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Real estate investing is one of the quickest ways to build a fortune. In fact, 80% of new millionaires in the United States used real estate to get there.

Most people don’t know what it takes for it to work or how to make long-term, sustainable income from real estate.

What it takes to work are tough, time-consuming and unsexy things that don’t align with the speed mantra in this digital age.

That’s why a lot of newbies prefer to take shortcuts and do the easier things. However, they end up unable to close new clients consistently and are never in business very long.

So the question is –

How can you build a successful, profitable real estate business that provides you with consistent income in the long term?

In today’s episode, Levi reveals the secrets to building a long lasting, sustainable real estate business. You’ll also discover how you can turn one-time deals into multiple clients (without chasing your next deal).

Listen in…

Show Notes Include:

  • The best place to start if you’re looking to get into real estate investing. (4:01)
  • Why real estate investing makes you more money than investing in the stock market in the long term. (5:31)
  • Your first priority as a newbie in real estate (do this only if you want to make money). (7:16)
  • Why open houses still work (and the trick to closing customers from an open house and turning them into repeat customers). (12:30)
  • You’re leaving millions of dollars on the talble if you don’t do this after collecting a client’s phone number. (19:28)
  • How to transform one-time clients into multiple deals and referrals. (31:36)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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