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You’ve seen that guy. You know, the overweight one who spends an hour on the elliptical machine going at a moderate to easy pace then as soon as he’s done heads to smoothie counter thinking he’s worked so hard, surely if just keeps at it, he’ll lose the weight. You gotta admire the commitment, but the thing is, he’s been doing this routine for a year and has only lost a small percentage.

Maybe you are this guy, and if so, this show was tailor-made for you, as just like our friend above experienced, conventional wisdom – stuff you hear spouted in regular gyms on a daily basis – is stone cold WRONG when it comes to how to really lose weight. We’ll dispel some serious fallacies and get you on the right track in this episode.  

Today’s show highlights:

  • What you must absolutely be 100 percent clear on when you enter into any negotiation, including the ones with yourself, to remove any self-doubt (2:04)
  • Why most people are like Ferraris driven by little old ladies … Take it to the limit! (3:05)
  • Fallacies of Fat Loss:
    • Cardio for weight loss – Why in the world would anyone believe being more efficient at using fat would make you burn more of it? What you should be doing instead … (6:03)
    • Counting calories? Stop! It could ruin your sex life … (7:35)
    • Eating six small meals a day is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Why you should eat fewer times per day, not more … (10:03)
    • Think you shouldn’t eat before bedtime? Think again. This secret will help you sleep better, recover faster and trim down with ease (11:42)
  • Never, ever, EVER eat anything when you’re in this state of mind … (11:50)

A book you need to read … yesterday.

So much of losing weight, gaining muscle, accomplishing goals and becoming our best selves begins with negotiating.

A book I’m reading now, I highly recommend you check out. It’s called Start with No: The Negotiation Tool That the Pros Don’t Want You to Know by the late Jim Camp. He was once called the world’s most feared negotiator. Some of the incites in this book have helped me to understand my own mindset on such a deeper level. You gotta check it out.

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Just a reminder that I’m recording these live from my Facebook page. I’m using the principle of leverage, which is a lesson for another day, but I’m able to engage and grow my social engagement then turn around and post as a podcast a couple of weeks later. So if you want to get your questions in live, be sure to drop in and like my page: facebook.com/KyleNewellFitnessExpert

Go out and win the day! You’re stronger than you know!


  • Kyle Newell

If you have show suggestions or an interesting idea you want me to talk about, please contact me at kyle@kylenewell.com or at kyle@newellstrength.com. You can also leave a comment or review on today’s show. We love hearing from you!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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