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Got a brand spanking new podcast up.

This time I interviewed my friend Doberman Dan Gallapoo.

We rap about things like:

* Why you have a better chance of being healed by a medicine man shaman rattling a staff at the moon in the middle of the desert than the American medical system.

* The “counterintuitive” thing to say to clients to get higher fees.

* The “Heisenberg” secret to commanding respect from clients.

* Why only a fool would not have a firearm near their bed (hint: Dan and his wife recently woke up to an intruder standing over
their bed… if he hadn't had a shot gun nearby…).

* How to protect yourself from losing your merchant account.

* A world-class sales trainer's secret for winning negotiations.

* How many people have tried to kill Dan (as he says, “it's not paranoia, it's preparation”).

* And a ho' bunch mo'.

Anyway, nobody rants like Dan.

And, I told him it was my goal to give him a heart attack right on the air for everyone's entertainment.

Did I succeed?

(Hint: Almost…)

Find out here:

Ben Settle

P.S. Also, whether you like or hate the show, leave us a review on iTunes. Oh, and for ye olde closed-minded chicks who think I'm the devil, not all of your sisters hate yours truly.

A few are even accepting my long suffering wisdom.

And, even doing it without sass or back talk.

Like this listener:


Hey Ben,

I just binged on your podcast today, and listen to 2 shows back-to-back (which I loved). Long story short, I rated your podcast, but for some reason I kept getting error messages when I tried leaving a review. So, I decided to send it to you directly below (full review is in quotes):

“I've been on Ben's email list for a few months, and I'm probably one of the few women on his list that digs his “crude” advice when
it comes to marketing (and dating). But seriously, Ben has given me great marketing advice in his daily emails about staying true to myself within my business. This podcast gives me even more great tips to use, and all of this amounts to less stress in my day-to-day professional life, which is priceless.

Keep it up, Ben. Keep cranking this shit out as often as your life allows because all entrepreneurs need this information, not just
copywriters like myself.”

Has anyone else mentioned this to you? Maybe it's just me, but I wanted to let you know.

Anyway, have a great weekend, and keep making useful shit for us subscribers and listeners to look forward to.





It's all good…


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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