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Man, do I have some great news for you today – especially if you’re one of those people who spends hours on the elliptical machine or runs for miles each day and still can’t shed the flab. Most people believe this is the only way to lose weight. Little do they know, they are actually sabotaging their own success and likely destroying their overall health.

I told you last time we’d be torching the two most widely believed weight loss myths like the sun torches pasty white dudes in the tropics … Today, we’ll tear apart the myths of eating small, frequent meals to boost metabolism, and that cardio is the best exercise for fat loss. Ok. This will be fun.

Today, you’ll learn:

– A return to focus on mindset – the four keys to longevity and how they’ll keep you smiling, strolling, leg-joints from popping and gut from busting (1:16)
– Small, frequent meals are the worst thing to do for your metabolism. They can also lead to sickness and stomach problems. What you should know … (4:30)
– A secret that no other fitness expert teaches on how to truly achieve optimal metabolism for your body (5:44)
– Chronic stress and high blood glucose – what they don’t tell you … (6:14)
– How to use research and reality to choose the most effective fat-burning exercises for you (10:45)
– Duck breasts versus chicken breasts and how the difference between the two should shape your view of cardio (12:04)
– The muscular system drives the cardiovascular system – not the other way around. Here’s why that’s important to know (16:25)

More on the four keys …

Longevity is something any sane person who loves living should strive for. And if that’s not you then, honestly, what are you doing listening to this podcast? But of course, that is you. So I highly encourage you to implement these four keys into your lifestyle. My hope is for you to be fit and happy well into old age. Keep pluggin’ and you’ll get there, indeed.

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Catch you on the next Facebook live or podcast replay! Until then, you’re stronger than you know!


Kyle Newell
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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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