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If you’re the person who has tried absolutely every diet under the sun, you work out for hours at the gym, but you still can’t drop the weight, this episode is taylor-made for you. While I’m not totally letting you off the hook, know that it’s not entirely your fault–you’ve likely been told all of the wrong ways to go about achieving a healthy body and a healthy weight.

After listening to today’s show, you’ll be further along that 90% of the population as you’ll learn that it’s all interconnected. And we’ll cover some protocols you need to know to get your systems working together. Let’s go!

Today, we’ll discuss:

– How to measure your daily progress toward your holistic goals using the F5 System (1:28)
Are you trying to speed up your life or slow things down? How to think about everything you’ve been taught as opposite to find what really matters … (2:13)
– What is underlying in every major religion and how understanding this can improve your relationships and effectiveness (2:44)
– Common sense natural supplements you need to take for fat loss, how much to take and how often … (3:47)
– Eat more–protein–to lose fat. But if you use whey protein know this in order to make it work (5:38)
– Forget about all of this if you’re not getting enough sleep, but for that daily boost, here’s what you need to supplement with to increase your energy (8:52)
– You know how important sleep is–it’s the best diet in the world! Here’s how to get the kind of natural deep sleep that turns your body into the epitome of health (10:38)

More protocols to come …

Today we covered three of the protocols (Sleep, Energy and Fat Loss), and the supplements for them, that add up to building the healthy and functional body of your dreams. But we’ve only covered half of them.

Next time we’ll get into the remaining protocols and afterward you’ll be set with an encyclopedia-level of knowledge for how to give your body and health the care it needs. Be sure to catch it!

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I’ll be back again next week and until then, win the week! You’re stronger than you know!


Kyle Newell
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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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