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commitments-making-agents-rich“Stop working on all of those things at the same time. Focus on getting one done and getting it implemented and then move onto the next one.” – Darin Persinger


Main Topic:
1. The 80/20 Rule Rules Everything
2. MED is all that is Needed
3. Models make everything easier
4. Do Less to Do More

Links and other stuff mentioned in this show:
1. Are you focusing on the vital few activities that make you the most dough?  Think Impact
2. It's literally the least you can do  Minimum Viable Product
3. Why you need to stop listening to thought leaders  The 30 foot rule
4. Productivity Getter Values 1-4  PGV1
5. Productivity Getter Values 5-8  PGV2
6. Productivity Getter Values 9-12  PGV3

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