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“If you're not learoi-making-agents-richving any content, any insider information, any analysis and advice just for them, they don't feel important. And when people don't feel important, if they feel like everyone, they're not going to give you referrals.” – Darin Persinger

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Numbers never Lie:
How many people in sphere have personally heard from you in the last 30 days?

Main Topic:
Does your sphere of influence feel important?

3 Questions to ask yourself:
1. What are you going to do to make people feel important?
2. How are you going to brand your system?
3. How are you going to thank them?

Show sponsor:
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Links and other stuff mentioned in this show:
1. How to start a New Habit New Habit
2. The reason you’re not getting referrals No Referrals
3. Why you have to ask for referrals Ask

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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