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At our last Newell Strength holiday party, I was asked my thoughts on intermittent fasting. I sort of chuckled because I thought the person asking was messing with me … Turns out, they really wanted to know. So I figured this might be a good topic to share with you all.

I told the person if she would have asked me four years ago, I’d have told her the idea was crap! Turns out, though, I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. And know that I know the science, I’ve made intermittent fasting part of my lifestyle. What follows is why you should, too.

Today’s show highlights:

    • The four mechanical parts of your brain and how to harness them for maximum personal control and power (1:44)
    • Why you have a hard time having fun if you’re overly “Type A” (2:22)
    • How your brain perceives judgement and how knowing this can help you relax when you’re in a situation that makes you nervous (3:25)
    • The two types of fat cells and how to target stubborn fat cells for supercharged weight loss (6:50)
    • How eating only twice per day can actually help make your hunger MORE manageable … plus how long to go in-between meals (8:01)
    • The hormone that wakes you up in the morning can actually help you lose weight faster, pack on muscle and laser your focus for greater productivity. Here’s how to harness it … (9:22)
    • Give your gut a break! Your parasympathetic nervous system will reward you. (10:49)

It’s science!

So I’ve been doing this intermittent fasting for three-and-a-half years straight. And with it, I’ve been able to easily maintain around 12% body fat. Plus, I simply feel great with more focus, power and energy. In a way, intermittent fasting is like taking control of your body’s natural hormones and directing them with a greater purpose. You should do it, and soon!

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Keep steppin’ into your best self! You’re stronger than you know!


  • Kyle Newell

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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