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Too many people give up on their dreams.

I visited my hometown and inside every house was someone who gave up. You could tell from the outside of their house.

Today I’m meditating on why my life turned out to be so dramatically different than everyone I grew up with.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The 5 word sentence that magically mutates your negative thoughts into positive ones (2:44)
  • How you’re robbing yourself of opportunity without even realizing it (15:46)
  • How to conquer your mental anchors that keep you stagnant (7:07)
  • The secret about what highly successful people focus on that less successful people don’t (22:51)
  • How we’ve programmed ourselves to fear change and how to overcome it (7:20)
  • Why comfort is deadlier than poison (9:30)
  • How to use your impending death to get the most out of life (12:54)
  • Why you need to be more selfish (16:45)

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Welcome to the Making of a DM. Where are you pulling your drive or passion from? Past, present, or future? This show's going to be very powerful for you. I hope you're ready. Let's get started.

Mark: Hey there. It's your host, Mark Evans. First off, I want to say, "Thank you very much, guys and gals." We have had an insane amount of responses to the last podcast show we did. It's been absolutely huge - getting texts, emails, Instagram messages, Facebook messages, and everything in between stating how powerful that show was. I talked to one buddy. He said he listened to the show and literally went out and wrote a book because of it, because it does matter. Anyways, today's show is going to be a little bit different and not a whole lot different, but a little bit different, a little bit different tone for the simple fact is, sitting here recording this from Thurston, Ohio, in my parents' house. I had to fly up here unexpectedly. I got some tragic news early morning and I had to jump on the plane and jump up here. My best friend's mother passed away around 5 o'clock in the morning and we kind of knew it was coming soon. She had cancer and this and that, actually for years and she beat it for 15 years but then it came back and just got bad, quick. He's like my brother, truthfully. I lived in the trailer court beside him my entire life, kind of like my second mother, if you will or good aunt if you think about that. But as I'm sitting here, you know, just contemplating, just thinking, just you know, I have a couple of hours on the plane to head out from Florida and my schedule is crazy, to be honest with you. [0:02:08.0]

It's, obviously, it's nothing ever planned and you know, back to "it matters" thought process, is I have a lot of stuff going on. I have a speaking engagement I've got to do in Tampa that I made a commitment. I can't miss it. I said yes, I would be there, because it matters. Your word does matter. Right? So, I was playing flight gymnastics, bouncing around on all these flights, and I hate traveling like that. I'm not a good traveler, but I got seven flights in three days, back and forth to Florida and Ohio, Florida to Ohio, Florida to Ohio, Florida to Ohio to New York, and I had to rearrange a lot of stuff. And I'm not complaining. I was thinking about this. It's like I don’t have to do this. I get to do this and when you've reframed stuff like what we're talking about, what I just said - let me just say it again - I don’t have to go up there to the funeral. I don’t have to be hanging out with my buddy 12 hours within his mother passing away to let him know I'm supporting him. [0:03:02.7]

I don’t have to. I get to and you do too. You know, when I'm working, I don’t have to work. I get to work. I don’t have to deal with all these challenges. I get to deal with all these challenges. You start reframing this stuff, and I was talking with a guy recently and the reason this is important to me because I'm here at my parents' house. I've been taking my dad for an hour walk every day and I walk in this town, guys, I grew up, and I'm not knocking this, so please, don’t look at this as me talking down to him. It's just a different world. I grew up there. I lived there for 18 years of my life. And I'm walking around - it's just like very few people take pride in what their house looks like, their yard, their cars, the cleanliness, just mowing the lawn and edging the lawn and picking up the trash and having things organized and you know, I'm walking around, and I'm thinking like, holy cow, I could be here. Why me? Why not me? And it scares the holy shit out of me, to be honest with you - I'm walking and I'm by the mill because I grew up in you know, this 650-person town, you know, by the mill and I'm thinking like, I literally, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a contractor because that's what my dad did and then I was like, if I can't do contracting, I want to do… I want to be a farmer because that's what everyone else does, and if you're not a farmer, you're going to work at the mill, the local mill. [0:04:24.8]

Everyone's talking about how so and so is getting a bigger job or a better job or they're making all this money and I think, I'm like, yeah, but everyone is still in this shitty area. They still drive the same shitty cars. They still have a shitty house. And again, I'm not… I'm not judging. I'm just talking real talk with you because this is… like it's real. There's people listening to this show that's in these environments and I know because I get messages of people saying, "Mark, I don’t have anybody in my network. How do I get sight of it?" You've got… like listen, with social media and the power of the internet, you know there's another world that exists. You can turn on the TV and see another world that exists, but as I'm sitting there, I'm thinking, I'm like, what is going on? Like you understand like literally, as I'm walking there, I'm thinking, you know, people's houses are a mess. Their garages are a mess. Their cars are a mess. Their yard's a mess. Their finances are nonexistent, let alone a mess, at best, but yet, they're sitting their ass on the couch, watching TV, junk TV. If you're going to watch TV, turn on YouTube or turn on a positive… turn on Netflix and turn on documentaries about Bill Gates or someone, like learn something. But as I'm sitting there, like this is my life, this is where I grew up, and I'm walking around thinking, why did this person quit on their dreams? Why did this person give up? What don’t they know that I know and vice versa? Listen, if they're happy, which I don’t believe they are, because if they are, they're full of shit, I think. How could you be happy in a shitty town that's declining? There's nothing going on in the town at all. Right? It's just wild to me. You got to… there's no hustle. There's no bustle. There's no growth. There's nothing. It's stagnant, at best. [0:06:08.7]

I think recently I saw this thing about 50 something percent of people, 50, it's over 50% of people stay within a certain radius of their hometown where they grew up. I know it's true because my sister lives four doors down from my parents' house. I know, because I bought the house for her, for her and my three nieces. My other sister lives about three miles up the road. They're not going anywhere and I told my dad, I'm walking, I'm like, dad, like you're 60 years old right now. My dad's young. My mom's 59. I'm 41. They had me super young, 18, 19 and 20 those three kids. But you're 60 years old - what do you want - what does this look like? Why don’t you move out of this town? I swear on my life, he looked at me, and keep in mind, my dad is like my best friend. He looked at me, he was like, "Mark, where would I go? You know, I want to be close to your sisters and I want to do…" I'm like, "I get it, but they're never here anyways." "The girls, the girls" the girls meaning my nieces, his granddaughters. "I get it dad, but they're older now. They're not hanging out. They're moving away." [0:07:06.7]

See, it's these mental anchors. They're afraid of change, something different and I looked at him and I was like, go somewhere that's not here. It is different. It's amazing how we have lied to ourselves or programmed ourselves. We all deal with this shit, including me by the way, still. We all deal with it. It's stealing dreams every second, and I love the Midwest. I love the people in the Midwest, but you don’t have to live in a town of 650 people with a declining…and like literally like people are "Oh man, look at so and so - they just got a raise!" Okay, but … I talked about this in a show; it's called King Of The Dipshit Mentality. He's still a dipshit! He's making $0.25 more an hour. That doesn’t mean he can go justify buying a… it's wild and this is kind of variant - I'm going off on a tangent a little bit - but bear with me. In this area - and it's all over, not just this area - they have a very shitty house with terrible like, there's tires in the front yard. There's trash everywhere, but they got the brand new car with 30-day tags. [0:08:11.4]

They have zero financial literacy. They're not even thinking about…they're probably not even paying the rent - the water is three months behind. I know it sucks I'm making these calls, but listen, this is the world I grew up in. I still hear from family members of them three months behind on their electric bill, two months behind on their water bill. The only time they pay is when shit's getting ready to get shut off and they magically get the money because this is how they've taught themselves to deal with financial stuff - wait until the last minute to pay it - in the meantime, go blow money on stupid shit that doesn’t matter. In this town, people have many animals. They don’t have money. Why do you have animals that cost money to take care of these animals? Now listen, if you need an animal to pass the day on and you know, have a good best friend or whatever, then so be it but you don’t need 17 fucking dogs in your house and 13 cats and 3 chickens and 4 rabbits and 2 hamsters. [0:09:09.5]

You don’t need to have the best plasma TV; you probably bought it here from "Buy here, pay here." You are paying $7000 for a $300 TV because you have no credit. Guys, this is a mess. This is a message to yourself. We all do this, by the way. I still do this and what I do this with is weight loss. Health. Right? I feel comfortable. I get comfortable. This is a lie to myself; I tell myself, "I'm comfortable at this weight." Well, are you? You can barely bend over, you fat ass, and tie your shoes sometimes (that's why I wear slip-ons). But, again, I used, see - I just did it. I used a joke to make my situation seem better. It's not funny, actually. It's pretty fucking stupid that I would do it, but that's what we do. That's our defensive mechanisms. It allows us to pursue the next day, keep moving forward. [0:10:00.9]

We all have these, some more than others. The key to all this is awareness. If you're aware of what I'm talking about, you can actually start improving upon. If you're not, you're … why are you listening to this show? Right? The truth is if you're listening to the show, you're pursuing something better in life, and I congratulate you on that. I … it's amazing to me that the power of this conversation could be happening as it is. Why? Because of technology. Whatever you want, big or small, is available.

So as I'm sitting here walking with my pops, I walk by the mill and you know, see the guy… like everyone… I literally, and I'm not trying to be silly here - I get massively anxious when I'm here, massively anxious, like over-the-top, ready to hyperventilate, like very edgy. I'm scared to be here. I'm scared to like pull backwards. I'm scared to think this would be normal. [0:11:00.2]

This is not a normal life for me. See, when you change your daily habits, you change your plan. I… this is a true… my dad, he had some like plants and stuff and these flags, shitty flags on the … I'm like dad, let's get this shit cleaned up. "Well, I'm going to get to that." When?! See, every…they're always kicking the can. I'm knocking my dad, by the way. He's a hard-working guy. Like, it's just at their house, they just kick the can down the road, kick the can down the road, always "getting to it." Well, what if we just fucking got it done today, like right now? We literally got done walking. I jump on the porch. I start pulling down the flags. I'm like, hey, go get the … like, I'm not even asking now; I'm telling, "Hey, go get the …go get the trashcan. Hey, what do we need to do to pull these plants? Hey, you know, let's get the sweeper - let's sweep this stuff up. Let's go!" Guys, the … it's now. It's not tomorrow. It's not next week. It's not next year. It's now. That's the kind of anxiety I have because I know if this is a habit, "Oh, let's go… I just walked an hour. Let's go sit in the house and grab a coffee and turn on the news and listen to country music and let the dogs out and walk the…" [0:12:09.5]

Like, they don’t shit all day. I'm saying accomplish stuff. When I say "do shit," I'm talking accomplish stuff. As we were on our walk as well, I'm using my dad, by the way, and again, I'm not knocking these guys. These are my parents. I love them more than anything, obviously. But this is where I come from. I want you to know no matter where you come from, there's opportunity. So as I'm working and doing this, my dad… I'm like, dad, like you know, recently, like I said, Tammy just passed away and I was like dad, like, you know… He's like, man, like this is real, you know. She's only 61. My dad's 60. My uncle passed away three days prior. He's 62, 61, somewhere around there as well, so a couple of deaths in the family within a 3 or 4-day timeframe. So it's kind of a big deal. He starts thinking, like, :"Oh shit - this is my life?!" You know, like "What are you going to do when you die?" [0:13:00.6]

"Oh, I don’t think about that stuff." Well, you better because it's happening. It's happening to you. It's happening to me. It's happening to my kids. It's happening to everyone. It's the only way out. Where do you want to be buried at? Right? I think it's irresponsible to die and not have a plan for people that's going to be left after you die. It only takes a little bit of proactiveness and action, most importantly. Right? So it's like, "I don't know." I said, "Well, do you have a will?" "No, I don’t." I was like, "Worse case scenario, you and mom sit down and write out everything you have and who do you want to have what. I don’t need shit and I don’t want shit, right? But, with that said, I don’t want you leaving people that are not capable of handling stuff, i.e. money and other things, that's just going to go out and blow what you've worked all your entire life for in a nanosecond. So we need to be thoughtful and conscious of that. Right? Again, forward thinking. And he's like, "Well, I don't know how to do a will." Clearly, I don’t either. Great. "My boy, Paul, does. That's what he does. Let's call.. I'm going to text him, dad." I texted my lawyer, Paul, can you talk? This is 9 a.m. Absolutely. Boom. I'm on the phone, 15 minutes - me, my dad and Paul. [0:14:14.7]

We're talking about his future, when he dies, what happens, about his will, about his checking accounts, about his house, about the cars, about anything he's accumulated over all this time and if he dies first or my mom dies first or what happens if he goes on machines? Do we pull the plug or do we let him live for 48 hours or what do we… like, what's the plan? I.e., the biggest thing of everything I'm sharing here is "What's the plan?" I had a plan to get out of that town. I always knew I was never going to stay in that town. I love my parents. That's why I left the town, so I could go make a lot of money so they don’t have to worry about stuff. A lot of people are "Ohhh, well he doesn’t love…" like, you get that like whole …"Ohhh, he must not love his mom and dad. They must be feuding. He moved out of the state." You know what I mean? This is real, by the way. This… that conversation did happen. So what is your plan that you're going to execute to move in the proper direction, to the next step? [0:15:14.1]

As I'm anxious just talking to you, I'm thinking about as soon as I'm done with this I have to do some other things, but like, it's like, I drive down the road and it's blah… the nicest house in town is blah. People have given up. Like, don’t wait for change. Be the change. Let me say that again. I'm sure this is a famous saying; it's got to be. Don’t wait for change. Be the change. Because there's people in that town, I know damn well, that say, "Why would I clean up my yard? The neighbors' yard is just as shitty as mine, if not worse." That's justification. It's one of the biggest thieves to futures and to opportunity is judging yourself against other people. I don’t give a fuck about you or anybody else. Just being straight up. [0:16:05.8]

Do I care? Maybe a little bit, but I really don’t care two shits what you think about what I do or how I do it or whatever because how do I know you even know what you're doing? Why would I judge or peg against you? If you're bigger than me, financially, what does that mean? If you're bigger than me, successfully fitness wise, what does that mean? So picture this - I'm 41. You're 52. Your fitness is on point. My fitness is not on point. You die at 53. I'm still alive at 102. Who won? I don't know because I don’t think about that shit, because I don’t care. I'm trying to be a better version of myself, no more, no less. Why? Because I can control me. Me, me, me. Selfish. Get selfish. These are where you need to be selfish at. I don’t like to go to the gym every day. [0:17:02.5]

It takes an hour, hour and a half away from me, my family, my kids and me, doing nothing. Right? But I have to because it's getting me to become a better me, a better version of me so I can be healthier, not just be alive but living while I'm alive. Being healthier, running around and chasing my grandkids when my kids have kids. That brings me to this point. It's about judging against others. And again, I know it may sound like I'm judging about like the town I grew up in, and again, I just think they've given up. I don’t think, I believe every single person in that town has given up on big dreams, big goals, big opportunity. The problem is they think, some of them truly think they're crushing the game of life by getting an extra week of vacation off. I'm not joking, but what's even more interesting is then they go to the bar and get hammered together and repeat process. [0:18:00.1]

Guys, we get one shot at this thing. That's it. But as I was talking with my buddy, he was having a tough time with what he's got going on. The guy is making 6 figures a month consistently, for many years. He has a lot of cool stuff going on - family, financial, health, all this stuff is cranking, but yet, mentally and emotionally this guy's a wreck right now. We have all been there. And I'm asking him some questions and as I'm asking him questions, I'm taking notes, and the note is this - he's living in the past. He's looking for problems. He's looking where what's wrong with him, not what's right with him - "Well, this guy's doing that." Okay, how do you know that, first of all? "Well, this guy's crushing it over here and I'm behind the 8 ball." Okay, maybe you're behind the 8 ball, but that doesn’t mean you're crushing it or not. You have to realize that you don’t know what's going on behind the scenes. [0:19:00.4]

"This guy's making more money than me." What does that mean? What does that matter because his wife, his kids and everyone else doesn’t talk to him because he's so busy. He's a workaholic or vice versa. Maybe his family loves him to death and he's making more money. I don't know because it doesn’t matter. I can use other people for inspiration, but I don’t have to feel like I'm inadequate or below or beneath or under them because I'm not where they're at and I'm not accomplishing what they perceive the world to see that they're accomplishing. By the way, it's all perception. We all do it. There's a saying, perception is reality. Social media has really hurt this big time. Right? What's your perception of yourself? See guys, I'm always… I'm going to … at the end of the day I'm still the hillbilly kid that grew up in a trailer court until I was 10. We moved into the house my parents still live in today. Hard-working, amazing parents - financially not where they should be or where they could be, but yet, they did what they had to do to take care of me and my sisters. [0:20:09.4]

I'm not knocking it. I'm just saying, where did they stop dreaming? When did they stop living? When did they stop thinking they couldn’t go bigger in life? The conversations they have in their world are not even in my vocabulary anymore. Everything is about fucking money - "Ohhhhh, oh, Jesus Christ, the electric bill is $72!" Well, get a candle then. Cancel electric and get candles. "Ohhh my god, the candles are $17!" I'm like, that's how they think. That's what they talk about. That's what they think about. That's what they live about. That's what they obsess about. "Ohh, Jesus - you're mom is spending so much money. She went to the dollar store and spent $13.40. When does it end?!" You guys gotta… I'm being a little over the top, but actually, I'm probably under exaggerating. [0:21:02.0]

That is my mom and dad's conversations fucking 24/7. Literally. It's my cousins. It's my sisters. It's my buddies that I went to school with. "Ohhh, Jesus! License plates are $80!" Well, don’t buy a car, dude. Like, why are you buying a car if you're worried about license? Drive a bike. It's free. They're focused on the wrong things, guys. And what happens, you fall into the trap where you got to go to the job and you got to work for the man because you can't dream because you're so worried about the wrong things. But as I was talking to my buddy, he's telling me - like I said, this guy is successful financially, his family - he's a great family guy, but he's dealing with this emotional baggage of this mess. I got to share something with you guys just to understand this. My ultimate goal, and I'm being straight up with you guys - this may sound douchy. Well I did in an event in June, had 150 people there, $2000 a ticket. It was amazing. We shared. We helped a lot of people. We did a lot of cool stuff and literally, literally, the day I went up on the stage and I was talking with my team about the next one, about how much bigger it can be, about what we can do, about where we're going to do it at. [0:22:15.2]

I'm focused on the present and the future. If I stood on stage and focused on the past or slept that night, or I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night before, "Why would they fly all the way over here for me? I'm the poor hillbilly kid that grew up in the trailer court that his uncle didn't like and his mom and dad yelled at all the time and he got his nose, you know, smacked or beat in three times, had his jaw broken because he was a punk and blah, blah, blah, blah" No. If that's how you roll, first of all, you'll never step up on the stage because you're too worried about what others thing. Highly successful people are focused on the now and the future - the truth is, mostly the future. You don’t hear… ultra successful people never, very rarely… it's very interesting. I want to share this context. Very rarely will an ultra successful person brag about their success because they don’t think they're successful for where they're going. [0:23:11.0]

Let me say that again: They don’t think they're successful for where they're going. But the people watching them saying, "Wow, they're crushing the game. They're doing such a great job. They must be so proud," aren’t going anywhere. They're focused on the past. They don’t connect. So when you're sitting there watching, like 'Oh, my god - they're doing so amazing." That person that you're saying that about, I almost guarantee it is like, "I can do more. I can do better. I can be stronger." You think Tom Brady is bragging about his career? I very highly doubt it. There's no way you're at that age and that position with that many rings bragging. He's chasing. He's going for more. He knows there's another level in him. He knows that he's actually expiring and he wants to push forward and set new records in new timeframes and set the new standard for what's possible in the league. [0:24:06.0]

While everyone's saying, "Oh, Tom Brady is amazing." He's thinking, "Dude, I'm a fucking slacker. I've got to step my game up." The achievers are always focused on the future. Very rarely are they in the past. I run a high-level mastermind group called The DM Family, DealMaker Family or DreamMaker Family, and there's 30 something guys in there. When a guy starts going south, he's made a little bit of money and he starts thinking about the past. They always connect the dots - I promise… it happens 100% of the time. If they're going negative, it's because they've made a little bit of money, they're kind of comfy. They're not chasing the next thing. They're kind of settling and they start looking backwards. I've been there multiple times myself, so I'm talking real with you. The present is the best place to be in life. I try to be ultra present when I'm with my family. I'm sitting here and my son's, you know, I can't wait to get back to Florida and hang out with my fam and I'm actually going to New York with them in the next day or two for four days, but when we're together, being present…like I'm still anxious, by the way. [0:25:15.3]

That's just kind of in my personality, probably all high-level achievers, like we want more and we want to grow - let's go, let's go - anxious - urgent. Right? Like I love my kids. I love my wife, but with that said, when I'm there present with them, we're talking about life and goals, where we're at and where we're going, what we're going to do to get there, how we're going to get there. How hard are you working? Let's do some homework. Let's do your A, B, C's and 1-2-3's. Are you staying in lines? Are you not staying in lines? And we're pushing. Why settle? Again, I'm not saying not to relax and have fun, but who says relaxing and having fun is sitting on the couch eating Doritos and drinking beer all day? That's how we start justifying it. "I deserve it." Right? [0:26:11.2]

That's what I do. I do the same thing. Then the real bad news is when you start looking backwards all the time, I'm telling you, the past, it's crushing a lot of futures. It's stealing people's futures. They're so worried about their past. I forget who said it; it might have been my buddy, Sean, but your mess is your message. Use your past as fuel for the future. I share my story openly about how I grew up as a hillbilly in a small town in a trailer court and like, that's my story. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. It has nothing to do with you. It's about me. But if you can relate to it, you can connect to it, then we can communicate about it. I don’t have to front about it. See again, some people look at me and say, "Mark, you're super successful. You're doing amazing things." Little do you know, I'm grinding. I'm working my ass off behind the scenes because I have barely scratched the surface of where I'm going, barely. I asked my wife, I texted her yesterday, I'm like, "We have to buy a fucking jet ASAP." [0:27:18.1]

I was like, "I've been playing too small. I don’t know what's going on." Why am… like, seriously, what's going on? Right? I charter a lot, but like I want to buy it and just be done. It's different level, different game. It's not like the money's not out there. The real question is this: Who do I need to become to get what I want? Right? I need to change. I need to become a different person. I need to be focused on different things. I need to be multiplying my efforts. I need to become even a better magician. I need to drive to the next level. These are things that I'm having conversations. I'm just trying to do a show here today and share real stuff with you because I'm talking with all these people, I'm seeing what's working and what's not. [0:28:03.8]

Truth is, I'm working my ass off too and saying, "How did I get here and they didn't? What was the separator? What was the conversations? What were the connections? What were the differences?" Jump over on the site and you can see my first office. It was inside my parents' garage at 18 years old with dial-up internet. The corkboard is still on the wall, for God's sakes. It's trash now. But it's the office. You can see it. I didn't start with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I get to wake up every day and make moves. Some days don't… are not fun, but the action is the … it's what it's about. You got to do the process. It is truthfully like you… once you do it, you start getting excited about it. You start realizing what you are capable of. That's like when I hire a trainer and I'm in the gym. I think I'm crushing it and then I get a trainer that like pushes me. I do like 50% more. [0:29:04.1]

Like now, I'm really crushing it. What if I hired a different trainer and I got 75% more? You're already doing the work. Why not put the … get the extra oomph out of it? This is why you hire coaches and mentors and go to masterminds, to push you, to see what's possible. See, a lot of people - this is, this is a very high-level secret. I don't know if it's a secret, but it's a reality, is going to masterminds isn't necessarily just for the information. Going to masterminds, for me, and I've spent millions of dollars on masterminds, you go to these masterminds. You sit across from someone and you're like, if that dipshit can do it, I sure the fuck can do it. It gives you confidence. You meet these guys and gals. You see that they're no better than you or special than you. The truth is some of these guys are fucking smart, but what you also realize at these masterminds, these really, really smart guys, because I'm not smart. I graduated high school. I never went to college. But intellectually, these guys are very, very smart - the way they talk, the way they present and everything, and yet, in the conversation in the mastermind, they're like, "But I'm broke. But this ain't working and that's not working." [0:30:12.1]

And then on my side, I'm thinking, wow, shit - I'm making a lot of money. Oh wow! That's working for me. I could probably help them. Oh, man! See, it's not about being smart or not smart. It's about being present and about understanding what people, what you can help with, what's your true, unique ability or what your value is to the world and to yourself. As you do that, this gives you confidence - the first one, the second one, the tenth one, the hundredth one, the thousandth one. When you read these books that people … no one has ever had it all figured out, and if they have, run. Right? Because they're lying, but you've got to be pulling from so many people - from marketing, to sales, to management, to leadership, to financial, except like all these things have different unique abilities and different people that can help you. [0:31:02.0]

So I'm getting a little off track here, but I want you to know when I'm walking around Thurston, I'm thinking, man, this is where I come from and I love the good ole' days, by the way, but I love them even more because they're behind me. I had to work my ass off mentally, physically and emotionally to get out of that world. It took me years. I read books. I got inspired. More importantly, I took constant action. I'm still doing it today. I don’t want to go back. I will never go back to that world, knowing that there's more, knowing that we're capable of more, knowing that I'm becoming a better person. I want to become the best version of Mark Evans, DM he can become - for myself, first and foremost and then others - my family, etc. And as we're pursuing this, know that not every day is easy. You don’t have to do it, by the way. You get to do it. And by you understanding and changing the frame of reference… I've talked about this - when people call me for money, they're like, "Mark," I used to get pissed, but now I see it as like wow, I'm so glad they would even call me because I don’t have to say yes. It's my opportunity. It's … I've worked really hard. They've realized that I've made it to that point. That's why they're reaching out. Some people can take advantage of that, but that's on them, not me. I don’t have to say yes, like I said. [0:32:28.3]

So, as we're growing together here on the show, I would love your feedback. What are you struggling with? What do you need help with? What are you excelling at? Keep me up-to-date with what you have going on by following me over on Instagram @Mark Evans DM and staying in touch with me and letting me know what you've got going on. I genuinely do want to know. It makes my life easier. It lets me connect with you at a higher level and I can help create some great content, I hope, and/or find someone that has the content that you need and bring them on the show to help get you answers, you know, to find solutions for what you're seeking. So, with that said, I hope you have an amazing day. Thank you very much. Don’t be a thief. Don’t let this stuff steal from you. Stay focused on the actions. Stay focused on your goals and go accomplish your dreams. Hope you have an amazing day. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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