tag on it. I can't even put a price on not only just what we did for him, but what came through my friends by showing up in a big way. It allowed me. There were like, Dude, I'm in for whatever. I'm in for whatever. Thirty-three guys. [36:15.1]

Who are you rolling with? They're either supporting you or discouraging you, and you know the guys and gals I'm talking about. When you say, Yeah, man, I'm getting ready to go to this seminar. It’s $3,000, [they say,] Oh fuck, man. If it's so easy, why are they charging? Man, if they’ve got so much money, why? Dude, seriously, it says more about them than you.
Understand your value to the world. Understand your value to yourself. You owe it to yourself to invest in yourself. If you don't have that fund yet, start reading the books. Start investing time on YouTube. Start getting focused and getting excited about something. Get serious. We’ve only got one shot at this thing called life and we’ve got to make the most of it, and it's no fun doing it by yourself. Find great relationships. Start connecting. Start nurturing. Start providing value. [37:07.1]

Dude, I still send my buddies gifts that I'm thinking about. One of my buddies, I was sending Snapple and Peach Schnapps all the time. I was sending an orange Tic Tac to this guy. Send cool gifts. Let them know you're thinking about them. Send them a pizza. Let's have fun with them. If they're on a diet, send them some pizza and say, Hey, man, I know I'm trying to deter you, but let's see what you’ve got. Have fun with your relationships. Be silly. Be quirky. It doesn't all have to be business, but it is all about the business of life. This is life. That's the business we're all in.
And when you can connect and let them know you care, because you're listening and you're not just doing passive listening, but you're actually doing active listening. Dude, I was on a boat with some friends and they were like, Dude, I like that hat. I was like, Thank you. I swear on my life, in a nanosecond, I had my phone out, texting my assistant, Send them two hats or four hats, or whatever. Send them. Boom, boom, boom. Here's their address. Let's go. As soon as they got home, the hats were there and they couldn't believe it. [38:04.3]

Why does that happen? That does not happen by accident. It happens because I'm paying attention and I care about people. It's a relationship to me, and when you do that, they'll say, Oh fuck, man, that’s $47 I could save for you. Yeah, charge him only 35. We'll hook them up. To connect, give. You cannot ever, ever out-give the world. I promise you that.
Connect with people. Nurture people. More importantly, do that with yourself. When you do that, you'll be set free to a whole other world. You'll realize there's a lot of amazing people out there that want to do good stuff with you. Grow. Drive. Push. Nod. Kicked in the nuts once in a while. Punched in the teeth, whatever. Have fun with it. There's only one way out, folks, and no one's coming out alive. We've got to make the most of it, why we're here on Planet Earth, and I'm excited for you to be here. [39:03.4]

More importantly, I just want to take another quick second and say thank you guys so much for all the love of sharing on social media. As you guys know, you can always follow me @MarkEvansDM. I'm doing live stuff every day, and the stories and Instagram, but Facebook, Instagram. @MarkEvansDM. I'm passionate about this shit, if you can't tell. I love life. Some days suck. Some days are amazing. But, man, it's better than the alternative. I just want to grow. I want to push. I want to prod. I want to connect with people like you that's listening still that realize, Hey, I don't know it all. I want to get around great people, pushing forward and forging new relationships, and that's why I'm truly here.

So, every time you guys go on iTunes or any platform that you're on and give me a five star review and give me props, not only does it make me feel good for a second, but it also shows me that you're listening. It shows me that you're paying attention. It shows me that this message is being connected to. I could be having a bad day and when I see that thing come across, and I promise you, that's happened, where it encourages me and gets me excited to want to show up and do more work, go up and do that extra rep, get up and go do that other call to make this powerful podcast show for you guys for free, 100 percent free, advertisement-free, only value, because you guys matter to me. [40:20.8]

I do know that there's a percentage listening to this show that I will connect with and we will do business together. We will solve big problems together and we'll ultimately have one of the biggest ROIs that we've never even thought was possible, because we came together.
So, if you would please take a moment and go to iTunes or whatever platform you're watching and listening to this on, and share your five-star review and share what this message meant to you, and, more importantly, make sure you listen to all the shows, because I promise you, I will bring truth; I will bring the heat and I'll bring value to your day, to your life. And I might say a little crazy stuff once in a while, and that's okay, but I can tell you right now, my agenda is one thing and one thing only, and that's it—to help you, no more, no less. [41:06.0]
With that said, I hope you have an amazing day. Stay focused and I'll talk to you soon.

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