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Guess what, Inner Strength show listener? Today we’ve got some more MindMap content! We’re going to expand on the last episode’s topic because mindset is so important to achieving your best and healthiest self. It’s not a bunch of new age-y, “your aura’s harshing my chakra” kind of weirdness. This is legit science on how your brain and your body work in tandem. And if you know how your brain works, you can use its power to become your best self.

So there are a few things I want to share with you today. But first, if you are struggling with a body image issue, know you’re not alone. You’re never too sexy to have body image issues. Most people have them at some points in their lives. So cheer up!

Enough with the pep talk and on to business …

Let’s talk about: Definitions. This is so important for everything we’ll cover today, as it’s a foundation for an inner strength strategy (which I’ll expand upon in a future episode). I learned about this when, after coming off a couple of bodybuilding shows, looking as ripped and as good as I felt I’ve ever looked in my life, I blew out my knee playing basketball. At this point, I wasn’t working out for about five weeks and was feeling pretty flabby, but something funny happened … My wife, Devon, told me that I was the most attractive to her that I’ve ever been. Of course, I’ll share with you why she thought that, but it set me on a path of creating definitions.

On that path, adding in the MindMap principles, I learned:

  • Transformation may seen like it takes a long time, but it actually happens in an instant. Here’s why … (04:07)
  • Why you need to develop your definition of what health is (04:23)
  • Your brain needs to have this one thing in order for it to reach good decisions (04:39)
  • Why losing weight and getting ripped is not always the best thing (05:10)
  • I share with you my own personal definition of health (05:27)
  • What is the purpose of any goal, really? You might be surprised to learn the truth (06:01)
  • How to know you’re chasing after the wrong goal (06:21)
  • Why you can’t create good habits and why willpower is useless (in most cases …) (06:44)
  • Where to find your willpower in your brain and what it actually runs off of (this will explain why you can never make it to the gym after work) (07:34)
  • Why you absolutely have to remove willpower from the habit-forming equation, and what you really need in its place … (08:45)
  • Why this MindMap stuff is not only good for your head, but great for your physique (09:30)
  • What really controls how you look, how much you weigh, your body composition and how much fat or muscle you have (09:47)
  • Your hormones are cars in a parking lot. Here’s what happens when stress kicks in and they begin fighting for those spaces … (10:44)
  • Breaking it all down with cortisol (11:14)
  • The “Three King” hormones that regulate everything else (11:51)
  • The hormone you’re really having a problem with when you have low testosterone (12:14)
  • The one hormone you have the most control of (12:27)
  • What prednisone and catabolic steroids do to your body through hormone manipulation (12:42)
  • Why when it comes down to it, it’s not about calories in versus calories out. It’s really about this … (13:03)
  • Go on vacation and come home having lost weight? No way! … WAY! Here’s why (13:27)
  • What you must be in, in order to Rest. Digest. Relax. (13:52)

Take it from my experience, you need to pay attention to this stuff if you have a goal in your life you want to achieve.

That’s it for this episode. Later we’ll talk about how to form strategies to deal with things that will distract us from forming the habits that help us reach our goals.

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You’re stronger than you know!


  • Kyle Newell

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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