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Today Marquel uncovers the secret to making more money in less time with the Pyramid of Leverage. Discover how the most successful businesses in the world have harnessed the power of leverage to generate billions of dollars, and how you can apply these principles to your own business.… READ MORE

Uncover the secrets to teaching kids money-making skills that guarantee success. Join Marquel as he reveals the five game-changing abilities every child needs to master for financial independence.
From problem-solving to savvy money management, this episode is a must-listen for parents and mentors alike.… READ MORE

Join Marquel Russell in this explosive episode as he reveals the secret to turning every ad dollar into a cash avalanche.
Get ready for mind-blowing success stories and insights that will revolutionize your approach to paid advertising.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Marquel answers a question he gets asked a lot: “What transferable skills did he bring from his past in the streets that helped him succeed in legitimate business?”
Marquel shares five key skills that he developed in his previous life and applied to his entrepreneurial journey.… READ MORE

In this episode, Marquel, the CEO and co-founder of Client Attraction University, shares his personal journey of conquering his fear and the impact it has had on his business and the businesses of his clients.… READ MORE

In this episode, Marquel is breaking down the top five money-making myths that are keeping you broke.
From the truth about working hard to the real deal on multiple streams of income, Marquel reveals game-changing insights that will transform the way you think about money.… READ MORE

In this episode, Marquel drops knowledge bombs on the “3 Books EVERY Black Entrepreneur Should Read.” Learn how these books have shaped his success in building a billion-dollar business and how they can impact yours too.… READ MORE

In this episode, Marquel discusses the importance of setting ambitious income goals and the mindset shifts necessary to achieve them. He breaks down the difference between low-priced offers and high-ticket offers, emphasizing the importance of focusing on value and speed rather than price.… READ MORE

In this episode, Marquel talks about the beliefs and actions that hold us back from achieving success in our businesses. He explores how the stories we tell ourselves shape our perceptions of wealth and abundance.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Marquel dives deep into the topic of aligning your mindset and integrity to attract ideal clients and reach financial prosperity.
Your mind can sometimes play tricks on you, affecting your life and business.… READ MORE

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