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money-making-agents-rich“I've worked with agents that are like great at physical fitness stuff. They are very disciplined about showing up to the gym at the same time every day. And they're big and they're strong and they're healthy and they look great. And when I go, “Okay, block up this time and lead generate,” they just can't do it because they are using so much discipline in other areas of their life.” – Darin Persinger

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Numbers never Lie:
E-mail was also the preferred channel then, but it’s even more preferred now; the current 77 percent is better than the 72 percent who preferred e-mail in 2008.

Main Topic:
Why Realtors should Pay yourself first

Three tips:
1. Wake up at the same time every day with energy and enthusiasm
2. Know what your morning routine will be, first things first, HIGH DPA
3. Avoid anything that lowers your energy level, upsets you, distracts you

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You have heard of Dave Ramsey, right?


When I asked on the PJ's facebook page the other day, “Who is your personal finance guru of choice?”, Dave Ramsey won hands down.

It got me to thinking about what if Dave Ramsey was a Productivity Junkie.

I bet he is already a pretty productive guy with writing books, doing radio shows, personal appearances and all that jazz…

What I was thinking about is, what kind of advice he would give about productivity?

My big take away about money from Dave Ramsey is he says, “You must pay yourself first.”

What does “pay yourself first” mean?

It's the idea of saving for the future by putting money aside before paying regular monthly bills.

If you want some money for a rainy day or for your retirement savings, it should come first in the budget or you might not get around to it.

Well, if you know anything about me, you know that I view time as more precious than money.

So what if you took Dave Ramsey's concept of money and savings, of “paying yourself first”, and did that with time.

Are you paying yourself first with your time?

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do?

Do you check email, facebook or twitter?

When you walk into the office in the morning, what is the first thing you do?

Do you chit chat, check email, check facebook or twitter once again?

It's incredibly difficult to be productive, to move your business forward, and to make a professional level of profit if you are always reacting to other people's demands, to-do's, information, etc.

You must pay yourself first.

The first thing I do when I wake up is grab my phone and start writing this daily email.  

I pay myself first.

My day gets incredibly hectic and chaotic and I don't always get everything done I want or perhaps should.

SO, it is essential that I pay myself first. By starting to write this daily email first thing, it makes it a bit easier to finish it.

I never finish the email in bed, but I get it started.

I then walk out to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and to do some reading.

I never read blogs or Zite in morning. Too distracting.

I either read from a book/kindle or the daily email lists that I'm signed up on.

I don't look at new leads, client questions, or other emails.

I pay myself first.

I don't check facebook or twitter.

I pay myself first.

As my day gets rolling, I usually have two client calls before I come back and finish the email.

And then I usually have another client call shortly after I push send.

If I didn't pay myself first, if I didn't control my time, my schedule, the influx of information that is waiting for me, I'd never get to send this information out.

And this information is my lead generation, my lead conversion and my lead nurturing.

It's vital to my business that I pay myself first.

I think if Dave Ramsey was a Productivity Junkie he'd do and say the same thing.

Time is precious. Pay yourself first.

If you struggle with the idea “paying yourself first” with time….


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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