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Do you want to know what I love about helping people on their fitness journey, specifically with losing fat? It’s the fact that even just showing up every day and going through the process makes a person’s life so much more rewarding. That is, if they’re doing it right. And there’s more bad information out there on how to lose fat than there is right, and actually helpful information.

Honestly, it makes me angry that so many people believe they have to do these extreme diets and endless cardio to lose weight. All of that can actually backfire, big. Let’s talk about why …

Episode highlights:

– People get into fitness because of body image issues, but little-known fact, most bodybuilders have more body image issues after they start competing. Here’s why (1:27)
– Your body is like a pendulum. Expect this to happen if push it too hard one way … (2:44)
– The biggest predictor of future weight gain isn’t the junk food you eat. It’s this one thing you think you’re doing right (3:09)
– You’re not Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lolo Jones. And that’s good because knowing this will help you design training programs that actually work (3:26)
– Be the tortoise, not the hair when you start your fat loss journey. Then you’ll be able to pay attention to this … (4:04)
– Why rigid restrictions and endless cardio workouts actually may make you fatter (4:26)
– The first two things you need to focus on in your weight loss effort … (4:59)
– To guarantee improvement in any area, you have to commit to doing this one thing (6:44)
– You lose the most fat when you’re doing this. Neglect it, and you’re sure to actually pack on weight (8:57)
– A super simple multiplication to figure out how many calories you should be consuming for optimal weight loss (9:44)
– If your body becomes more efficient at using fewer calories, what do you think will happen when you start eating normal portions again? (10:58)

Focus on fat loss at least once per year …

Now that you know the real science and approach to losing weight, I recommend you try to focus on fat loss at least once per year. Even if you have just a little to lose, the process will sharpen your focus, aid in goal setting and improve your overall quality of life.

That’s all for this episode, I hope you learned something useful. Next week we’ll talk supplements and conditioning protocols. Please leave the show a review on iTunes, and like me on Facebook: facebook.com/KyleNewellFitnessExpert.

You’re stronger than you know!


Kyle Newell
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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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