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People believe that being ‘average’ is inherent. You’re either born great or you’re born average. They believe that it’s set in stone and that there’s nothing they can do about it.

Consider this…

No one wants to be average. But by definition, the majority of people on earth fall into that category.

Being average is not f*cking cool!

Today I’m going to show you how to break out of that mold and separate yourself from the rest of the ‘average’ pack.

From this day forward, being average is NOT acceptable.

You’re capable of so much more.

Show Highlights:

  • Why most people will remain in mediocrity for the rest of their lives (2:00)
  • How to focus on what you actually have control over (4:25)
  • Why it’s nearly impossible to SAVE your way to get rich. Do this instead (7:20)
  • Why people rain on your parade when you’re successful (18:00)
  • The truth you haven’t heard about working HARD and working SMART (18:40)
  • Why ‘average’ IS the new broke (39:00)
  • What you truly deserve in life (42:20)

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Read Full Transcript

Welcome to the Making of a DM. Why average sucks. And more importantly, what we can do about it. Let's get started.

Mark: Hey there, it's your host Mark Evans DM. Hope you're have an amazing day, depending what you're doing, maybe you're on the treadmill, heading to a project or whatever it is. Thank you very much for being here, guys. Again, The Making of a DM is really starting to catch some fire, and that's all because of you guys, I appreciate it, I'll keep showing up if I have some to share with you that I think could be impactful and important to you help you on the journey of deal making and dream making for yourself, your family and everybody else in between. [0:01:10.7]

But again, just keep sharing it, guys, if this information and this conversation is powerful for you, please tell your friends, share it on social media, tag me please, and I'll get you some exposures, I'll tag you back, I'll repost it, whatever we need to do. However all that interweb stuff works I'll do my best to get some eyeballs and share with you as well. As I'm sitting here today I just got back from doing a speech in front of a couple hundred investors, big apartment complex buyer investors here in Cleveland, Ohio. My buddy Tim brought me out and I always do that for him as a panel discussion where people can ask questions. What tends to happen is people think business is about the product or about this or that. And again, there's a technical aspect to that, obviously you have to have a good product, you have to have good deliverability, you have to have good marketing and all that, but the reason most people aren't succeeding, it's not because they don't have a good product, it's not because all of that, it's typically their mindset, they're playing small. [0:02:19.3]

The biggest problem is they're comparing to average. Today's show is about average suck. Being average absolutely sucks at all levels. And what I mean by that is pretty simple. Being average sucks. So it reminds me of in school, well let's do the health one. In health, let's say if you were 300 pounds and I'm 100 pounds, we both go the doctor and he says, "Hey, your average health blood work X, Y, Z is here." Listen, I'm 100, you're 300, that's a big difference. They're taking the average and comparing against that. [0:03:11.9]

Like why the hell would we do that. Like me personally, I've never understood the average thing. I'm like this guy smokes cigarettes all day and drinks beer all day, I don't know. Why are we doing an average? I have my own metrics, he has his own. Now we can look at what the general, what it should be, what peak performance is and what's low, like for example testosterone. It should be 800-1000 and you're at 150, but the average is 450, like why are we looking at averages to try to see where we're at. And what I see so many people doing in business is comparing against average. [0:04:00.4]

Let's say if you have a mom and pop store, you're like, "Well it's really tough right now because the market's slow and everyone on my street's saying the same thing." Listen, that's a bullshit story you've made up in your head to be average, to be like them. That's a victim mentality. It's makes zero sense to me. I don't care what they're doing truthfully, I only care what I'm doing, because that's the only thing I can control. See, judgmental stuff is why average exist. You drive the car today that you drive because this is the average of what people around you are driving. See, I've never had this, I have always liked nice cars or nice watches or nice houses. I don't want to be average, I want to be unique, I want to be balling, I want to be huge, I want to be over the top. That's what I like and I don't give two fucks if you like it or not, that's the truth. [0:05:01.2]

But so many people are worried about pulling up, they'll use this bullshit excuse, "Well if I pull up in a Ferrari to the meeting, I'm not going to get the..." That's bullshit. That says more about you than about the meeting. That's not true, by the way. And listen, if it is, fuck it, you didn't need that job anyways or that deal. Why would you live a different life to make a couple bucks? Why can't you be the best you, the best version of yourself? Pull up in the Ferrari, in the $100,000 watch and let him know, "Yo motherfucker I'm here, let's do some business." See, if you think that's silly or whatever, let me ask you another question. Why do you think it's silly? This is the top question, thought on the thought. Where did that conversation stem from? Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, babysitter, teacher? [0:06:04.4]

Who did it come from? Why are you judging me or what I have to compare against? It doesn't serve you. So when you're average... Guys, when I was speaking yesterday this guy stood up, this is a true story, stood up and he's like, "I had an amazing Escalade Cadillac, but I sold it and I bought a Honda Elantra." My heart sank. Now listen, you call this materialistic or whatever you want, but that's your story, not mine. And as he said it, his body shifted. He's like, "I have the money, I can afford it, but I feel like I need to save and I need to drive a normal car." [0:07:02.8]

What is normal, by the way? And I'm like, "Dude, why would you do that?" Because everyone around him is influence, "You don't need a car man, save your money, dude, it's $800 a month, you get this for $400 a month." Are you out here trying to make an extra $400 a month? Give me a break. You're not going to save your way to millions or billions of dollars. I know, I used to try to do it. used to think, "How do I make money?" How do you think I try to make money? I do what most people do. I sit down and see what I'm spending money on and then I try to cut, "I drink coffee every day, I go to the Speedway, it's $2.11 times 30, equals $60. Fuck yeah, saving $60." And then I stress myself out, I don't drink coffee for four days, I'm like, "Screw it. I want a coffee." for example, or whatever. [0:08:01.5]

What does that serve, how the fuck is that going to serve you? That's the average mentality. Average people do bullshit like that. I know, I see it every day. What you should be thinking about is what do you want. All judgment aside. Who cares if you pull up in the Ferrari and grandma and grandpa are like, "Dude, you're being wasteful. Why are you doing that?" "Listen, we love you grandma and grandpa, but fuck you, this is my life, not your life." And again, I'm using materialistic things to paint the picture because that's what drives me. I like nice shit. I wouldn't have the employees, I wouldn't have the team, I wouldn't have the shit I have today if I didn't drive for that. You understand I grew up in the era, I'm 41 now, I grew up watching Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous. To me that was success of what you had. Obviously I have evolved and realized that's not just success, that is a piece though I really like. [0:09:06.7]

I have multiple cars, shit, I have cars I haven't driven in six months, but I like cars, it's my thing. Watches, houses, investing, I get excited about that shit. Nothing I'm doing is average, why would I want it to be average? But as I have these things, it's my life. And yesterday, last night actually, speaking of my life, you know, I'm going to lay some real facts here, 100% truth. Ready? You and I are going to die. It's the only way out. And one of my great mentors, he is in hospice right now about to pass away, Dan Kennedy. I've invested many, many, many hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in his information over the years. [0:10:01.0]

I've read his newsletters, I've read every one of his books multiple times because he's a great copywriter, he's got great insight, he's got a great mindset, shit I like. As I'm sitting there, he's only a couple days away from death potentially, that's like a real thing, he actually wrote a letter about his death. What would you write if you were going to die in the next 12 months or less? "I was average. I drove the car because I didn't want my neighbors to look weird at me. I drove a shitty car, a minivan because when I pull up to work I want people to know I'm a family man, or family girl. I bust my ass, work hard all day to come home to an average house that I could afford a better house because I want to be average." [0:11:00.5]

You know how fucking stupid this sounds? Because it is fucking stupid. You're better than that. Here's what I want to be like, "This dude rolled up in the biggest cars in the world, I've never seen a collection like this. His watch collection was unheard of, untouched. It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. He used them actually, he didn't just put them in a safe and do nothing with them, he used them. He inspired people pulling up in the Ferrari or the Rolls Royce or the 72 Bronco or whatever, people would smile, they double took, they had conversations with him. He set them in the car, took their picture, now it's their screensaver on their cell phones and computers, now they're inspiring and they're dreaming bigger because of what he drove and what he had. It's not what he had and what he drove, but he also inspired through his words, through his books, through his videos, through his podcast shows. [0:12:05.5]

This motherfucker, if you put average on it, it's not even on the same page, it's not even the same book because there's nothing average about..." Guys, when I die that's what I want. Not some bullshit, "Hey guys, he was average, he got a 3% raise every year, he worked really hard, he drove a minivan, went golfing once a month with the shitty clubs for the last 23 years he's had because he didn't want to get the new set because he wanted to be average because he read the book Millionaire Next Door, which is a stupid ass book." Who wants to be the millionaire next door? By the way, it's a good read if you know how to read between the lines. I don't want to be the millionaire next door. I want to be the billionaire in the fucking mansion. [0:13:00.8]

Why wouldn't you want that? "Well Mark, I don't really want it." Okay, you don't have to have the house, why can't you have the billions? "Well it's a little excessive." Don't you want to help a lot of people, you selfish bastard? The more money you have, the more people you can help. See, I was talking to guys like, "Yeah man, I'm making like good money, I'm making like $200,000." I'm like, "That's amazing per day, what are you doing per year?" He looked at me, he’s like, "What?" He's like, "No, it's yearly." I'm like, "Oh dude, you're fucking broke." $200,000? His mom and dad, if something happens to his parents or his uncles or his brothers or his sisters or his kids or his whoever, you're one tragedy away from being BK. What if he had to have $500,000 to get medication, to resolve a bad issue is someone in his family? [0:14:06.9]

He's broke. "Well Mark, that's not going to happen." How do you know? I can get off this podcast, go to the doctor and find out I've got stage something cancer and have to spend millions of dollars to get recovered. If you have $200,000 in the bank you're in trouble. By the way, he doesn't even have $200,000 in the bank, he makes $200,000 a year. So he has negative money every year. Who wants to be average? Seriously. This is shit people don't talk about. I always ask like you know, what your "why". Again, the average answer, "My 'why' is my family, my wife, my husband, my kids, my grandkid." Whatever. No, my "why" is to get motherfucking rich as hell. To be able to do that, that's my duty, by the way. My kids and my family are my duty, not my why. [0:15:01.7]

Listen, they inspire the hell out of me every day. That's not my why. My why is to get stupid filthy rich. Not just for the money sake, but for the money can do. See, if you have that story in your head and you hear, "Mark wants to get stupid rich, he's a dickhead." You're only listening to half the information I share with you, only the information that you think serves your bullshit situation. I want to use the money, which I do, to do charity work. I just build an entire village in Haiti, that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. I'm not saying this to impress, but to impress upon. You can't do that shit if you don't have money, you can't do that shit if you're average voice, you have to have a massive voice, to have the people that are listening to you because you're leading the pack. We can do so much more. When you hear "I want to get stupid filthy rich" know that my agenda is not about me buying more things, I already have enough shit. I want more, though, but it's I also want to give back. [0:16:08.9]

I want to make sure my family, I changed the entire family tree changes with me. The entire family tree. They've been plagued with depression, drugs, poverty. I've been gifted to know that I've been touched or tapped and I have the power, I got to do something with that power to change the family tree. And every day I wake up I'm thinking about how to be smarter, what conversations do I need to have to be able to change this family tree forever. See, it's deep roots. Right? Our family trees have massive deep roots. See, they're average. They're all fucking poor, average poor. [0:17:03.2]

They're one issue away from being BK. One little issue. I'm not saying this to be negative, I'm saying this, and again, I'm not here to embarrass anybody, it's not about embarrassing, it's just the facts. We all live environments where we conform to normal or average. It's kind of like the lobster effect. Right, you know they catch lobsters, they put the cage in the bottom with some food on the bottom, one lobster, two lobsters, they all start coming in. They don't even have a top on this thing. Keep coming in, keep coming in, keep coming in. Even after the food's gone they keep piling on, and then this is where the average starts happening. When a loss or tries to get out the other lobsters grab them and pull them back to the point of pulling limbs off and/or killing to keep it normal, to keep them down. [0:18:04.9]

This is going on in our life right now. There are people in your life that when you start to rise up they pull you down. "I'm going to buy that brand new Cadillac." "You don't need the Cadillac, Johnny. Settle for the Elantra, be smart, be a family man, do what your neighbors are doing, do what granddad did. Work hard, work smart, save your money." The people that tell me they work smart typically are working the dumbest I've seen them work. They work dumb, they're bragging about 16 hour days. Is that fucking smart? Listen, I'm not saying not to work by the way, but when you're saying certain things out loud that doesn't necessarily mean it aligns, because remember, your average group that's saying the same bullshit regurgitating information that someone else told them in their average network. [0:19:09.2]

Be careful, Johnny. Get the $150,000 house. I know you can afford $400-500,000, but just be average. Don't step out of line. Stay focused." Why can't I be focused? Here's the thing is what inspires you? I want you to write down your thing, seriously, I really want you to think. Dan Kennedy is about the pass away, you and I could today, tomorrow, whenever. You know have the Magic 8 Ball and I don't care at what age you are, buddy of mine, his daughter died at 19 years old, cancer. People, little kids, five years old, cancer, dead. Sucks. Don't you want to have the most money to be able to take care of situations like that? You can't solve all the problems by the way, I'm not saying that, but it definitely take a lot of stress off of you. [0:20:04.6]

I know because I've experienced it in my life. I've seen people that I loved the most, my grandmother die in front of me, my grandfather. My grandfather was young, I was like 15, 16 years old. Literally died in front me, literally. Sit up, took his last breath right in front of me. These moments are defining us. I'm watching him sit in this bullshit nursing home and I was like, "I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be here." That takes money. If you've never been a nursing home go, hang out for a day. That's where your ass is going to be if you don't make money because your family can't take care of you in certain situations, it's tough. No one wants to put someone in there, by the way, but it's tough and they need support, they need help. Problem is, once you go in there you're not coming back out except on a gurney. So a driver for me if heaven forbid I get in that situation I could be sitting in a 25 million dollar mansion paid for, three beautiful nurses taking care of me at the highest level that one could ever get. [0:21:17.8]

I don't care if it costs $100,000 a day. That takes money, that takes me not being average, not even remotely. Again, average has never been in my vocabulary. Why? Why is average a thing that people brag about? "Yo man, I got the new Elantra, did you get the LT, ST or S version?" or whatever bullshit versions they got. That's average bullshit. Why wouldn't you get a Ferrari, why wouldn't you get the car that serves you, the Long Wheel Base Rover or the car you've been dreaming about. Like why not get something extraordinary? I mean seriously, do you want to be known as extraordinary or average? [0:22:03.1]

I want when you walk in the room, I'm like, "Damn." They got a swag to them, I don't know what it is but they got their shit going on. If, this is a fact, you can call what it whatever you want, if you are fucking big dog and you pull up in Elantra or Rolls Royce without a shot of a doubt, I'm taking a person pulling up in the Rolls Royce more serious. Same person different car. Because it tells me something about yourself. See, you see a car, when I have a watch, a six figure watch I should say, you see a watch. You see a big ass house, you see a house some rich person buy. You know what I see for real? I see a story and I see result. I've never met a person who has massive wealth that owns beautiful things that doesn't have a story about that beautiful thing. [0:23:03.5]

My first watch was $2500. I was practically pissing down my pant leg when I saw the, I was like, "I'm being wasteful, I'm being stupid." this is a muscle we got to work out as the deal maker, "I'm being silly, this is not an average watch where I come from." and I'm not saying this to be silly, I wouldn't even look at a $25,000 watch now. It's too small, it's below average in my average world, if you will. See, averages change. Your average has changed, you want to believe me. Take stock. How old are you? Do you still drive the same car? Do you still make the same amount of money at your job? Do you still live in the same shitty apartment? Why not? Why don't you? Because you've developed, you've changed, you've moved your average level up unconsciously. [0:24:06.6]

What if you put conscious effort on this piece and your new average was 10 X, 20 X, 100 X. See, this is what frustrates me is people want to make extraordinary money, extraordinary impact but all their efforts are average at best. I have sales people, they're in averages all the time, "Man, I made the 30 calls, dude, just a rough week, rough month." Bullshit. Get extraordinary, make a 100 calls before noon, and then 150 calls after noon. That's what extraordinary motherfuckers do. We don't make excuses, we create results. We find path that others don't, we become resourcefulness, we become magicians to implementation, we bust our ass. [0:25:09.6]

When I say work smart and work hard, we should do all those, but when we're saying it you got to understand what you're working on, because not all hard work is created equal, not all small work is created equal. So it's out of context, I see it online every... It's pulled out of context everywhere. But as we're sitting here we're going to die, we're playing at average at best, living at average at best. I know you do this because I used to do it. Go to Longhorn Steakhouse or whatever steak house is near, what is it the other one, I know you know the other ones, but you go to these because you're comfortable, it's easy, you're splurging because you're spending $15 on something instead of $12, and then you start creating this conversation and story in your head that these people are really nice. [0:26:03.4]

They may be. This food's amazingly good. Compared to what? Compared to other box bullshit you've been eating out of a box at home? Of course it's going to be better. And I'm not trying to make this so petty and so silly, but I'm trying to paint the picture, like go to a mega steakhouse, get the fuck dressed up, take your spouse out, put on your nicest clothes and do it right. I'd rather go once a month to a bang ass restaurant that's absolutely stunning, amazing, spend $3-500 or whatever it cost for a meal, than go to a bunch of shitty restaurants for 30 days and spend the same amount of money. I don't want to hang out with a bunch of average people. Why would we? Extraordinary can't do it, it doesn't make sense, there's no advantage to it. This is a real thing, folks, and I hope my team's listening to this. [0:27:01.6]

This is the bullshit that drives me every day. Ordinary, average, who the fuck wants that? "Well Mark, I've made my 30 calls, this guy made his 30 calls." Yeah, you guys are both fucking slackers, that's why we had to set an average number, that's like the bottom line number worst case scenario on your deathbed you still make 30 calls, but people use it as a measure of growth or success. How can you be successful by being average? How? You're sitting at home frustrated why you're not getting results you want, when you're not seeing the money come in like you thought it would? It's not because it doesn't exist, it's because you haven't created the story in your mind to allow it to exist and you settle for average bullshit stuff. You're too busy catching up on Netflix binge watching some bullshit show when you should be sitting down and grinding it out on your product, on your sales conversions, on your KPI's, on your CRM, on your call flows, on your scripts, on your activities to get results that could close out and make you money. [0:28:12.9]

You guys know I like sales, I've sold hundreds of millions of dollars of stuff, hundreds of millions. I don't even know how much because I don't keep score, that's not the score I care about, I more care about the impact of people we're helping, not the dollars. Again, what's the saying? The more people get what they want, you ultimately get what you want. When my sales team's talking to me I don't hear their bullshit excuses, because I've been there I know it's all in their head, it's not reality. It's tough. What's tough? That's bullshit, you're making it tough. See, every day I'm asking myself what do I do different that my team doesn't do, because I share with them what I'm doing different. "Mark, I'm not seeing results." I can do more deals in the real estate space and in the media company, I could put up more money in a month than those guys can, and I'm not even doing it actively, because I am fucking on alert 24/7. [0:29:16.2]

See, people are caught up on average call volumes, I'm caught up on closing deals. While you're trying to call 30 people, I'm closing one deal. See, I'm not trying, I'm doing. I'm not focused on activities, I'm focused on results. I truly, and this is 100%, I don't care if my team members work one minute or 1000 minutes a day, get a deal done. How you get there, I don't care. I really don't care if you're at the beach or at the office or in a meeting, just get the deal done. Everything else is about you, not me anyways. "I can't do deals unless I show up in person." Okay, that's your story. You obviously believe it. [0:30:01.3]

I do deals every day without showing up, I haven't had a face-to-face meeting to close a deal since '05. You don't have to. The internet, the cell phone. I could be anywhere. It's never been easier to do it that way. And I'm not saying you shouldn't meet people, I'm just saying these are stories, the tots, the thought on the thought that we all create. Anytime you have like this bullshit conversation, and it's every day by the way, "I can't afford this house anymore, I can't afford this car." Why can't you afford? Your problem isn't "I can't afford" your problem is you're not making enough money. Why not focus all that energy and effort and mental gymnastics on creating wealth, creating revenue? It's easier. It reminds me of a thief. A thief or it's harder to do it illegal than to doing it right. Just fucking do it right and get rich and not worry about anything. [0:31:00.4]

Instead they work really hard to game the system to get in trouble to go to prison. What if you take all that hard work with just a different shift in mindset and focus on doing it right and making a lot of money and having a lot of fun and helping a lot of people and sleeping well at night, not looking over your shoulder everywhere you go? But we have to stop thinking average. People in your group are either serving you or hurting you. Whoever you're talking to, this podcast show is meant to be able to talk real with you. You're having this conversation by the way with yourself, 100%. When you think about buying a book, it's funny people, to spend $10 or $15 on a book, they'll try to go online and get it for free on a PDF somewhere. They're like, "I want to get rich, I want to be a millionaire." and you're trying to save $15 and hack a system or get a free PDF book someway somehow and you spend two hours doing that? Yeah, that's real fucking smart. Buy it, move on, next. [0:32:02.8]

Movement creates momentum creates opportunity creates cash and cash flow, movement, momentum, let's go. Average people settle. They give up on their dreams. They get around other people that actually support that bullshit. "It's alright Jimmy, you gave it a good whirl. Go get that full time job now. I always told you that wouldn't work. You're not cut out for it. If it's so easy why doesn't everybody do it?" And if you listen to them, they win. You're not average. If you're listening to this podcast show, you may be average at this moment, but from this point forward if you stay average that's on you. Shame on you. If you're hanging out with average people every day shame on you. Disassociate, reduce association massively at all cost. [0:33:02.2]

It sucks, it's probably your friends that you've known for your whole life that know everything about you, might even be a lot of family members, probably is all family members. My case it is all family members. I'm not saying I don't love them to death, I do, but I can't hang out and do nothing all day and watch bullshit TV and talk about nothing and think we're doing stuff. We're just killing time, we're just talking like everything's okay, we're acting like the TV is the outlet. Like when I'm hanging out with average, people, the TV's on all time. When me my wife and my kids are at home and we're hanging out, we might have some music playing in the ceiling, but we're not watching TV all day long. Truth is, I'm usually up in the office or on my phone watching a motivation video, creating a new book, writing a new book. As I'm talking to you I'm looking to my office, I got like 14 books I still got to read. [0:34:01.0]

I don't have time to watch TV, man. I like TV, I watch a movie at night typically when I'm heading to bed, I'll kick it on for 30, 60, 80 minutes, whatever, and that's it. Once in a while take I'll Mark to the movies but that's more of an experience, it's a getaway, it's hanging out with my son. Average people aren't hanging out at the movie theaters at 2 o'clock in the afternoon typically. Truth is there's like two people in the whole theater. That's when I want to go. The more I'm talking about this, the more I'm thinking, you know, I don't go out on New Years Day. I don't go out and do things like that when people are doing average bullshit. When everyone's out, I'm in. I don't like it, I don't like the average, I don't like the big crowds of when all the average people, and I'm saying this to be, sounds like a dick, maybe it is a little bit I don't know, but like I don't want to be around it, it's too average for me. It's like these guys can't wait until Black Friday to go stand in line for 16 hours and brag about it online to all their friends and family members that they don't have money to pay their electric bill, they're not paying the rent, they're going to push it off next month because they're not going to get evicted in that time frame, and then they go out and buy some gifts that they don't even need for people they don't even like to make them look cool, to hang out with average people. [0:35:20.8]

Sounds like a good plan, right? I don't understand it, it doesn't make sense. The only thing I want to do on Black Friday is be on the receiving side of the money of the people buying my shit. That's what you should be thinking about. What serves you? I don't do average shit, average shit isn't private jets, first class, yachts, $5000 night rooms at hotel. Like that's not average, that's extraordinary. The truth this, I was just talking to a buddy of mine, there's a very well-known guy, you'd know, a celebrity guy, his buddy, he said, "Dude, I was at the Wynn, I was in a room." This is a room you can't even rent to matter how much money you've got. This is exclusive to X, Y, Z type of people. [0:36:03.2]

There's levels on levels so we have to stop focusing on average. We have to stop focusing... This is why I don't like when people, "Well Mark, what's your average cost per lead?" The fuck does my average has to do with yours? It means nothing, by the way, zilch. That's why I say mind your own f-ing numbers, because your numbers don't lie. You could ask 10 people what their average cost per lead is, it's going to be different for everybody. Everybody. For many reasons. What you're marketing channel, what are you selling, what's your conversion rate, what time of the market is, a timing of the market, right? During holiday seasons, this number's going to be different than hot seasons. There are so many variables that you're worried about average stuff that you're not focusing on what you can control. [0:37:01.6]

So let's paint a picture. If my average cost per lead is $100, I'm making this up, but $100 and your average cost is $500 you're thinking you're doing something wrong, and maybe you are, but maybe you aren't. Because that's only partial story. My $100 makes me $500. Your $500 makes you $10,000. Now we're different, this is way different conversation. So for every $100 I spend equals $500. I would do that all day long. For every $500 you spend you're making $10,000. That's four times me. Shit, that's way more than that. So if you only hear partial of the story, it's all relative. Not only that, you could even go deeper. Would you have to talk to people, what your net rev, how long is the cycle? I mean there are so many variables it doesn't mean shit. [0:38:00.4]

The only thing that matters is your numbers. But everyone wants to know what the average X, Y, Z is. I was talking with a guy at the airport, he's like, "Mark..." you know, we were just talking, we're just talking, he's a watch guy, I'm a watch guy, he sees my watch, I see his watch, we're talking and we have a pretty big house in Florida, he's like, "What does that thing cost to heat and cool?" I was like, "I have no fucking clue. Does it matter?" "I was just trying to see what the average number is." Average to what? This is not an average house. Truth is, I don't even know, I don't pay the bills. I haven't paid bills in 10 years. I have people that do that, I don't look at the bill, I can't control it. Am I going to change my temperature on my house because of a fucking $100? No. So I haven't put any thought to it. I grew up, "Mark, what are you doing? Born in a barn? I'm trying to save $0.13." They're complaining about gas. "Oh my God, it's $2.86 a gallon." I don't even know how much gas is. Why? I'm going to pay for it anyways, what's it matter? [0:39:01.0]

Average people talk about average shit that they can't control. If you've got a problem with it, grab a goddamn buy can go ride a bike all day. Your fat ass needs it anyways, right? That's what I think about. If you're worried about that, ride a bike, walk. But guess what? Go get gas, you keep complaining about it every day, week, month and then just keep repeating process. Repeat the process, conversation, same bullshit different day. "The president really is going..." Like dude, me economy. That's all I care about. I can control me. I can control my spending. Does it suck? Yes, but if you got to pay it, pay it, fucking move on, go make more and leave it alone. What's the alternative? Average, broke. You guys don't understand the average line is change, average is broke. You're one bad problem away from bankruptcy, losing everything and getting on food stamps and all that other shit. [0:40:03.9]

That's real and I don't want you to do that, you're better than that. I don't know who's in your corner but I'm fucking in your corner if you're hustling, I'm in your corner if you're working, I'm in your corner if you're doing the work of what we're talking about, with the mindset shifts. See, people in that room thought they're there to learn real estate. Real estate is everywhere, it's easy. The hard part is in the brain. Why are you doing certain things? Why are you spending three weeks trying to save fucking $12 and get a free iPhone by switching providers? You want to know the goddamn truth? This is the truth. I've never switched cell phone providers, ever. I have T-Mobile literally since 1996 I don't even know what we pay, I don't care. If I want to phone I buy a new phone, if I want... It just doesn't matter to me because there's nothing... You're going to... Why exhausts, why spend so much time and energy in this shit? You know what I really stress about? [0:41:01.2]

How to get my team more leads, how to help them become better sales people, how to help them become a better communicator really, how to help them live a better life, how to help them dream bigger, how to help them not to be fucking average like everyone else, how to have them change their family tree history. This shit's important to me. That's where I'm exhausting my conversations. I'm talking to the top level people in all industries, ask what are you doing different that I'm not doing. I want to be your average motherfucker, I don't want to be my average anymore. I want to be your average. We all know it's true. Our whole life they said if you hang out with five drug addicts, guess what you'll probably be? A drug addict. you're already guilty by association even if you don't do it, because you're the average of the five people you're rolling with. Well don't you think that happens in all parts of your life if you're at a job you hate, your coworkers hate, everyone hates it, you're all hanging out 8-10 hours a day together showing up, punching time clock, having lunch, smoke breaks, whatever the bullshit you do talking about average bullshit, "Can't wait till Friday at 5 o'clock when I'm going to go get fucked up, ruin or Saturday. Let's go, we deserve it." [0:42:18.5]

Average people bullshit. It's hard to fight off, you've got to fight it off. You can't fight it off if you're not aware. This is going on at all levels of life, by the way. Picture the lobster, every time I'm starting to scale up, dude, people are trying to pull me back. Not on purpose, it's just what they do, that's their normal, that's their average instinct to grab someone and pull them down. Not necessarily like actually grabbing me, but talking shit. "Mark, isn't enough enough?" Enough of what? No, I want more. I'm 41, I could die tomorrow. [0:43:02.6]

Feel like I haven't done shit. Truth is I haven't done shit. What I'm sharing here with you on the show, I hope you understand it's coming from the right place. I want you to win, I want you to succeed, I want you to develop and grow into the person. I think Ed ..., someone like this said this, and I've heard this before, gosh I forgot who said it, I heard this said in the 90's, late 90's. But like when I go to heaven, heavens forbid where I want to be, right, I don't want him saying, "You've done the average shit. You've done barely enough to get by. Let me show you what you are capable of." and like me watching that video of what I could have accomplished if I would have stepped up, if I had become extraordinary. This is a muscle we have to work out as a DM, and as I'm sitting there at the gate, we've been blessed, guys and gals. [0:44:06.5]

We've been blessed. I know some days suck, but those days you're going to look back and realize that was amazing. I was talking to a videographer, shot a podcast show with my boy Rafael. We got done, wrapped up, she's like, "Wow, that was amazing." She was like, "Can I share story with you guys?" It's true story. I was 17 years old. My friend's parents were meth addicts. She was lonely, someone had to take her in. They were both 17. Her mom and dad didn't have enough money to bring her in. They were barely getting by on their own. So this girl worked at Taco Bell and freelance working 60 hours a week and still in school doing videography stuff to save up $5000 so she could move out at 17 years old with her friend to help her. And she's like, you know what, this is three years later and she's crushing it, crushing it. Getting ready to do a Netflix special, all the stuff. [0:45:05.5]

"Without that moment, without the dedication, without the extraordinary efforts I would not be sitting here shooting this video with you guys." Did it suck? Did it hurt? It was painful. You felt bad, but that journey created who she's becoming. There's nothing we can do about the past. Listen, we all have a past. Some people, my family have a past that I couldn't even fathom. I'm amazed they're even still around, I'm amazed they're even functioning human beings in society, the stories are so crazy. I'm being for real. Even if you're doing big stuff, if you will, it's not big, it's big maybe too, but like there's nothing, I've never met a successful person that feels like they've accomplished everything. They're big enough. We are capable so much more, the complacency, that feeling when you're like anxious, you want to do more, you want to help more, you want to be more, that's what drives us. [0:46:08.9]

That's a gift from the man upstairs, by the way. Because you do know, like what is it, one in 400 trillion or some stupid to be on this world, like that's what it took for us to be here. The odds of us being born is like one in 400 trillion or something stupid like that. It's a gift, we have to take to give serious, though. The best way to do it is be an extraordinary human being and doing extraordinary things. Extraordinary mothers. No one wants to be an average mom. Extraordinary dads, extraordinary brother, extraordinary husband, extraordinary son, extraordinary leader, not boss, leader, extraordinary giver. Be extraordinary. When that becomes your norm you'll never be deterred. [0:47:02.2]

You know every problem is an opportunity to learn. You stop being a victim and start becoming a victor in the process. You know that problem most people quit you're going to go harder, you're going to learn from it, it will not happen again because you're present, you're conscious and you're growing. You see it not as an obstacle, but an opportunity to step up to the next level. I'm talking if your number one employee quits, I'm talking if your spouse is leaving you, I'm talking if something bad is happening financially, all this shit is just a moment in time. You're going to forget about it, but it will make you stronger, it will give you an opportunity to harness, to allow you to grow, to inspire. Your story can be extraordinary if you stop being average. Average is not fucking cool. Average is not acceptable from this point forward. You're capable of so much more. I'm capable so much more. [0:48:06.3]

I'm playing small. I can impact more people if I fucking did more marketing, shared more content, hired more people, all the stuff. Right, like so this is the stuff I'm pushing, thinking about every single day while average people are thinking about how to save $2.11 from a coffee, how do you like do X, Y, Z and save on a car payment, all that shit. Do what extraordinary people do to get extraordinary things. Look around. If you want to be fucking average, one, subscribe from this immediately because I cannot serve you in any way, shape or form, and two, just look around. If average is cool for you, the man upstairs didn't say you should be average. It's a gift, treat it like one. [0:48:53.8]

Hey, guys make sure to follow me over on Instagram @MarkEvansDM. I'm posting extraordinary shit over there for real. I'm posting real stuff every day, wakey wakey 444, positive movement stuff, deal making stuff, dream making stuff, I'm sharing real shit with you guys because I want to help you, and I hope you get over @MarkEvansDM and follow that on Facebook and Instagram. Let me know if this show is making an impact in your life, if it is please share it with your friends, please post up on social media, make sure you tag me @MarkEvansDM, I'll be following you, I'll be liking it, I'll be loving it actually. Let's do some extraordinary shit together. Let me know what you got going on, I'm here to help you guys. Hope you have an amazing day, be extraordinary.

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