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Are you using social media or is social media using you?

Too many people let social media get in the way of their business when it should be used as a tool to grow your business.

After listening to this episode, you’ll start to pay attention to social media in a different, more profitable, light.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why stable checks are more poisonous to your career than cyanide (1:32)
  • Watch this or die – forbidden business secrets from a little-talked about TV show on the History Channel (2:47)
  • How to plot your world domination plans from some of history’s biggest and baddest supervillains (4:03)
  • The case for kicking the people closest to you out of your life (5:40)
  • The cold, hard truth need about why your bank account isn’t growing (9:42)
  • The stupid-obvious reason social media isn’t working for you (11:16)
  • How to retrain your brain to profit like a bandit from social media (11:48)
  • How to transform your haters into your little puppets that do your bidding at will (22:38)
  • How to sell tens of millions of dollars of your product using only what’s currently in your pocket (27:59)
  • How to close $35k deals in 30 seconds or less (31:13)

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Welcome to the Making of a DM. Social media - consumer or creator? It's your choice. With that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there. It's your host, Mark Evans, DM. Thinking about you guys today. I hope you're doing amazing and again, thank you very much for being here. As we have 2019 coming to an end, we have a lot of cool stuff to talk about and I just want to share a story with you here in a second, but it's been crazy over here. I just got back, actually attending another funeral in my family. My uncle, who was 70 years old, passed away in his sleep, which is, as you guys know, you just never know. So you know, live life to the fullest, but I want to take another quick second and acknowledge you as the listener. [0:01:13.3]

If you're brand new here, again, welcome and thank you guys. I want to teach you how to become the deal maker of your life and the dream maker as well. That's what The Making Of A DM really is about. It has nothing to do about me. It's just I want to share knowledge and information that I've gained by owning all these different companies. I've been an entrepreneur my whole entire life, literally. I've never had a stable check in my life, which I'm very excited about and thankful that I never did, but it's not for everybody. But with that said, if you're here for the first time, welcome and thank you. We're here with our arms wide open. I won't pull any punches. I'll tell you straight talk, no BS, straight to the point. I might get a little passionate, so if you have children around, you know, you might want to get them out of the room possibly and/or put on your headsets because I might say a couple of F-bombs and here and there, not on purpose, just because that's what I do. I'm just talking passionately. [0:02:06.0]

If you're existing, and you guys have been here and you haven’t went and left a great testimonial over on iTunes or a comment thing over there for results, if you could take a couple of minutes and just go over there and give a 5-star rating and tell me what you love about it or whatever, that'd be awesome. That helps us get better rankings. It helps us get in front of more people to spread the word. This is, as you know, 100% free to you. I charge nothing to be here. I want to invest and instill knowledge into the next generation of entrepreneurs to help make your life easier, smoother, more profitable and better overall. That's my ultimate goal. As I'm sitting here, there's a great series called How The Men Who Built America. If you've never seen this, this is on the History Channel. It's an awesome, awesome, awesome show where they talk about Rockefeller, Carnegie, and such about how they put this together. We're talking, these guys collectively, I think five or six of these guys had over $1,000,000,000 and back then, this is real money - right - real, real, ultra real money. [0:03:12.0]

I have a small group called The Dealmaker Family and we were talking about this because my buddy, Tim, he watches it during Christmas. I watch it as well. I've watched it 10, 15 times. I don’t even know how many now, but just to watch that show and see what makes Carnegie tick, what makes JP Morgan tick, what makes Rockefeller tick, what made them tick to grow and develop this massive organization and corporation and you know, I mean, you guys understand they had tens of thousands of employees and again, you don’t have to like what they did or didn't do - I'm just, it's more learning about, as an entrepreneur, what we saw, how they actually implemented it. Some of the biggest takeaways, one of them is this is they did not have social media. They didn't have all these social pressures. They didn't have TV, the Kardashians on TV. They didn't have all this noise going on. These guys literally would sit in their den, smoking their cigars or pipe, thinking about how to take over the world back then. [0:04:10.3]

They're sitting there, like pen and paper, accomplishing so much stuff and I asked, and we asked inside the DM Family, "What were they thinking that allowed them to get that big? How did they fund these projects between other people's money, etc., etc., etc., but how - why did they even think they could accomplish this level of success?" And the truth is I think it's because they didn't have the noise around them. These guys actually built a fortress of people around them that would prop them up and allow them to go execute. They're very big visionaries, more importantly, they had execution plans in place and they implemented it and did the daily work. Guys, again - we're talking about Rockefeller, JP Morgan, you know, General Electric, all these big, massive corporations. From outside looking in, if you get a chance, if you've never seen the show or if you've seen it and you didn't look through these lenses if you will, it's definitely a show to sit down and binge watch. [0:05:05.7]

I think there's like six or eight parts to it. Just watch each episode and just watch the evolution process. I mean, these guys are crazy, by the way. You know, there's one point where these guys say they wanted a raise and they send someone over there, a cavalry if you will, and all of the sudden, people are like, some of the workers are getting shot and killed, and I'm not saying do that, of course. I'm just saying, these guys, when they set their mind to something, nothing, literally nothing stood in their way. What if, in 2020 coming here, you don’t go to that extreme but you go to pretty much that line, where literally anybody in your way that's talking shit about you, you kick them out of your life. This could be family members. This could be your spouse. This could be someone very close to you. It typically is, actually. They're talking shit. They're always telling you, "You can't do this. You can't do that." If it's so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it, blah, blah, blah, blah, all this other horse shit they say, right. These guys, again, and you need to do this, you need to get a group of people that support your vision, that could be valuable in helping you see around the corners. [0:06:11.0]

That's what masterminds are. That's what getting in groups of people that are becoming more successful and/or are already more successful than you. This is why I typically don’t tell people to go to the same environments that they work in. Like you know, if you do ties, I'm making this up, but if you're selling ties, you don’t go to tie conventions to meet these people. You need to just get around successful business owners. Business is business. It doesn’t matter if you're selling ties, bottles of water, real estate, insurance - it's all the same shit. You have to have a lead gen. you have to have followup. You have to have processes, procedures, SOPs, etc. You have to have a great product. You have to support the product. You have to be there. You have to sell it. Business is business. But yet, some people get all …"Well, you don’t understand my business." You know how many times I've heard that? [0:07:01.0]

That's why I'm in 16 different businesses because I am in a lot of verticals, from the health and wellness space to the real estate investing space to the financial space of lending, to the also the space of education and then also the space of media, email media, buying traffic, hundreds of millions of emails back and forth all day long. So I'm in multiple verticals in different types of industries. Some are easier. Some are better than others. But what I do have is a good vast knowledge of what's working and what's not and why. Some are hard. Some are easy. Some are lucrative. Some not so lucrative, but it depends on what your vision's piece is. So again, there's a lot of variables, all this stuff but at the end of the day, business is business. Surround yourself around successful business people period. It doesn’t have to be genre specific, "Well I only do real estate, so I'm only going to go to real estate events." Actually, I truly believe you'll hurt yourself more than help yourself if you hang out with the same type of people. Why? [0:08:04.5]

Because you all have the same problems. I don’t want to hang out with people who have the same problems as me. I want to hang out with people that have solutions to my problems and those are typically, if you get in different industries, you'll realize their problems are your opportunities and vice versa - there's really some cool synergies that happen. Okay? So why did they get so big? They didn't have the constraints. See, I'm always amazed - we live in this beautiful world, 2019 - you're listening to me probably on your iPhone or on your computer, where literally you can wake up and access anything you want in the world via text, via video, online, whatever - in an instant, you can have access to them. Yet, so many people are so far behind the eight ball that they don’t understand why they can't get ahead. What is wrong? Why… have you… have you stepped back and said maybe it's not the system? Maybe it's the individual, i.e. you? *Gulp* [0:09:13.1]

When you do this, you have to admit that you're fucked up and if you knew the answers, you'd already be doing the shit that you're looking to do. So why is it that I could do a post on social, in seconds having people liking it or responding to it or if I'm seeking something, I go to Amazon, EBay, Google; whatever you want is at your fingertips, and yet, so many people have no access to anything. Sure in the hell their bank account is not growing. It's interesting, last night my wife and I were heading to bed and what is that, Restaurant Impossible or whatever, this couple had a restaurant and they didn't even have $3000. This is a 40 something year old couple and I'm thinking like holy shit - I carry more cash than that around in my pocket and I probably have stuff stuffed all over places in my houses, in different parts of town - like way more than that. Right? How the hell can we be 40 something years old with not having access to $3000 or $5000 or 10, fuck - $100,000, minimum? [0:10:16.4]

It's because it's their mind. Whatever you want is on the other side of what you think you know. You have to unlock this shit. So I was on this 120-foot yacht with some buddies and my wife and kids and me and my boy, Sean, were hanging out and we're talking, mainly about social media. I'm very impressed by social media, by the way. I love social media, probably not the way you love it. I use it for different reasons. Let me explain. Social media to me is an amazing connection platform, connection platform. I look at social media as a content provider to social for extraction. That's probably how you and I met. You saw some piece of content that I've done - maybe a video, maybe a text, maybe a follow, maybe a like or whatever and you got intrigued or inspired or you want over and clicked a button and boom - now you're listening to the show. Congratulations. [0:11:15.0]

This shit works. But why isn't it working for you? Because I think most people are going about it the wrong way. Social media, to me, is mostly designed and built for people that want to consume, want to escape their life. Now don’t get me wrong, once in a while, when I'm sitting on the toilet, I'm checking out and seeing what people are up to. But I sure in the hell promise you this - if I'm working through the day, I'm not just seeing what people are up to. If I'm on social, I'm seeing what the trending pieces are and looking to figure out what can I create that can attach to the momentum, which would pull eyeballs to me, which drives them into my funnel, which drives them into an environment to allow them to connect with me, and then ultimately, a percentage is going to come out the end and be here right now on this podcast show listening or through my other companies. [0:12:12.7]

I've generated millions of dollars using social media. Many, many people I know have generated many millions of dollars using social media. You might hear that and say, "Well how the fuck did you do that?" I just told you. We're creators on social, not going there for consumption of social. I could give two fucks what the guy three doors down from my house is driving or wearing or what vacation they're on and all this other bullshit. It does not change my life. Actually, it would affect my life, possibly, especially if I'm a very pissed off person because I say, ohhh man - I'm pissed now, oh, yeah, that's bullshit, okay, you know. Like it will mess your day up. It will mess your momentum up. It will mess your direction up. It will sidetrack you from your vision, for your execution plan. You're constantly being bobbled, you know pushed around, ding - ding - ding - ding - ding. [0:13:11.7]

Picture the days of the pinball machines, right. You're like a pinball. "Hey, Nancy just bought a new car. Oh shit, that's amazing. Hey, Steve's on this amazing vacation…oh my god - Hey!" That's like a nanosecond on social and then you look up and it's three hours later and you're like, oh shit, I've got to make a sales call or oh my god, I got to get back to work. Consumption will kill creativity if you're not aware of what you're doing. Consumption to consume will fuel anger, will make you feel like you're not superior, like you're not better, like you're not worthy because when you're watching TV - first of all, reality TV is not reality, sorry to burst your bubble - if you don’t know this already, it's very crystal clear this stuff is staged - it's propped - half the jewelry is fake - half the purses are …all this shit is fake. [0:14:05.6]

And yet, if you watch this as a consumer mentality, you're thinking, "Man, I can't wait to get that new Louis Vuitton bag, $3800 - fuck, I won't pay rent this month, but I'll buy it today and I'll have a purse. Kardashians have it; why can't I?" Kardashians are smart. They're using it as a creative platform to build a brand and a business while you are allowing them to do that because you're the consumer watching, engaging, and buying. It fuels anger when you don’t have access to the capital to go buy that cool vacation or go buy that cool purse or go buy that neat car or whatever it is. Therefore, you start feeling like you can't do it - "what's wrong with me? They've got it. They're 20 years younger than me. Why don’t I have it?" Well here's a simple answer - because we're on a fucking different path, that's why. [0:15:03.6]

And not only that, why do you even want it? Because they have it?! This is why it matters what you're thinking about. This is why it matters what you do with your stuff. The truth is when you start becoming the creator of content for social, you're going to get some lash back. People saying shit to you, stupid people out there, by the way, guys. There's a lot of dumb fuckers out there. Yet, I see so many people engaging in dummies. These are keyboard raiders in our world, "Hey man, fuck you! If it's so easy, why isn't everybody rich?!" Well hey, fat ass, if losing weight is so easy, why aren’t you skinny? Because it takes work. It takes commitment. It takes effort. You're going to get that. So back in the day, it used to mess with me. I used to really get upset. I used to get frustrated. Like dude, I know where I'm coming from - I'm just trying to help people and share stories. They think I'm bragging. I'm just sharing. I don’t have to brag. I'm just talking about what I'm doing and how it's working. [0:16:04.1]

You see it as bragging because I'm…you're not doing the work; you're consuming, not creating. Creators aren’t haters. Understand what I just said. Creators aren’t haters because they're too busy creating. They don’t have time to hate. They realize all the effort it takes to put out the content that you've created because they're doing the same shit. But unfortunately, the 3-5% of dumb asses typically can change your direction on creation because you're editing before you post, because it's vulnerable, but when you do it, you know this five people or 5% of people are going to jump on you like crazy. Therefore, you start slowing down. You get scared. You get nervous to push "submit." Never thought a little button like "submit" or "return" or whatever it is would change your day, but what we can do is pay attention to this. [0:17:06.4]

So as I was talking to my buddy, Sean, he had me on his show, he has a lions not… lions not sheep den group where people pay $150 a month and we're doing a live video and they're about social media, about this particular topic, if you will. Because I have a lot of buddies that see social media as an annoyance - they're done with it. These are guys that have billions of views of videos. These are guys that have hundreds, if not millions, of followers online and they're telling me they're done. I am sick of it. It's amateur hour - blah, blah, blah, blah. And I hear it. I get it. But what we have to do is we are business owners that are creating content on a platform that is free to post. Why wouldn’t that draw in a bunch of weirdos? It's free. So knowing the rules of engagement or the rules of the platform or i.e., the marketing channel because don’t get this wrong, folks - social media 100% is a marketing channel for creators. No more. No less. [0:18:08.2]

As a consumer, you're fucked. You could spend your whole day on social media. So when I see a business guy, and I say that loosely and I say it over here in Florida like whoa, you know, with parentheses around it, business people saying, "I'm taking a 30-day hiatus from social media." I immediately think, how fucking stupid are you. Thank you for telling me, number one, because I'm going to dominate your space because you're a dummy. You have this massive following that you've built up - trust, rapport, relationship - and you're going to abandon them because you're being a little pussy. Well, Mark, that's pretty harsh. Welcome to business. Business is harsh sometimes. You're looking at it wrong as a business owner. Social media is simply a marketing channel - no more, no less. [0:19:01.4]

Just like direct mail is. Just like a billboard on the street is. Not everyone is going to like it. Not everyone is going to buy from it. But the odds are with you the more you post, the more eyeballs you get, the more conversations you get, the more funnel building and traffic you get, the more opportunity, you end up making more money. Create, not consume. And again, this goes for the creators listening. Go there to create. Pay attention to what people are saying, just know that you're going to get shit on a lot. It's okay as long as you can handle it. But if you're not emotionally ready for that, be ready for it before you go online and pay attention to that shit and/or hire somebody to do it for you and only have them tell you the good stuff. But listen, if 25 people are saying the same exact thing, you might want to look at it and say hey, what am I missing here? What can I learn from this? Maybe it's nothing. That's fine too. But what I'm saying is as a creator, especially on social, it's so fast. We get instant feedback. [0:20:04.7]

If I do a direct mail piece or run an ad in a magazine…let's use direct mail - I have to create the direct mail. I have to create all this copy. I have to go buy a list, spend money. I have to pay for the printing, spend more money. I have to pay for the shipping, spend more money and $1 out the door per piece - I just sent 20,000 pieces out. It cost me 20 grand and it takes me 3-7 days to even get a response. If the response is bad, I got to see what went wrong. If the response is good, we redo it. Social media, I can do exactly what I just told you in a nanosecond. It's a creator's dream. It's a consumer's nightmare. You guys, we're hit with so much stuff in our face 24/7 now. We can't get away from it. I mean, they have glasses now you got to wear for your screens. They have times when you shouldn't have phones and TVs on for… like they are trying to protect your brain from social media overload. [0:21:02.9]

It's wild, but again, I'm paying attention as a creator. I hope you are too because if you are, you know you can generate millions of dollars a year using social media. When I say "social," I'm mostly using Instagram and Facebook. I know a lot of buddies that used LinkedIn as well. I know a lot of friends that use YouTube as well. I have a little bit of YouTube presence, but I don’t really do much over there. I need to, but what I do is I focus on one or two channels at a time and not 20 and spread myself so thin and I just can't, I don’t function like that and maybe it's a bullshit excuse or maybe it is actually the more I'm talking about it. Because I have guys that work for me I could deploy. It's just a matter of me doing it. But what works really well, I mean, the problem is it works so well, I'm not even paying attention to the other ones, unfortunately. It's very powerful. See, just because someone replies to you doesn’t mean you have to reply back. Just because your cell phone rings doesn't mean you have to answer your phone. Just because someone knocks on your front door doesn’t mean you have to answer your front door. [0:22:03.2]

The same thing with social - just because someone replies and says, Yo, your shit is amazing or Yo, your shit sucks - it doesn’t mean you have to engage and reply. Delete. Move on. As a creator, it's very tough to do that because we do care about our work. We do care about our image. We do care about our product but if you want to be a great creator, you've got to understand that there's always a percentage, always a percentage - Mother Teresa has people that hate her, for God sake. Like people, like there's always people that disagree and that's fine. The truth is, that's actually not bad for you as a creator if you're looking to gain attention because you could play off of that. So what we need to do is create, not consume. And if you pay attention to The Men Who Built America, they were constantly creating. They didn't have the rebuttals like we have now instantly and all that. Literally, this is like old school Pony Express where a for real pony showed up at your house delivering mail, literally. [0:23:02.5]

So it's just amazing that people could create mass fortunes, mass fortunes with zero technology. Just brute force vision. Brute force dedication. Perseverance. Most importantly, execution of the vision plan. No one could sway them. The truth is they'd mow your shit down if you got in their way. They would mow you down. You were dead. You are done. Literally. 2020 is coming. I want you to start paying attention to social media in a different light. This one podcast show, straight up, if you get what I'm really saying and you realize how to do this, and more importantly, you do it, you will generate more revenue, 100%. Guys, it's powerful. I don’t care what fucking business you're in, by the way. I don’t care what business you're in. Social media, as a creator, with a plan by the way. You don’t just create content without a plan. [0:24:08.0]

You create content with a plan to extract, engage, and sell. That's the only reason we're here. Right? In business you have to sell and "sell" is not a bad word, by the way. I'm not saying sell them shit product. I'm saying if someone goes to your social media and sees all the amazing shit you're doing and you sell, you know, carved knives, and they're like, "Dude, I want that carved knife. I've got money. I will buy whatever." And you say, "Hey, here's the link. Click here. Go get a knife." And they spend $1000 on a knife, that's what you're supposed to fucking do. That's your job to the world, to the marketplace. That's why you're working so hard. Guys, that's what social media is about. My wife buys all of our kids' clothes through social media. She is a consumer, big consumer by the way on social media. So if you have a great kid product, she goes on social, sees what everyone is wearing or not wearing or what's working or what's not or whatever, she sees it, clicks on the link - boom - buys. She is my target client. That's my perfect client. [0:25:10.2]

I'm not in the baby business, but if I was, I'd be going after her with a vengeance - purses, watches, kids clothes, vacations. It's amazing. When I'm on there consuming, I'm asking myself what is going on with the hooks? What are people talking about? Why did this one image or this one 15-second video get 5000% more play than this other one? What's the kind of stuff I'm thinking about when I'm consuming. I'm not there just to see, oh what are they up to. No. I'm very intent about why I'm over there. I do this with Facebook and Instagram. Copy - play with your copy - that's text wording, right, wordsmithing if you will. Create bold headlines, draw them in, conversate with them. Be real and authentic with them. People can read your bullshit if you're lying to them. Share daily things. Like that's what is great about Instagram. Most of you, if you're not following me on Instagram, you should because every day I'm posting Wakey, Wakey 4:44 when I get up in the morning. [0:26:11.5]

This morning, I was up at 4:20 this morning. Got up. Wrote a Wakey, wakey, 4:44 - I almost do that pretty much daily. So it's just a pop of inspiration, share a real quick highlight and then move on. I go work out and then maybe throughout the day, you'll see me hanging out with my kids, playing golf. Maybe hanging out with Drea, watching her spill food everywhere or hanging out with my wife and just being a dad, being a husband, being a business owner. That's @Mark Evans DM, by the way - if you want to follow me, it's on Instagram @Mark Evans DM. Get entrenched in people. Like I appreciate you guys being here. So don’t think I'm talking shit to you, saying you’re a consumer because you're here. We're all consumers in one level or another. It's just social media is so over the top consumption environment. I want you to move into the creator environment. [0:27:03.5]

And again, if direct mail is working for you, making you money - for everything you do, it brings you back ROI are you going to tell your team, guys, I got great news - direct mail is crushing it - we're making millions a year - pull the plug for 30 days. Sounds pretty fucking stupid, right? Because it is. That's what guys are saying and gals are saying when they got on social media, "I'm doing a social media cleanse for the next 30 days." Why? It's marketing. All it is marketing channel. Yes, sometimes it's more you engaged, but if that's the case, start asking yourself how can I be here and present without me being present? You ever think about that? You're doing it wrong if you feel like you need to step away. Or maybe you just don’t understand what the power or the value of the social media shit is. Same thing with email. Same thing with phones. My teams make hundreds of millions of dollars in deals via cell phone, via phone. Using the phone. [0:28:07.1]

They've sold hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate. I have another team in the media space. We have sold tens of millions of dollars just sending emails. We create content daily. Send an email. You get paid to do that. We get paid to pick up the phone and make a fucking phone call. We get paid to do posts on Facebook, on Instagram. Now when I say "we get paid," we don’t get paid for the action. We get paid for the results of the action. Right? Hey guys, I'm doing a 3-day event in Columbus, Ohio. Message me and get the details. They've been following, following, following, building up marketing, building trust, rapport, relationship, consistency, awareness, conversations. That's what, that's how it works. That's why it works. Because you're connected. It's real. It's authentic. [0:29:03.2]

They click on it. Boom. They come. They show up. Guys, there's people that sell out thousand person events in 2 minutes from this shit. They're using the platform for what it was really designed before behind the scenes of the top level dogs, not necessarily the day-to-day consumer people. Consume or create? Which one do you think is going to serve you? You have to start looking at these channels. This stuff is right in front of your fucking face. It's in your hands. It's literally in your hands. Anything and everything you want, good or bad, and everything in between is in your freaking hand. It's never been easier to get leads, to get big deals, to hire people, to connect to people all over the world. You're one degrees from anybody you want to connect with with that simple little Smart phone. By the way, it's very smart to call that thing a Smart Phone. There's a lot of dumb people using a Smart phone thinking they're smart - texting images back and forth - LOL - blah, blah, blah. [0:30:11.1]

Consuming, consuming, consuming, consuming, consuming. Where's your creation? Hey guys - just hanging out here in this …like shoot a video. Let the world know what you're up to. You have clients, hey Steve - thank you very much for being a client for the last 3 years here - hope you're doing amazing - I just want to say hope you have an amazing new year and I look forward to 2020 and what the prosperous times bring. If there's anything I can do for you, just let me know and reach out. Boom. Steve, send video. Boom. Ding. Steve looks at his video. Shit, that's pretty cool. None of my other people I work with has ever sent me a video like this. This is pretty cool. You're using your phone as a creation tool to drive opportunity and revenue for your business. I don’t care if you're in …I don’t care what business you're in. I don’t care if you're even in business. if you have a job, this is an amazing tactic or strategy and by the way, just do it because it's fucking nice and cool to do. [0:31:12.1]

Shoot someone a video and let them know you're thinking about them and appreciate their business. What would that do for you? If someone took 2 minutes or 1 minute out of their day? My average length of video when I shoot to people - by the way, I do all the time - is 30 seconds. Christmas just passed. I shot almost 100 videos during Christmas. Sat out back. It took me maybe an hour, max. Boom - hey, Joe. Boom - hey, Tim. Boom - hey, blah, blah, blah. I was thinking about them. I had notes. I just wanted to say what's up. I was thinking about them. Guess what happens? You create momentum. Create excitement. Hey, Mark, thank you very much. I was just thinking about you too. Hey, man - you beat me to the punch - someone said that. You beat me to the punch - I was going to send you a video next, actually. Hey, Mark - what's up, man - thank you very much for thinking about me. We need to catch up. 2020 is my year. I know I've been putting this off. I'm ready to join the DM Family. Boom. [0:32:07.1]

That could be a $35,000 video. See, a lot of you guys are working hard but you're not working smart. What if you combine both of them together? Work smart and hard at the same time. I love working hard. We all do that are succeeding. But we also know we can only work so hard. So we have got to start asking if we want to the next level, we have got to start working smart and hard. Right? I wrote a whole book about it called Magician Versus Mule it will be out soon. Stay tuned. But I do have that book coming out. It's going to be awesome. I talk about this brain thing that we have. Actually one of my podcast shows, go to iTunes and check it out - it's Magician Versus Mules - I talk about this mindset about how we have been ingrained to be mules. We actually thrive on it. This is a true story and then I am going to wrap up with something here. But a guy messaged me last night and his image on the bottom of his email is him holding two cell phones against his ear, grabbing another cell phone out of his pocket because he's so damn busy. He's the president of the company, by the way. I see that. I cringe. [0:33:06.3]

I like this dude but he has two kids and a wife. Why would you want to be that busy? Why would you even portray that image to the world? Like again, this is what we do, though, as mules. We actually brag about being fucking mules. Pretty wild, right? He doesn’t even know he's doing it. He will when I talk to him, because I'm going to talk to him today but you have to understand, like we have to be magicians. I'd rather get that picture and have you sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand. That's because you get it. That's what the president is supposed to do. That's…you busted your ass all these years. That's awesome. Because I know, as an owner, that's not what you do all day. That's just an image caught in a moment, but your image is very big. How you portray it to world. If you're always accessible, guess what? You're always accessible. People are always calling you. You can never get away. If you're not accessible, guess what? No one fucking calls. I know. No one calls me. [0:34:02.1]

They'll text me once in a blue moon, "Mark, I know you're busy." Yeah, your right. I'm sitting out back by the pool with my kids - what's up? Right? So again, we got to be thinking about this as a creation tool. Your phone is the most amazing creation tool you'll ever had access to in your life and it's only getting better. The new iPhones we have, I can record amazing cinema graphic photography, like videos - I mean, I don’t even know the right words because I don’t, I'm not into that stuff but like, my videographer that works for me is like, dude - get these new iPhones - literally, this is the best camera you could ever shoot this shit on. It's pretty powerful stuff. But guys, as we wind down 2019 to kick up 2020, my first show in 2020 is going to be about something that happened to me recently, a mindset trigger that I know will help you because we're all dealing with it. I deal with it every day. You deal with it every day. But what happens when it hits us is what determines if you're going to be massively successful or a victim in the process. I'll explain that to you on the next show, so make sure you come back. [0:35:04.4]

Make sure you subscribe to The Podcast Show, Making Of A DM. Make sure you get over there and check out the reviews and leave me a review, please. That would mean a lot to me. Shoot me a message on Instagram @Mark Evans DM and let me know that you left a review, and I'll shoot you a cool gift. I get a bunch of those every day, by the way guys. So thank you guys for that. I always love to give you guys gifts that are supporting the purpose and the vision because this is real shit. The truth is this show, if you don’t listen to any of my other shows ever again, this one show alone can make you millions of dollars. I know because I do it. My friends do it. We all do it in our little network and groups, utilizing social media to drive rev. It's real. It can work for you. It's working for me. If I can do it, anybody can. It's just you got to do the work. You got to put forth the effort and you've got to just show up. And know what you're doing in the environment, consuming or creating. Don’t ever shut off the marketing channels that work, only the ones that don’t work. Social media is probably the biggest marketing channel that works, if you know what you're doing. [0:36:09.6]

Make sure to check out over on Instagram @Mark Evans DM. Make sure you follow me. Hit me up. Let me know you're here. Let me know what your thoughts are on the show. If you need help on anything for a show topic, please let me know that. I'll create a show. As I get more and more, I got a whole list of stuff running, but I just want to be massively valuable to you guys and gals and hope like hell that 2020 is our biggest year. We have got 20/20 vision coming in the roaring 20's of 2020. How crazy is that? It's your year. It's your time. It's now or never. If you not you, then who? If not now, then when? Let's take it to the moon. Appreciate you being here. Hope you have an amazing day. Remember, make today count.

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