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So many people don’t do what’s meaningful to them because they’re terrified about what other people will think. But you won’t care what those people think when you’re buried 6 feet underground.

Life is so much bigger than you – and what you choose to do with your life can change the legacy of someone else’s life.

Today I’m sharing how to live your life like you matter…

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How to create more confidence in yourself (32:40)
  • The most liberating mindset shift I’ve ever made in my life (6:27)
  • The “I’ll show you” mentality that transforms doubts into fuel (8:25)
  • How perfectionism is preventing you from sharing the projects you’ve slaved over (9:23)\
  • Why treating others how you want to be treated is one of the biggest lies in life (15:44)
  • Why we’re all alone even though it has never been easier to connect (10:28)
  • How I used my imagination to turn my beat-down truck into a Rolls Royce (24:04)
  • How to reprogram your brain to turn any thorn into a rose (13:19)
  • Why pinching pennies is stopping you from becoming wealthy (27:12)

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Welcome to the Making of a DM. What you do matters, from the time you lay your head down on the bed to go to sleep until the time you get up, and everything in between. It matters. I do caution you - today's show is very hard hitting. It is not for children's use. Please know I'm telling you that straight up. This is a very passionate, straight up, direct talk to you and I hope you're ready to get going. With that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there. It's your boy, Mark Evans, DM. I have a show for you today that I believe is going to change the life of many. I know it's a bold statement, but I have to share this with you today. This is a Sunday morning/early session for me. This message I'm going to share with you got me up around 4 o'clock this morning, wide awake. There was no way I was going back to bed because the message kept tapping on my shoulder, "You have to share this. You have to share this." I literally got up; organized my thoughts; went to the gym, worked out real hard, actually very, very hard; came home and started putting pen to paper. It all started coming together. So I hope this show is listened to multiple times, depending where you're at and what stage of your life, business or both, and understanding that the power that's within this conversation we're going to have today - very direct, very bold, very insightful. It may go 10 minutes. It may go 200 minutes. I don't know. All I know is I'm going to share from my heart, from my soul of how to help what I've done myself. I hope it helps you, I guess, is what I'm saying because it's something that we all deal with and struggle with. [0:02:19.0]

So today's show is What You Do Matters. This podcast show right now, today I'm doing, it didn't matter to me for 3 years. I took a 3-year hiatus because it stopped mattering to me. I didn't feel like I had anything to share with the world, with your…to you, the listener. We start thinking as we're developing and I'm trying to like go back in time and remember when I was a kid, 12, 13, 14, 15 years old. My mom and dad - I still have no clue how they did it. Showed up to every one of my sporting games. I played football. I know damn well I could look back and look up in the stands and know my mom and dad are right there watching. [0:03:09.9]

It mattered to them, and it sure the hell mattered to me. As my other friends and guys that I played the sports with, a lot of their family was never there. They might have came to the senior game or the last game of the year or whatever. I'm not saying it didn't matter to them. They were never there, and to me, it's easy to talk, but when you have to show up and perform, it's a different animal. Guys, to be honest with you, my parents had a million reasons not to be there. They had to pay bills. They could have worked an extra hour or two hours. This is before cell phones and all this stuff, guys. You actually had to be efficient and effective and you had to get shit done. You had to be, you know, conscious of your time. It wasn't reactive. It was very proactive efforts, plotting and planning and communicating with each other, but I just think about that time. [0:04:00.4]

When I look back there and I see them cheering me on, what that did - that made an impression on me. I didn't even know what it meant at the time, truthfully, but I was very excited and proud that my family was there. It meant a lot to me. So much so, I'm still talking about it. I'm 41 years old. That happened when I …what, shit - 28 years ago, 30 years ago or more. They showed up to … I cannot remember a time they never showed up, truthfully, from when I was in elementary soccer practice and football and all these crazy sports that it was hard enough just to pay to get in the sport. It might have been $50 back then - who knows - but it mattered, and it's going to matter to my kids because it matters to me. It matters when you wake your ass up. If you say you're going to get your fucking ass up at 5 a.m., you get your ass up at 5 a.m. Why? Because it fucking matters. I know, it sucks. Looking at the clock and I go, "Oh, my god. I just got … I didn't get to bed until 11." [0:05:01.2]

Get your ass to bed earlier. Why? Because it matters. It matters when you work out. I got fat because I didn't…it didn't matter to me. It affected my health. My kids are going to see that. I started thinking about them, not me, take the stress off of me, even though it causes more stress - focus on them. I want to be a great example, a great leader. I want them not just to talk shit. I actually want to do shit. Why? Because it matters. It matters to me. Everything I want to share here today to you, I could give two fucks if it matters what I say to you what I want to do, and you should be the same way. See, I think the problem is - I don’t think - the fact of the problem is is everyone is so fucking pussy footing around, snowflaking it up, worried about what everyone else is going to think about what matters to them. [0:06:00.5]

Why do you care so much? Is it for the extra likes? The extra hearts? The truth of you…. Most of you are so afraid of what matters to you, you won't even talk about it. Therefore, other people that could be affected - is it happening because you're too worried that you're going to get made fun of. They're going to talk shit about you. They're going to say something that might hurt your feelings. Probably one of the most freeing things in my life is when I discovered it doesn’t fucking matter what you think about me. It really does not matter. Now don’t get me wrong - it might hurt my feelings for a nanosecond, because I like people, but I also know that people talk shit. The world, most of the world hates you before you even wake your ass up because of what you look like, because of what you believe in, your religion or what… like, you understand what country you live in. So why would we let other people dictate on what matters to us? [0:07:06.1]

More importantly, why would we care what they say when we share what matters to us? Because what matters to us is what matters to us. So for me, when you eat and what you want matters. What you eat and when. Because you're sitting there eating pizza, 10 o'clock at night, going to bed at 11, wondering why you're gaining weight or not losing weight. Well, it matters. The decisions on what you do matters. I've talked about the thought on thought. The decisions on what you do matters. Do you understand making a decision matters? Most people are so worried about this or that they never make a decision, which is a decision, by the way, and that fucking matters because you're not going to live forever. You're planning for something that's not even a thing. Do it now. [0:08:00.5]

All of this stuff I'm sharing with you here today - if you can't tell, I'm passionate about. It's because what's inside of your voice, what's inside of your belly, what's inside of that brain of yours could change other people's lives - can change your legacy, could change their legacy. That book you have been talking about doing for years, you probably haven’t even said it out loud because you're too afraid to say it out loud because other people are going to say, "You can't even fucking spell." That was me. I've done ten books now. I can't … I don’t know the difference with there, they're and their. That's the truth. It didn’t stop me. It actually fuels me - "I'll show you." Right? Because it matters. Do you know how many letters, emails, messages we have gotten, I have gotten over the years? My first book dropped November 21, 2006. [0:09:04.7]

"You've changed my life. You've allowed me a better future. My kids have a better school. We actually got to buy our dream home. I'm driving my dream car. Took my dream vacation." Because it fucking matters. The website you've been tinkering on and working on for the last three years? You're about to share it with the world but you're too busy fucking tinkering around with it that you're never going to share it? The truth is you're scared. You're afraid that people are going to talk shit about you. That's why you're not sharing it. Everything's got to be perfectly placed. The words got to mean … you could do that forever. The truth is it could be perfect and people are still going to talk shit about it. That's what people do. But you're letting their matter matter for you. Your voice, your words, your pictures matter to the world. That email or blog post - you're sitting there, you've written it. [0:10:04.5]

It's sitting in your draft box. You're so afraid to push send, you're losing sleep over it because you're afraid to push it and get reply backs. You're focused on the one percenters that talk shit. What about the 99% of people that want or need to hear that? I truly believe, you know, and we all get this - like we live in a massive world - right? It's clear. We're … we could connect to anybody we want, anybody. I don’t care who it is - anybody we want via social, etc., but yet, so often we feel like we're on an island by ourselves, frustrated, confused, scared, excited, happy, desperate, discouraged, you know, just all these emotions and all these thoughts and we think we're alone. The best medicine is doing exactly what I'm doing right now - sharing. [0:11:07.8]

This is not a perfect podcast show nor will it ever. It's a real, raw, genuine show that I just want to share my voice. If you like me, great. If you don’t, I don’t give a fuck. What I do care about are the people that do like it, that do listen, that do take this information and do something with it because it matters. And I know there's people listening to this show right now, because I've been this person - trust me - the truth is, I was this person before the show even existed. In the late 90s, early 2000s, I lost a car to repo so I pay cash for cars today. It's affected me so drastically, seriously - like I… like devastation, straight up. Sitting in an efficiency apartment with no gas, no electric with a candle, reading a book, How To Make Money In Real Estate, Columbus, Ohio. [0:12:12.3]

As I am sitting there, I'm asking myself, "Fuck. What I do right now does matter. I have to put the work in." I became siloed. I became a solo person. I thought I was the only one going through this. I didn't realize there are other people that's been there, done that. So I started reading these books and realizing I am not alone. I get it. Sometimes you think it doesn’t matter. Sometimes you think where you're at doesn’t matter. Sometimes you think what you're doing at this moment. It's Thursday night, Friday night. Go get that drink and relax because what you've accomplished matters, but the truth is you haven’t done shit and you know it. I don’t have to tell you. You already know that, but you're using it as an out. [0:13:03.0]

I used to do the same bullshit. People are celebrating stuff they should not even be thinking about celebrating. You haven’t done anything, but the best medicine is sharing your journey, sharing your story. When shit hits the fan for me, I sit back and say, "Ohh-ho; this is going to be an amazing chapter in a book one day. Oh-ho-ho; I can't wait to share this on the podcast show." It's not sexy. It's not pretty, but it's real life, and I believe it fucking matters. It matters to me. Therefore, if it's happening to me, it's happening thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, probably millions of people. The only way I would know is if share it and get feedback because I'm not afraid of you coming to me and saying, "Oh, man, that's bullshit." You can say all that you want. Delete. Right? [0:14:01.7]

We have to get urgent with the now. It matters. You could die tomorrow, today, right now. Your voice, those pictures, like I said, matter. To you and other people. Get urgent with the now. Push send. Submit the proposal. Start writing the book. Start marketing the book. Create your podcast show. I'm going to take a picture and show you what my podcast studio looks like because there's no fucking excuse for any of you guys not to have a show yourself. I don’t care if it's talking about dildos. Get a show. Because it matters to you. It matters to other people listening. I remember when my boy, Sean Whalen, was talking at the event in June and he said, and I want you to really understand what I'm about to share with you. He said something very interesting because people were coming, "How do I get rich? How do I make millions of dollars?" That's awesome. We all should want that, by the way. [0:15:07.3]

But do you realize … Sean said, "Do you realize people are making millions of dollars a year making and selling dildos?" I want you to think about that, for real. Do you understand how crazy that sounds? But it's real. It's true. And we're trying to figure out how to do whatever you do and make millions? It matters to someone. Six inch, 12 inch, 20 inch, width, length - all that stuff. Right? It matters. One of the biggest lies in life is "Treat others how you want to be treated." The truth is everyone would be walking around with black eyes because people treat themselves like shit, the majority of the people, and you treat people other people than you. To treat people how they'd want to be treated - You don’t know what they're up to. You don’t know why they like whatever. Treat them how they'd want to be treated because it matters. [0:16:08.9]

I want you guys to do something, and I've done this. I didn't even know I was doing it. Back in the late 90s, early 2000s, I used to run newspaper ads in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday saying "Local business owner wants to meet mentors, older mentors to help me in my business," something of that effect. This was before social media and posting something on Facebook and getting 100 replies. This was like taking a fucking real life phone call and saying, "Hey, John. What's up, buddy? Hey, I saw your ad in the Columbus Dispatch. What's going on? What are you up to?" And blah, blah, blah. Great. Let's meet at Bob Evans. Twenty something years old kid, meeting an old guy, 70, 80 years old that's run multimillion dollar companies - I swear, I'll never forget - Olentangy River Road Bob Evans - that's where we … I met pretty much all of these guys and gals. I'm sitting there and this guy said, "Mark…" this is 5 minutes into the conversation, "You running that ad gave me purpose in my life today. [0:17:10.6]

I saw it. I called. Three hours later, we're meeting. My grandson has been a wreck lately. He's got green hair, tatted up, fucking piercings everywhere. He's just a dip shit. I have always wanted to have the conversation you and I are going to have today, but he's too damn hard headed and too, has his head up his ass so deep. He's not even around, and heaven forbid, I hope he's alive 12 months from now." Me posting that ad mattered. I was reaching for something. I didn't even know. I was … I'm searching. You understand we're all searching? That's why you're listening to the show. You're searching for something - searching for solutions, answers, questions. You're searching. Results. Because it fucking matters. [0:18:01.3]

And as he told me that, I'm thinking, "Oh, my god. I'm thinking the same thing. I wish I could sit across from my grandfather and have this conversation." He was never a business person, but shit, he raised nine kids, had five jobs, was a train conductor guy and you know, many other things on top of that, but like, I remember. I got a chance to go to the railroad and go in the yard and I was so scared of the trains. I was like 6, 7, 8 years old. I don’t remember, but I remember crying and I, you know, like why wouldn't I get on it? There's so many things in life that's like, why, what - what was I missing? But go to the nursing home. Get with someone older. Have a conversation with them. See what really fucking matters. I promise you they're going to say, "I wish I was more present in life. I wish would have done more x, y, z. I wish I would have invested more in myself. I wish I'd spent more time with my kids. I wish I would have found my soul mate. I wish I didn't care what the fuck anybody else thought about me. I wish I would have just went for what I wanted. I wish I didn't listen to my mom and dad and go down their path, not my path." [0:19:11.7]

It's not always easy. Who said it was going to be easy? It's not always the most well received, but who said it should be well received? If they knew where you were going, you would already fucking be there, wouldn’t you? Exactly. If they what the opportunities held, they would have done it themselves. I was watching this Don Piana thing and he's like … I want to ask you guys a question. He said, "My question is this: Do you want your kids to be like your parents or grandparents?" Typically, the answer is "Absolutely not." Why? We live in a different time and maybe grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, barely survived, barely thrived, barely did anything and then ultimately handed that to me and I … like, it's kind of cycle of life. Right? [0:20:05.7]

We always want our kids to do better than us and if we go back multiple chains, multiple layers, they probably weren't doing the best. They probably were barely surviving. They may have been sleeping on the streets. Who knows. That's not meant to be taken in a negative way, by the way - just a real conversation. We want the children and people around us - we want to leave the world a better place, but you can't do that if you're not sharing what matters to you because that's what matters. What you say matters - your verbiage, your wording, your thinking - it matters. When you see someone post a Ferrari or a mansion or a great vacation or a great family, what do you think instantly, subconsciously? Boom! Fuck you. Show off. Jerk. Wow, that's awesome. Congratulations. Whatever you're thinking matters. [0:21:02.1]

That's subconscious programming. If it's not serving you, you better straighten that shit up quick. How in the world could you be ultra successful, having exactly what you want, talking shit about everyone else? You can't. It's impossible. You'll never be happy or satisfied ever. You'll never be living your life because you're too worried what others think. How do I know? Because that's the way you think. That's the way you talk. That's what you do. You know you’re a dick head, and there's a bunch of you out there. So if you actually start shining and start sharing of what matters to you, people are going to talk shit about you because that's what you do. See, when you see a great post, you should like it and comment. Boom - congrats - amazing - great share - thank you for sharing. Every single like and post, you should be doing something like that. [0:22:05.1]

Instead, most of you voyeur around thinking about oh man, that's bullshit - yeah, his mom and dad gave him that - oh, his grandpa left him all that money - oh this person that, that person… Like dude, seriously? Do you know what it takes to be successful? What you think about matters. You start working out of that cycle by being appreciative, seeing people succeed - prop them up. Give them a shout out. Let them know they're helping you. Let them know that message was important. Let them know that car they just bought, that they've been dreaming about for 20 years - you know what's interesting about cars, houses and watches for me? Has nothing to do with the thing. It has to do with the process. You only fucking see the thing, but it's the process that it took me to get the thing that I'm celebrating. That's why I win - because I love the process. I am in the process. [0:23:02.6]

I am not quitting, no mater what you or anybody says. You only see the watch, the big mansion, the houses, the cars, all this shit. I see the journey. When I flip over my watch, my eight-piece skull watch - it's $120,000 - I think, "Damn, dude. Seriously? Man…23 years in the game. It took you this long to get it, but you got it. Now what are you going to do? What's next? What's the next piece?" When I got the Rolls at 30 … you got to understand, for 18 fucking years of my life, I thought about that car, maybe more, but I remember 18 solid years. Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce. White with tan. White with tan. Got a white Rolls Royce Phantom with tan interior, leather. [0:24:01.7]

I used to drive a shitty car, an old truck with siding and windows on it with a rack and I'm driving drown the freeway, by myself, smoking 20 cent cigars probably - I forget what they're even called now, driving down with my windows down because I had no AC. I had my hair blowing because I had hair then, and I'm being dead serious - on 70 East bound, heading back home. I would be thinking, I was imagining, I was literally sitting in a fucking Rolls Royce at that time. I swear on my life. I would turn a corner, it felt so different. I'd give it gas. It'd accelerate different. It's the same shitty truck, but my imagination was helping me like conceptualize this into a real thing because it mattered to me. Call me materialistic - I don’t care - that's the truth. It mattered to me and because that mattered to me, I'm able to do amazing things for my family, the people I care about the most. [0:25:07.8]

Find your thing that matters to you and start living it now, even if you don’t have it. Start thinking, talking, reading about it, understanding. You can ask anybody that knows me. I'm telling you right now, when I'm hot onto something, I know every fucking thing about it. Everything. I am a research machine. I'm listening to videos, TV shows, reading books. I'm learning about it. I want to know it, intimately. I know who has the offers. I know how much they're asking. I know where they exist. I know what state, city, town, individual, the fucking phone numbers. I'm on it like white on rice because I know what I want and I don’t care what you think. Most people know what they want, but they're too afraid to tell people. More importantly, they're too afraid to go after it because they're afraid what other people will say. That's the truth. What you dream about matters. What you dream about matters. What are you dreaming about? [0:26:17.3]

What you talk about matters. I said that earlier, but what you talk about matters. Some dip shit I was talking to via text is like, "Hey man - you know, can you send $25 in a wire fee by sending it bank-to-bank and ACH?" No. "Why?" It's $25. "Well, man, you know, money is kind of tight." That's your problem, not my problem. Keep in mind, this is a multi five-figure deal, but that's what he's thinking about. That's why he's fucking broke, selling me stuff. I'm not judging him. It's the facts. That's how he run his whole life. He's 40 something years old now, and he's still talking like he was 10. He'll be talking, unless he straightens his shit up, like this until he dies. [0:27:05.2]

See, it's interesting… what matters is also what you don’t do. See here, I don’t believe - this is my personal belief - you don’t have to like or not - I'm just sharing what… I don’t believe you can get wealthy by focusing on saving pennies on things. Meaning, if your cable bill is $147, do you invest 30 days of your life, because that's how long it takes to get someone on the phone with the cable company, to save, to change the plan and save $12 a month? If you do, I don’t believe you'll ever be successful and wealthy in life. Ever. I don’t think they go together. If you're sitting and driving 24 hours away to save 3 cents a gallon on your gasoline, you'll never be wealthy. I'm not saying you won't have money once in a while, but I'm talking fucking stupid wealthy rich. [0:28:01.6]

You can't get wealthy by squeezing the pennies so hard Lincoln's nose is bleeding while you're out there trying to grow your wealth. It doesn’t… I just don’t think it happens. Now maybe second, third generation because they're playing not to win - they're playing not to lose. I'm playing to win and I'm not winning by saving $12 a month. I'm not winning by driving 24 miles down the street to save 3 cents a gallon on gas. I was talking to my cousin for all fuck's sakes. He's telling me how he drives an extra 15 to 20 minutes, almost bragging, and I know if he's listening to the show, almost bragging that he is saving money because he doesn’t go through the tolls. I was like, "Well how much does it even cost?" I don’t even know how much it costs to go through the tolls. He doesn’t even know, but he knows he's saving money. Well that sounds like a fucking great idea. You don’t even know how much it is. What if it's 10 cents? What if it's … First of all, what does it matter? [0:29:02.9]

The number one thing we're all chasing more of is to get more time. And I simply said, "Yo - dude, time is your most valuable asset." Yep. So why are you wasting 30 minutes a day driving around toll booths? "Oh man, I just don’t have the money, blah blah blah." Okay. Well that's a different story though. You being fucking broke, mentally, is your problem while your bank account is reflecting that. Because he is in a position where he can make as much as he wants. We all are, by the way. The only person that set that limit on you is you, and I don’t care who you are. That's the facts.
I remember laying in bed thinking about this, a long time ago, even still today. Shit, I still do this. When I first… you guys know, I've never read a book my entire life until I was 18 years old. The first book I ever read was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. So that was my first mentor, really. Right? [0:30:04.4]

A lot of people think you need to have a living mentor that you go meet and shake their hands and go to their events and all this stuff. The truth is mentoring books are the best mentors in the world. I mean, you're getting someone's knowledge for $20. It's pretty amazing, if you think about it. But, I read that book and I remember laying in bed and I'm like, I'm tired. I was literally working 16, 17, 18 hours a day, literally, but I was 18, so it didn't matter. But I literally was doing that and I didn't think it was a big deal. It was getting me closer to my goal, but I made it a thing with myself. It was like I got to read like 3 or 4 chapters a day of any book, and I don’t care what book it is because I kind of bounce around, you know… once I read that book, I started realizing how powerful books were so I started reading multiple books - 2, 3, 4 books at a time because sometimes I'd get bored with one and move around. Right? Anyways, I remember, let's call it 20 pages. I'm a slow reader, so 20 pages takes me like 20 minutes, minimum, depending on the size of the font, the size of the book, etc. True story. So I would literally, like, "Ohhh, I got to read," and I would start talking myself out of it, start making up all these bullshit excuses of why I can't read the book - I'm busy - I'm tired - I've got a lot of work tomorrow to do - I got to get to bed - I can't stimulate the brain because if I do, I won't go to sleep. [0:31:23.2]

You know, just all this stuff, but those three chapters a day - let's be honest, it didn't matter that day. Three chapters? Eh - no big deal. But I wasn’t worried about the three chapters. I worried about the habit of creating the three chapter momentum. Today, at this point, I still read every day, and I've read over 5000 books. If you've ever been to my office in Florida, I have hundreds, if not thousands, of books, not counting the thousands I've given away. I read real books too. I don’t read online books. And I'm not talking audio books either. I'm talking old school reading. This is 1996 and beyond, like real reading. Some books are small. Some books are bigger but I can tell you this - if you ever came to my Millionaire Mansion Experiences, you'd … I'd have like 2 or 300 books stacked up. [0:32:08.5]

I had different piles. I didn't have a bookshelf like, you know, professional in this multimillion dollar mansion, I have books stacked because that's how I read - right. I'd grab a top book - boom - I'd scan it. Boom - grab this one - this is what I need right now. I didn't read a book just to read a book. I often read a book to get knowledge of where I was at at that moment of what I needed help with. If it's marketing, if it's business development, leadership, whatever it is - I would read that specific topic. So I kind of had my formula and everyone should get their own. It's not about me or someone else, but find your formula. But to me, those three chapters mattered. They mattered then. They matter now and they'll matter forever in my life because what I'm trying to share with myself is creating habits. Habits create confidence. Confidence breeds success. I get up early, 4:44 every morning. I try to do it seven days a week. It does not happen seven days a week always. [0:33:02.1]

It happens often, but not always. I try to read three chapters a day. That's very, very, very big for me and I typically do most of that, but I still miss it. Working out - I try to work out a least once a day, now, but I did - I took off a long time. I was just half assing it and I didn't get it. So don’t think that… whoever you are watching, by the way, is never 100% and if they say they are, run because they're trying to get your money. They're lying to you. It's not real. Shit, I barely remember to brush my teeth 100% of the time. Right? We're busy. We have things going on, but your habits matter. If you want more confidence, you want more structure, you want more growth, start creating these habits that really pops you up and pushes you forward and creates confidence. My mentors in life through the books I just shared with you - it mattered. They had to sit down and write the book. They had to edit the book. They had to go out of their way to do that work. It mattered to them, which matters to me, which will matter to the people I touch. [0:34:07.9]

Just like your book, just like your podcast show, just like your vision, your purpose, your chair…whatever you're up to matters to the world. You have to understand this matters. You have to take aggressive action and get it to the world today.

I shared this story. Why keep on going when it doesn’t matter? There's days that seem like you're like, it does not matter. It does not matter. When I had no electric, like I said - when I got my car repoed, I'm like why does it matter. I'm a loser, but I got to read this book. I'm a loser, but I got to get up at 4:44. I'm a loser - got to go to bed early. Got to get up early. I'm a loser. I would say stupid shit to myself, but again, everyone talks different to themselves. I like negative pushing to drive me forward. You may like to be, you know, snowflaked up. I don't know. Whatever it is. Whatever works and gets you the results you're seeking - that's what I would do. I'm talking real results. [0:35:10.1]

I'm not talking bullshit results that are vanilla. I'm talking like real results that are massive, that are life changing, legacy changing for you and others. Right? So with all this stuff we're talking about, when you start doing what matters to you, you're going to get shit talkers, straight up. You will get them. I don’t even know they exist anymore, but it used to affect me. The truth of the matter is, some of them may be your family, maybe your spouse, maybe your kids, maybe your cousins, maybe your uncles, maybe your best friends, but what you do and what you say and how you react or don’t to them matters. So I want you to keep a very close look at that. The only person you can control, my friend, is you. That's it. Shit talkers are everywhere. I don’t acknowledge them or address them. I just move forward. [0:36:04.3]

I have a buddy that does the opposite. He loves engaging them because why? Well, it kicks up his ratings and he gets a lot more viewers. That's not my thing. It riles me. It messes with me. He loves it. He gets off on it. He's good at it. Not judging it. There's no right or wrong. What serves you the best for where you're going. Not everything holds the same weight, and I talked about that earlier, about talking about pinching the pennies to get massive wealth. Are you focusing on all the things that are saving $2 here, $3 there, $1 here or are you out focusing on what kind of content, what kind of delivery, what kind of message can you get out there? What kind of volume can you do, hiring people, growing your revenue? Every fucking person is trying to save money. They don’t have a savings problem. They have a making money problem. That's the facts. That's the truth. You don’t have a saving problem. You have a making money problem and the truth is if you're so busy making it, you'd actually be spending less instead of out buying the new yeezies or going out and going to these cool vacation spots, celebrating you know, shitty results and acting like you're balling. [0:37:10.1]

Truth is, you're in the closet bawling, literally, tears running down your face because you know you’re a fucking fraud to yourself and you know you're better than that. That's real talk. Get used to it. Who you hang out with matters. Stop being the king of the dip shits. Be the dummy. Be the one that's asking for help. There's nothing wrong with that. Don’t be the loser asking for help just to ask. Ask, do, results, drive forward, next, etc. It matters. We all know this. When we were kids in high school, if you hang out with drug addicts, you're labeled as a drug addict even if you don even know what drugs look like at that point. Right? If you're a bad kid hanging out with bad kids, you're a bad kid. If you're a good kid, hanging out with bad kids, you're a bad kid. It matters. So why, as an adult, do we think it doesn’t matter? It matters actually more now than ever. Hang out with better people. Get better results. How you install the toilet paper matters. Alright - that's kind of a little crazy one, but it does matter. It's got to be top down. Right? [0:38:15.4]

How you interact with folks matters. I talked about that as well. When you see a comment you like, like it. Comment on it. Let them know you're present. Let them know they matter. It's always interesting to me because I'm going to die one day, as you are too, but why can't people tell you you're doing a fucking amazing job today? Why do they got to wait until you die? "Oh! He was an amazing human being. He impacted my life so …"Do you understand if you told someone like that today, that's alive, and could actually take that information and do something powerful with it ,what that would do to the world? Think about it. True story - I've done this with my parents. I've done this with my grandparents - my grandmother. Unfortunately, I didn't … I was young when my grandfather died. I'm doing it with my in-laws. [0:39:04.6]

Creating these legacy videos, talking about caring - who they are, what they stand for, what they're about, what they did, what they enjoyed, what's fun. I want to know who they are. I don’t want to wait until they're dead to talk about it and reminisce. I want to see them come from their voice and tell us. But picture how cool it'd be. That's why I write my parents letters, often, not as often as I should. I'm hard on myself, but I write my parents letters, often. "Hey mom - thinking about you. I just wanted to say you're an amazing person. Thank you for all the hard work you did. Thank you for guiding me on the path. Thank you for always being.." Whatever. But I'm telling her while she's alive and I'm telling my dad, etc. I write my wife letters once in a while, telling her how much she means to me. I shoot my kids videos, send it to their email so when they turn 15, they get it and they can see me talk to them. I might be dead. I might be alive. Either way, they get to see it from my voice of what they mean to me because it matters. [0:40:03.3]

And I promise you, it matters to them. Having fun matters. Being present matters. I'm working on that as I'm going 100 miles per hour, just like you, but present is a big thing. People know if you're not present. Be present. It matters. Being an amazing role model matters. I want to be an amazing role model to my children. That's the only ones I care about, mostly. Myself first, but then them. I want them to see dad get up early. I want them to see dad bust his ass working out. I want them to see their dad push the boundaries and limits of what's possible, not what people say is possible, but what's possible inside. I want to drive to the next level. I don’t want to talk about it. I want to show them. I want to lead by example. Not just my kids - my teams, my companies I work with and run. Like I want you to understand this is so much bigger than you. What we do, though, matters. It starts and it sparks it. As you're sitting here listening to me, there's a lot of people - I picture me looking out at an audience, you know, 100,000 people in an arena and their belly - I see everyone's belly and I see a lot of little lights lit up. [0:41:12.9]

Only about 1% of them have like these big flames in their belly because they know what matters. They know what matters. My job, my goal, my vision, my purpose, me being here right now at this very moment in your ear, matters to me. How do we take that little flame and turn it into the 100-feet bonfire? How do we have people all around the world…because if I can impact you, you can impact others. I …what I'm doing right now matters just like what you're doing matters. There's no taking away. We can only multiply together. If I matter, that doesn’t mean you can't matter and vice versa. We both can matter and if we both matter together, we can multiply the vision, the purpose, the voice to help more people. And that's what matters to me. [0:42:05.9]

I want to multiply. Hence, while I'm not doing a one-on-one call with you, I'm doing a podcast show on a Sunday morning while my family is eating breakfast and I'm up here taking time away from my family because this fucking message to me matters. Maybe one person hears it. I hope that one person hears it and does something with it. Maybe 1,000,000. Maybe 10,000,0000. The truth is, I told my wife before I came up, I was like, I believe this may be my biggest podcast show I'll ever do in my entire life because it matters. And I think a lot of people walking around, thinking, well if I do that podcast show, it really doesn’t matter. There's other podcasts show that kind of talk about that already. Bullshit - it matters. "Well, I kind of want to write this book and a lot of people have already written about it." It matters. "Well, I kind of want to start this little business and it kind of doesn’t really…" It matters. "Well, if I don’t show up to my kid's sporting event, it's only one out of 100. It doesn’t really matter." No, motherfucker - it matters to the kid. I promise. I promise. It matters. [0:43:09.4]

"Well, I don’t want to make that phone call to the seller or the buyer or the private money guy or this business person or that…" It matters. If you don’t make that one, you're not going to make the other one. Make this one. The other one becomes easier. They all matter. You matter. I want you to leave this show today and go out there and do the work because it matters. It's not sexy. It's not fun all the time. It's not enjoyable. No one is like high fiving you when you're doing most of the real work and pretty much all the work. It's after the fact because once it matters to you, you have to share it. It's never been easier to share what matters than it is today. There's people out there thinking, "I need blood," whatever your blood is. "I need help here. I need help there. I want to talk to someone that does this. I want to be through this experience." Whatever it is, I do not care what it is, it matters. [0:44:14.3]

I don’t care if you're talking about trees, flowers, grass, birds, skies, weather, whales, saving the …whatever it is matters to you and if you're sharing it on a consistent basis, it will matter to others. You can create a movement. Create the conversation with yourself. Implement the conversation and share it with the world because truthfully, my job here is done today. It matters to me that you actually do something with this information and take it.

Please keep me posted with your progress. Make sure to hit me up on Instagram at Mark Evans DM. Take it. Run with it. Do not let other people tell you what you can't do. Tell me, motherfucker, what I can do. That's what I'm more worried about. That's what I want to hear from other people. What can I do not what can't I do? Many people has told me I can't do everything I'm doing and I promise you, I'm doing it and I'm just getting started. So please, let me know what you're up to at Mark Evans DM on Instagram. Thank you guys very much. Appreciate you being here. Go out and make it happen. Keep me posted with your progress and I will respond to you. Why? Because it matters to me. Have a great day.

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